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Smart Air Printer App

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Smart Air Printer App

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User Reviews for Smart Air Printer App

Nothing worth paying for

Price is ridiculous. Can easily AirPrint to WiFi printers via export button in virtually all apps without paying $12/month for this app. This app makes it more difficult by requiring you to print from within the app. This app closed on me multiple times when I tried to print a file saved in Dropbox (never able to access Dropbox files to attempt to print). iPhone provides convenient document scanning within mail and notes app (and possibly more native iPhone apps-and document scanning in notes app even scans business cards and receipts). Brand specific apps easily connect WiFi printers for free, making this app completely useless and more time consuming than iPhones built in functions

AverageJoe4008, Aug 31, 2021
I dont recommend AT ALL

Ok... so if you dont want to buy a subscription thats fine and all but this app WANTS u to buy the subscription, i used this app and it said i can get 3 prints for free before a cooldown (i think there should be a cooldown) but i printed ONE images and then i cant use it ever again. Its been probably a month by now since i printed and i still cant print. This app is completely useless if u dont want to buy a subscription and need to print things

bsbsbxbxbxbbdbdbd, May 01, 2021
Small business owner

Very convenient and easy to use. Has become an essential part of my business and being able to print from anywhere is amazing.

Deevided.Collective, May 02, 2021
Buy and pay more

I don't understand. I tried to use my cellular to print via wifi. Reviewed the directions several times. Downloaded an online unwanted app via the instructions (download HP Smart app) and it opens up and says I need to pay monthly fees??? Is HP serious??? I have brought the printer with ink; but will have to buy ink at one point, using my wifi, electricity, and my bought printer, using my paper, and I have to pay an additional monthly fee??? FOR WHAT??? I am having major problems connecting and I'm about to return this printer. I am so angry. Why should I pay a monthly fee??? For what services??? Anyone , make this make sense!

giveme8br8k, Aug 08, 2022
HP Dumb

App works 10% of the time. Tells me “unavailable”, I click it, tells me “ready”. The moment I change windows to print my document there’s no printers detected, go back to the app and is showing as “unavailable”. Around and around this goes since the day I first tried it. On my phone or iPad, doesn’t matter which device, it’s only gotten worse with time. I haven’t been able to print in 3 months. Don’t even bother getting an HP, it’s a $150 cat bed at this point.

Jayyyyyyy9yyyy, Mar 27, 2022
Very disappointing

I tried to cancel my subscription several months ago because something was wrong with my printer. Never happened. Now it won’t even work it printed one page and then nothing. I’ve been paying $12 for like 7 months and I haven’t been able to print a thing. At first it was great and when I had an issue I was ignored and taken advantage of. This is my warning do not expect any customer support if something goes wrong.

Just a dollar sign., Mar 07, 2022
Terrible customer service

I downloaded this app about a month or two ago needing to print something via Bluetooth and upon downloading realized it wouldn’t work with the printer I was using. I wanted to delete it and not get charged for the subscription service and have tried to reach out to customer service quite a few times but never heard back from anyone end got charged for a subscription. Do not recommend.

kalnel21, Mar 29, 2021
Works on phone but not ipad

This app works fine on my iphone and win 10 pc, but not on my 2yo ipad. I reinstalled the app and i get these results every time.It works upon first install on the ipad. After the initial install the app will not open, it just keeps crashing. I remove and reinstall the app with the same issue. No other apps on the ipad cause this issue.

Laurey P., Jan 03, 2022
Easy to Use

I am very pleased with this app thus far. Easily connect to my printer. Located the file with the documents I Needed to print. I just started using however worked great for the first time using.

pricilla007, Jun 29, 2021
Frustrated !!!

I have been trying to share (email) to my state’s revenue for taxes and being that they didn’t receive twice from my mailing, they gave the option of emailing. So I’ve scanned 9 pages several times and when I go to share, the app closes on me. It won’t save the scans either. So I have to keep starting over with no results. What needs to be done to fix this. This is literally defeating the purpose of this app for me if I can’t even share anything!

Renita71, Mar 31, 2022


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You can also print contact information on A4 paper, making it easier to keep your contacts organized. What's more, our app supports a wide range of document formats, including PDF, XSL, DOCX, and more, so you can print virtually any document you need. All files that are printed are stored locally in our secure storage, ensuring your documents are safe and accessible at all times. You can filter your documents and see them in either grid or list mode, making it easy to find the document you need. In addition to these features, our app also lets you create text documents with our smart text editor tools, and print them using AirPrint. We also offer a big photo editor module with rich photo editor tools, allowing you to import photos, edit them, and print them with ease. With our Printer app, you'll have everything you need to print your documents quickly and easily, no matter where you are. So why wait? Download our app today and start printing your documents hassle-free! Privacy policy: https://www.team2swift.com/privacy-printerapp/ Terms of service: https://www.team2swift.com/terms-printer/ For any questions or requests, please use our customer support form at: https://www.team2swift.com/

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