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Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner

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Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner

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User Reviews for Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner

Just what I’ve been looking for!

I used to plan to my trips using trip advisor, however they took away the ability to schedule items within each day of the trip. I tried using Google Trips, Tripline, and any other app that was recommended for trip planning. Sygic is the only one I have tried which had all the options I needed. Some of the features I appreciate include: being able to select multiple types of transportation for each day. If I am trying to plan a route on google maps for a day it won’t let me switch between using a car and using public transportation. Sygic let’s me decide for each destination whether I want to drive, take public, transportation, etc. The app also estimates based on the activities and routes how long of a day it will be. I used to manually estimate how long I would spend at each place I wanted to visit based on googles average for how long people spend there. Sygic automatically has an estimate for each travel site already. Also those times can be adjusted if needed. The premium feature of printing trips to PDF is also great. The PDF looks great and includes the travel guides for the cities you are visiting. Overall the app has everything I want from a trip planning app and I looking forward to continuing to use it for many more trips to come!

alpop12, May 16, 2019
Works without cell signal!

In 2016 we were traveling through California’s vast Anza Borrego dessert and lost cell signals. Scary! We found our way out and I looked for an app that would serve as an offline GPS, rather than adding a cumbersome Garmin device. After installing Sygic I literally could navigate anywhere without the need for a cell signal (other than initially downloading maps). That was the start of my appreciation of the extraordinary value and features of Sygic! It continues to get better with more features since 2016. We travel about half the year throughout the country in our Class B RV (Ford Transit camper van). Apple Car Play supports both Apple and Google maps, but Sygic through Car Play is our go-to navigation. We depend on it and the features other navigation does not offer that are too extensive to list here.

Bobshoe1, Sep 18, 2023
What happened?!

How did this go from one of my favorite itinerary planners to one of the my least favorite designs overnight. It used to be SO user friendly and super convenient. The UX completely changed, and I wish I could say for the better. The search feature is so bad now and it’s not that I don’t like change... I just don’t like what this update did. Made it much much more difficult to plan a trip ( what I originally got the app for when it was still tripomatic). As someone who paid for premium membership, I’m disappointed

Breeeeezyyyy164, May 24, 2018
This app has everything you will ever need for your trip!

When one doesn’t understand what it takes to develop an app, you get reviews like the ones who complain about its costs and features for premium version. I did not hesitate one second getting the premium version of this app, it has all-in-one what other apps offer separately or lack functionality. You get trip planning suggestions, tour suggestions and their cost, navigation help and instructions, all the information you need to plan your trip and a lot more! Honestly, this app is a gem and the developers really outdid the features and actually carefully selected what one user NEEDS and can get lots of advantage for. I cannot stress enough how awesome of an app this is. I just downloaded and needed to share my thoughts because I barely buy apps and let alone leave reviews but this one deserves every good review it gets. I applaud for the effort and thoughtfulness of making this app the most convenient one for trip planning I have seen in the app store. Thank you and I really hope you continue making it as awesome as it is and seamless to navigate. Two suggestions as an iPad user would be a calendar view to visualize trips in a calendar format (or calendar integration, which I am still exploring in the app) and an apple pencil/ draw format for note taking as it is easier for me to use but those two suggestions are just that, the app is awesome as is and has a lot of room for growth.

GabiNCA, Jul 30, 2023
Paid app now - edited

Great when it was free/ad-supporterd. The change to paid-for-EVERYTHING is too drastic. Why not continue to provide certain basic features in the free version, and provide premium options to unlock other premium features? Hardly usable now - they are forcing everyone to the “premium” option. Please don’t insult your users with “we are making more awesome feature” or “making the change in order to make it better “. Most of us were happy as it was. - edited: understood better the need to charge but still believe this could have been segmented better. Thanks.

GlobalShangster5, Jan 04, 2018
Used it in Vancouver and Victoria BC

Great app with details and pics which links to the Navigator Sygic app. Or just use Google Maps. I gave it a 4 because It could use work with places to eat nearby. But overall it is awesome and I have shared it with friends! I didn't need to use the Itinerary due to the spontaneity of our trip which was wonderful! I click on the next place I want to see and if I like it I go based on our preference! So many wonderful things I want to say but I will definitely use it all the time in the future!!!👍🏼

ItsMasonic, Sep 11, 2017
Useful but not

Just started using this app and I like how easy it is to plan your itinerary out. Even share it. The biggest problem I have is being able to use my choice of navigation. I’d like to be able to use Google Maps or Apple maps for directions but it forces you to use their GPS solution, which then requires an additional purchase to get turn by turn directions!Update: User error. Sygic actually uses Apple’s way of doing their settings so it wasn’t apparent to the user. Support is correct and you can change the default navigation app. Home Screen/Springboard > Settings > Sygic Travel. Amazing. The only issue I have is the app should walk you through an initial setup to get these things sorted out. With this fixed definitely an app I could recommend to others. Transferring my itinerary back to this now. Thank you!

JChord07, Apr 19, 2019
Best I've found, but not great.

I tried TripIt, but I couldn't figure anything out. Google Trips was pretty good for finding info, but I couldn't share or get maps. I like Sygic's map feature with the little pictures to click on (but some pictures don't match the place). I'm able to share my trip with family, and that is great. I also like the mode of transportation option.However, if you are looking for a specific place and don't have the EXACT name that Sygic has it listed, it's difficult to find. I wish it was linked to a search engine that could help decider what I meant. For instance, I could not find Hotel Moderno on the Puerta del Sol in Madrid even when I put in street address. (Lots of others popped up from different places). I finally found it when I clicked on "accommodations" and it was listed as just "Moderno" Or looking for the Ratoncito Perez museum, I looked up Ratoncito Perez, but couldn't find it until I put the official name Casa Museo del Ratón Pérez. I paid the fee for premium, but the info isn't stellar, just ok. So I'm not getting rid of my Google Trips app just yet. I still think the sale price for the app was worth it, I do like the map and sharing feature.

Jgdsfnyy, Jul 29, 2018
Used to be fabulous

I loved this app and referred it non-stop to my traveling friends. I was also happy to upgrade - money well spent. I tried numerous itinerary planning apps and Sygic beat them all hands down.Unfortunately Sygic has now moved to being primarily a map application with frustratingly difficult itinerary planning. I have to plan my itinerary on their "legacy" website on my computer and then I can see it on my phone. It is extremely difficult to do any detailed planning on my phone now. The previous app version also exceeded the computer version with its ease and custom-ability.Changing from the #1 trip planning app niche into trying to compete with all the other huge map developers was a bad decision.

Kvhtibble, Sep 09, 2018
Good app concept, but untrustworthy

I really want to like this app but I find that I can’t trust it with my trip plans. After landing in the UK from the USA, this app moved all my events one day ahead. Maybe this is a time-zone issue but a world travel app should handle things better. After moving them all back manually, the map filtering still filters based on the wrong dates so my itinerary view is not in sync with the map view. My trip companion who is sharing my data on her iPad still sees the dates wrongly also even after I’ve manually corrected them on my iPad.Another thing that is quite terrible is that there doesn’t appear to be a way to put the same item in the trip on multiple days with different time settings. For example, if you want to put the airport in for your arrival and departure, editing the time will change it on both days.The searching seems quite bad also. Many times the app can’t find what I am looking for, but if I zoom in on the map, suddenly the item is there and I can click on it to add to the trip.On the positive side, the app has neat workflow, allowing itineraries to be built up with nice visualization on the map. It also makes it easy to discover nearby items of interest.If this app could be bullet-proof in handling trip data, this would be an amazing app and would be a big part of my tip planning. As it is, I don’t feel that I can trust it.

MechEngineer, Dec 19, 2017


Discover things to do anywhere you go. Plan detailed trip itineraries. Get around with useful travel guides.

An ultimate all-in-one app for every traveler. ADVANCED TRIP PLANNER Build a complete day-to-day itinerary for your trip with an easy-to-use trip planner. See estimated travel times and walking distances and keep realistic plans. Invite your friends to collaborate on your trips. WORLDWIDE OFFLINE MAPS Buy Sygic Travel Premium to use the app without any internet connection, including unlimited offline maps download and walking navigation. 50 MILLION PLACES Sights, museums, parks, cafés, restaurants, hotels, beaches, waterfalls, caves or even bird observatories. Whether you're a tourist up to sightseeing, out on a shopping trip or a romantic weekend getaway, we've got you covered. PHOTOS, DESCRIPTIONS, WIKIPEDIA Popular places come with descriptions, photos, opening hours, admission fees, links and additional data written by professional travel editors or sourced from Wikipedia and other databases. CITY GUIDES Get all sorts of useful information about a destination on this new screen. Collections make it easy to discover interesting and popular places, such as "Best Beaches" or "Modern Architecture". Read up on local history, get useful tips on getting around, understand local culture and learn about the dos and don'ts. Insightful guides are available for thousands of cities including London, Paris, New York City, Rome, Barcelona, San Francisco, Las Vegas and other popular destinations. 360° VIDEOS Take a look around top sights in exclusive 360° videos. Over 500 professional videos from Prague, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Granada, Seville, Marrakech, Gran Canaria, Porto, Lisbon, Athens, Istanbul, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Vienna. 360° videos also support Cardboard. POWERFUL SEARCH AND FILTERS Find any place by name or address. Use filters to show attractions, museums, shopping malls, restaurants, bars down to art galleries featuring Van Gogh paintings. TOURS AND ACTIVITIES Find the best sightseeing tours, cruises, or even local cuisine cooking classes. Buy skip-the-line tickets to top attractions straight from the app. ACCOMMODATION Find a hotel, hostel, apartment or b&b. Add it to your trip and see it in your daily itinerary including travel times. Book your accommodation with booking.com straight from the app. USE ON ALL DEVICES Your trips will sync automatically between all your devices and our web planner available at https://maps.sygic.com Using Google Trips? Beware that the trip planning app will be retired on August 5, 2019. Sygic Travel is a great alternative to consider. SYGIC TRAVEL PREMIUM Unlock all the features of Sygic Travel on all devices signed in with the same account. You can choose from the following subscription options: Sygic Travel Premium Monthly Subscription for $3.99* Sygic Travel Premium Yearly Subscription for $14.99* You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Payment will be charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renew may be turned off after purchase by going to the 'Manage Subscription' page in settings. *The price might differ in your local currency due to different taxes and exchange rates. GET IN TOUCH WITH US Check out our online travel maps at https://maps.sygic.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SygicTravel Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SygicTravel/ Contact our support team: [email protected] Privacy policy: https://www.sygic.com/company/privacy-policy Terms of use: https://travel.sygic.com/lp/terms/

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