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User Reviews for PDF Editor ®

Just wast time and this app is not standard

Crashes every few minutes without reason , and needs to be rebooted, randomly deletes pages, replaces pages with duplicates of old pages (almost every scan), occasionally replaces pages with blank green pages, deletes scans randomly, also very slow taking pictures. App design is nice and if it actually worked it would be great, it's just buggy to the point of being completely unusable. maybe it's just my phone.. so bad with expansive price for🗑 product

_DanGarrcia_, Mar 01, 2022
This app is literally useless

The only real editing you can do is if you want to sign and scribble all over a pdf. You cannot fill in boxes with text or anything, which most people need. You can also add a page to your original document but again you can’t add text to what’s the point? Really weird and disappointing. Uninstalled immediately lol

borrikoloza, Jan 28, 2022
Editing a PDF on the fly

Just discovered this app in doing the three day trial. Realized an error or omission in a publisher file that was already turned into a PDF. By doing a little bit of artwork on the phone, transformed the PDF from a mistake into a viable document. Thank you

Crosswinds Ohio, Jul 20, 2021
Unreasonable pricing, obnoxious advertisement, very very simple features

These reviews must be inflated. I don’t know why this app is scored so high. Downloaded just to view a pdf and every feature requires additional purchase- free version limits were not clear and rather laughable. I understand that better services come at a cost, but this pricing (for a bare-boned mobile editor) is silly and the unpaid version is a digital paperweight. A warning of “no functionality without member commitment” before the download would’ve been nice. People, There are “free” apps that offer more. Look a little harder like I did.

Fiver six, Jun 24, 2022

The “contact us” button within their app doesn’t work or show you how to contact them, and their info is no where to be found online. I tried to cancel the free trial before payment (it’s not even pending yet with my bank) and I won’t use the month, but they don’t have a way to contact them to end immediately and not be charged. Most apps are able to help in an instance like this. Not worth the hassle— don’t try the free trial unless you’re sure you want to subscribe.

KC583, Mar 08, 2021
Does not work with iOS 15.3.1

I have successfully used this app since last May and it has worked perfectly. When I updated my iPad to 15.3.1 there appeared to be some “improvements” such as a larger preview screen. After editing a 160 page document I realized it did not save ANY of my work ! I have contacted app support twice with no response. I notice they seem to respond to reviews - so here’s my review. Fortunately I have an iPad that I use for my everyday work that I had NOT updated to 15.3.1 and that still works fine. This does not make me feel better about losing 160 pages of work. I use this app for my side job of proofreading - using this app - which is a paid app - helps save a lot of trees !! I am hopeful the developers work to fix this bug of not saving notations!

Kebkab55, Mar 19, 2022
Good app

Don’t bother getting this if you don’t want to pay because after four documents they don’t let you upload anymore with out subscriptions

LittleOdessa, Aug 08, 2021

The paid version is literally nothing more than what you can already to your files without an app. All you can do is “Mark up” like any file/picture on your phone. Can’t auto fill pdf files like stated in description. In my opinion, this is a waste of money/time and completely useless and unnecessary to have. Don’t waste your time and money.

mlh556, Oct 02, 2021
Imported a file, came in blank

I imported a file I sent myself from my work email. My plan was to fill out the customer info ahead of time, go to my client, take notes and send to my office whatever info they needed right from the client’s home, rather that going home and THEN doing the write-up. Well, I imported the file, and it’s blank! Fix this glitch and I will change the star rating. Until then, I have to figure out how to cancel the monthly subscription, which is usually a headache…..

Phatz444, Oct 08, 2021
Worth app ever I found in store

I've used this for a while just to open and read PDF's, but since yesterday every PDF I open, new or already read in this app, gives a message saying that it's "not a PDF or is corrupted" which isn't true. Do I have to transfer PDF files to whatever new app I'll download, or will they just open in the new app when selected? I'm sorry TO THE PEOPLE WHO LOST WORK IN THE APP: See if your backup/restore is turned on and if you can restore the file to the date before the info was lost.

Richard K Sag, Feb 28, 2022


Use PDF Editor app when you want to edit or sign your documents on the go from your iPhone or iPad. Import PDF files to the app, then read, comment on, edit, and share. Scan your papers and convert them into PDF files with just few taps.

Perform all basic PDF tasks: - Quickly open and view PDF files - Search, scroll, and zoom in and out Scan paper documents to PDF: - Turn you camera into advanced document scanner - Perspective document transformation - Color adjustions - Automatic crop tools Anotate PDF files: - Comment on PDFs using sticky notes and drawing tools - Highlight and mark up text with annotation tools - View and respond to annotations in the comments list - Use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro to improve your precision Sign important documents: - Quickly fill out PDF forms by typing text into fields - Use your finger or Apple Pencil to e-sign any PDF document All documents are stored locally on your device, they are not available to us, nor to third parties. You can easily share documents using the export option. Privacy Policy: https://www.team2swift.com/privacy-pdfeditor/ Terms of Use: https://www.team2swift.com/terms-pdfeditor/ For any questions or requests, please use our customer support form at: https://www.team2swift.com/

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