Icon Releases - Model and Property Release App by Snapwire

Releases - Model and Property Release App by Snapwire

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Releases - Model and Property Release App by Snapwire

  • Photo & Video
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User Reviews for Releases - Model and Property Release App by Snapwire

I love this app!

It's very helpful for every photographer. If you are a budding photographer starting your own buisness or an already established buisness and want to get rid of the hassle of all the paper work. Give this app a try. You won't be dissappointed.

Bmommyothree, Jul 06, 2016

Even if all the info and all lines in every page are filled out and all possible signatures are signed, it still will also list the form as incomplete. It’s incredibly frustrating. Also, of you click the send button to send to someone to sign, it never translate properly into any email program for people to easily just sign and send back. But the app is free so can we really complain?

Cadabra, Apr 28, 2020
Simple & Effective

Perfect for what it does. I was creating content and forgot my hard copy releases and came across this on a last minute effort to save time and it works great. Simple to use and just 5 steps and voila you have your release ready to send

ChrisCock_, Sep 21, 2015
Great start, but...

Great start to a wonderful tool. Missing a few things. Off the top of my head is option of adding logo for better customization. Another thing that renders it useless for me when I travel is the option to have it translated in another language. If this option becomes available, I volunteer to offer the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Coppr_ceo, Jun 28, 2015
Cinematographers delight

I've only had the app for a few days. Once out on the field, that's when the real test will begin… But until then it seems ideal, especially at this price point; free

El-bow Stan, Oct 25, 2015
By far the best release app I have ever seen

By far this is the best, release app I have ever used or seen, It has all things I need to release a person or property, I have a contract with Getty Images, and this has the proper release format for that service and did I mention is fast?, I love this app I just hope they add the newer version of the releases.

fitopardodp, Mar 21, 2017
Not Useful For Getty Despite What It Claims

I got this app mainly to allow me to have an electronic model release for Getty Images. It claims it can do that. The problem is that when you open the PDF you mail to yourself everything is visible but when you upload that release to Getty all numbers (dates etc) are not legible. I assume it has something to do with the font. I don't know the problem but the point is it ruined my submission because the release was void. Tried several times and no numbers are visible on the upload. Guess what, it's also not listed as 'Getty Approved' to submit releases. Once I downloaded a Getty approved app the releases from that app went through perfectly. It might work fine for other agencies. Also, I couldn't find a setting to change DD/MM/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY

Howg2211, Dec 09, 2015
Too good to be true

The ability to have the client sign the model release on the spot and save it in the cloud as well as email it to myself and or the client is priceless. I cannot believe this service is offered for free. 💯

Lynne4998, Feb 26, 2017
Convenient and easy to use!

This app is incredibly user-friendly and is a great way to get model releases. I love that you only have to enter your info. as the photographer once and it will input that same info. on every model release to follow. I also like that you have the option to send any release to your email as a PDF!

PicPerfect93, May 08, 2015
May be useful

I just downloaded this app and think it may be useful but it won't let me enter the date on a new release. The date choosing thing comes up on my iPhone but it doesn't have anyway to select the date as there is no done button.

solodogs, Jul 23, 2017


A must have app for professional photographers. Use Releases app to quickly and easily create, sign and send model and property releases on your iPhone. Includes all industry standard templates from Snapwire, ASMP, Getty Images and Shutterstock.

HOW IT WORKS: – Enter information about yourself as a photographer that will be saved in the app and automatically added to every release you create. No need to re-enter it ever again. – Choose one of the existing stock photography templates and fill in the required information about shoot, model/property, witness, etc. The app offers following industry standard templates: Snapwire Model Release, Snapwire Property Release, ASMP Standard Model Release, ASMP Standard Property Release, Getty Images Model Release, Getty Images Property Release, Shutterstock Adult Model Release, Shutterstock Minor Model Release, Shutterstock Property Release. – All previously entered entities such as shoots, models, properties, witnesses are being saved in the app and can be used for future releases. Quick and easy. – Add electronic signatures of photographer, model, and witness to your release. If the model is minor, parent signature is required. – Send a PDF version of you release by email or add to cloud. We support all major cloud services: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote and OneDrive. FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND USE. For more information about Snapwire, please visit https://snapwi.re

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