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SSH Client - Files & Terminal

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SSH Client - Files & Terminal

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Anders Borum
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User Reviews for SSH Client - Files & Terminal

Time saver

Like the traffic cop in the center of an intersection directing traffic, this app elegantly solves problems moving files between my wired ethernet macOS platform and WiFi connected iOS devices. This app is worth every penny for just the time and effort this eliminates when trying to mimic AirPlay's functionality moving files between devices. SSH Cloud server connectivity on iOS is just a plus. The user interface also does quite well taming SSH's many features. Well done!

Ben Lago, Jul 01, 2020
Best SSH and file transfer app for iOS

By far and away the best of all the SSH apps out there… I’ve tried them all, from Prompt to Blink and everything In between. ShellFish does everything, and has so many cool features (like being able to show your terminal as a PIP window). The shell integration is super-slick, and the recent addition of a dedicated “paste” button makes this the ultimate tool for anybody who does stuff with remote servers and files.

EddyGeez!, Dec 22, 2021
Best Option for SFTP File Access

This app is the best I’ve found by far for accessing files via sftp. It allows you to view these remote folders easily from the iOS file browser, as well as have specific remote subdirectories sync with your device locally so a constant network connection is not even needed.Also I had a problem using the offline folder access initially since it caused the app to crash, but I contacted the developer and they quickly redirected me to the TestFlight version of the app which fixed the bug. So very great support from the developer!

Flarphengarg, Nov 10, 2021
Awesome app

UPDATE: Turning off “Recognise Files” solved my issue and all is well now - thank you!!Just started using this app. When it works, it’s great and it has nice features. Unfortunately it seems to break more than it works however. The UI constantly locks, whether when I’m about to type a new command in the terminal, trying to run a command within vi, or simply pressing the return key in any circumstance - the UI for the app completely locks up (on-screen keyboard included) for 5-10 seconds. At that point, it will either start working again, or the app will crash and I’m back at my iPad Home Screen. I’d love to see these kinks worked out! Just starting to look for a shell for SSHing into my home server from my iPad and this app seems to have much more potential over the competition in terms of features and usability (I’ve purchased the Pro unlock too).

jeeves78, Dec 09, 2020
Best SSH/SFTP App Ever! Terrible Icon Though

The current icon designs available are not modern enough. They are overcomplicated and overuse gradient color. They're just not pleasing to my eyes.The icon is only reason why I kept using several other shell apps for years and overlooked this one—I thought the app would be as crappy as the icon (which is completely wrong) and didn't even bother trying it.It would be great if you make a new default icon, and allow user uploaded custom icons.

lyk91471872, May 11, 2022
Simply the best

I may not use this app in a professional capacity, I just use it to connect to my Raspberry Pis and my digitalocean server (DO is integrated into the app nicely btw). However, I feel as though I can confidently say that this is the best SSH client for iOS. It is fast, customizable, and I absolutely love the way it looks. Something about the ability to have a terminal widget on the Home Screen just makes me so happy. If you are like me, you have probably spent a lot of time sifting through the iOS ssh-client duds- you can stop your search here. This one is the one.

Rando8989, Mar 19, 2022
Indispensable work tool, best ssh and files app for iPadOS

Sometimes I get tired and depressed and think Apple will never fully let us realize the potential of iPadOS. But even if they don’t, apps like Secure ShellFish and Anders’ other app Working Copy get us so very close that the iPad truly becomes a server admin and web development dream tool. Indeed, this app is something that Apple would never do for the iPad, and that says a lot about both Apple and the developer of this app. Anyway – enough bitterness. Secure ShellFish is truly amazing. I use it for hours per day. The ssh experience is second to none, with outstanding tmux support and a super well thought out user interface and user experience. To make things even better, Secure ShellFish also allows remote server access as folders in the Files app. This has a knock on effect of making other development tools like Working Copy and Textastic even more useful than they already were. The developer is *extremely* responsive to feedback and goes way out of his way to track down bugs and incorporate features based on user input. I’m sure he’s heard enough from me to last him a lifetime, but he’s always super friendly and very accommodating. Top notch customer support, to say the least. I love you, Secure ShellFish. Never leave me, because I’m never leaving you.

scottaw66, Jan 07, 2022
Sure has come a long way

I purchased this app on day one because of the amazing Working Copy. What started out as a simple SFTP transfer app as grown to become an easy to use, full featured terminal program as well. The developer works hard to make them “iOS apps”, fix bugs, and add new, useful features with regular updates.Definitely worth downloading and worth buying if you have a need for transfers and terminals from your iOS devices. I’ve never once regretted my purchases.

scottjl, Mar 05, 2022
Simply the Best

There is no better terminal app out there than this. Easily connect via SSH to your home servers, use an SSH tunnel to run a static site generator and preview the results on your phone, use the Files app integration to share documents to your self-hosted install of paperless-ng and build your own document scanning workflow…the list of possibilities goes on and on and on. And the developer is simply a gem. Try it today, but the subscription tomorrow, and use it forever.

Slaxx99, Mar 06, 2022
The best SSH experience on iOS

This is such a great app. Before Shellfish I’d find myself reaching for my Mac if I wanted to shell into a server. Now I just grab my iPad because this makes it so easy.The developer is very responsive to feedback and bug reports and the updates keep coming. Sometimes in a niche app like this I’m afraid to get excited for it because so many other apps like it have been abandoned. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, the developer keeps cranking out these great little quality improvements that make the app better and better.For example: if you exited a shell with “logout”, the window would dim but stay there. I always wondered why but it wasn’t a big deal to hit cmd+w to close it. Now the latest update automatically closes the window on exit. Is that amazing? No it’s not, but it’s just another little touch that makes the app better today than it was yesterday.I haven’t even touched on the integration with Files app which is super handy too.If you need to shell into servers and/or copy files to them, you have to check out this app.

sph33r, Jan 11, 2022


Lightning fast SSH terminal with remote file access. No other app fuses your SSH servers and iOS devices as well as Secure ShellFish. Tap Get and see for yourself.

Terminal supports standard text editing gestures for selection, scrolling and copy/paste as well as custom gestures to send arrow keys and tabulator making shell entry and full screen editing with vim or emacs delightful. Bar above the keyboard makes it easy to type special keys and insert snippets. Select and drag filenames out of the terminal as actual files and drag files from other apps into the terminal to upload. Use built-in tmux support to persist terminal sessions if you lose Internet access, pick existing sessions with thumbnails and Handoff sessions between devices. Server file system is available in the Files app and recently accessed files and directories are cached to make them available when offline. Use apps like Textastic and iA Writer for a native editing experience working on your remote server files. Upload files or entire directories from the share sheet with minimal friction as the last destination directory for each kind of file is remembered or automate file transfers in the Shortcuts app. Connect to your Mac, Synology NAS and any other SSH server or create new Digital Ocean droplets or GitHub Codespaces right from the app. Secure ShellFish is useful as a free app and paying pro users can disable ads in the terminal, upload through the Files app and mark directories for offline usage.

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