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Somi Jeon
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User Reviews for Sylights

Perfect app for simple lighting diagrams

It is very good for planning and recording lighting setups. Love the scaling feature for all equipments and subjects

AayKay74, Jan 13, 2021
It’s alright..

I wish there more options for walls, and furniture. Even some simple lines and shapes that I could use to represent things. The ability to tap and hold and choose a custom color for gels would be nice. And the ability to rotate things on the X,Y, and Z axis. More range of scaling for the diagram would be cool too. Would definitely pay for some of these features.

acarlisle05, Nov 21, 2018

Wonderful tool that does things the other lighting diagram did not. I think the ability to email your diagram with descriptions is awesome. I also like the ability to go in and make changes to your diagram as well. Being able to resize softboxes is very helpful. I think the actual drawing area is too small... That could use a little more room. I would also like to see a way to add f-stop info and other description info directly onto the diagram itself that is attached to the objects. Great App!

Adrian Valenzuela, Sep 01, 2010
Great tool, but could use a few more options

This is a pretty good app. I use it fairly often . I just wish these apps were not tailored for portrait photographers who use small camera flashes and mono-lights. It would be great of this app had more background options like: walls, windows, and even tables, and chairs for lifestyle product shots. I would also love it of they would add power packs with strobe heads. So you can show up to 4 heads on a pack and what the out put settings were on each pack. This app has a lot of potential if these things were added.

dlphotog, Jan 13, 2013
Latest update doesn’t work

All you get is a blank screen with a menu disk at the top. No diagrams, no info-nothing. I am deleting this piece of junk.

DrChu, Oct 13, 2017
Really useful but could use some improvements

Mostly it just needs a way to favorite/save pre-existing set ups. It also needs a way to identify what each object in the diagram is when you discover one so you know what to use even when the creator won’t describe it (frequent). Otherwise REALLY useful especially for photographers just beginning to learn sty the tic lighting

moongoddesswilliams, Jul 12, 2020

Like most of the apps out there this one is designed to sell ads. Any benefit it provides to a photographer is coincidental.

Osirisopto, May 06, 2019
Very useful

I used it a couple of times. It’s very useful.

Rebeca Dourado, Nov 02, 2020
Very Nice, Free, Light Diagram Tool

This is a great app, especially considering its price tag (free). The UI takes a little while to get used to, but once you figure out how it works the tool becomes intuitive and powerful. It can be a little difficult to rotate and resize images on the small iPhone screen (especially if you have big fingers like me) but its doable. An iPad version of this app that takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen real estate would be incredible and I'm really hoping that Sylights is considering it. In terms of enhancements, it would be great to be able to attach (or link) a corresponding photo to the light diagrams directly from each diagram (perhaps from the properties dialogue) and it would also be great to be able to upload diagrams directly to their site directly from the app (as opposed to exporting the image and then having to upload it manually). Those enhancements, coupled with the addition of a few more light modifiers to choose from for each diagram, would make this a killer app for strobist photographers.

SCLoz, Sep 28, 2010
Majority of features aren’t available

App has some major bug issues that need fixed. Majority of the features aren’t working.

Vital Lee, Jan 07, 2018


Are you a photographer? Are you looking for a tool to help you to create your lighting diagrams while you're heading to your next shooting session? Or maybe you just want to archive them in a convenient way?

Then, you'll love Sylights for iPhone! Features: - Create diagrams with a few taps. The perfect editor to create a new lighting diagrams! Find the gear to add from 10+ categories and drag them to your diagram from the wheel. It's that simple! - Edit any diagram you may have in your library. Oops… Have you just forgotten a reflector on your diagram? Or spotted a typo in your description? Don't worry, just go to the diagrams list and fix it. Just a few taps and you're good to go! - Share any information you want about included gear and diagram. Want to provide details on this DIY softbox of yours? Double tap on it and open its properties to write a description. - Resize and rotate items with natural 2 fingers gestures. Tap on an item to select it, then rotate it by sliding two fingers anywhere on the screen. Do you think that softbox is too small? Go to its properties, unlock resizing and pinch or spread to adjust its size. - Zoom in/out Made a big lighting diagram that doesn't fit on your screen? Maybe it's time to zoom out a bit with a pinch gesture. Make sure you unselect any item before by taping on the diagram background. - Share diagrams and their information by email, or just save your diagrams into the Camera Roll Your diagram is done. All information have been entered. It's now time to email it to your fellow photographers. Choose the level of included information if you want to preserve some mystery around your work! There are more than 40 equipments to create your lighting diagram with, so don't hesitate anymore and start sharing now! Try Sylights for iPhone and discover a great tool you can use on any occasion!

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