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Blink Shell 14: Legacy

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Blink Shell 14: Legacy

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Carlos Cabanero SL
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User Reviews for Blink Shell 14: Legacy

Glorious key repeat! (Oh, and everything else.)

Absolutely the best terminal I've used in iOS to date. Everything renders correctly, every key works as I expect, everything is speedy, there is no bulky user interface taking up 40% of the screen, key repeat actually works, selection with Vim keys is amazing... I could gush about this for days!So far the only con has been the price. Thankfully, though, it's open-source so I was able to compile and run it beforehand as a trial. And I'm glad I did! It's definitely worth the price after confirming that everything works perfectly.

Albert Morrison, May 08, 2019
Developer grade remote shell

For context, I write software for a living. I spend a lot of time in a shell. My workflow involves Tmux, Vim, Bash, etc. To may my experience a little nicer, I use some nice fonts that support things like powerline, git info in my bash prompts, etc. Blink alone allows me to use my iPad as my daily get-stuff-done computer. I don't carry a laptop anymore. Blink handles my entire config style. It was the first iOS shell that handled my CLI config and displayed it without issues. But it goes so much further. When using Mosh, your connections are virtually indestructible. I can connect, do some coding, disconnect for the weekend, come back, fire up the app, and it's like I never left. Absolutely amazing for an iOS shell. It also handles port forwarding! If I want to connect to a remote debugger from my browser, for example, I can. No problem. There's really nothing I need to do that I can't with Blink. Amazing work everyone involved!

chardros, Dec 05, 2018
Excellent product, support, and community

I’m a SSH newbie, learning how to create instances within the cloud, so I was both very interested in the Blink application for many reasons: being able to SSH into my instances using only my iPad (giving some definite freedom there!), and because of all the rave reviews that are out there. I had to learn quite a lot about public and private keys and moving them around for access, but I was able to successfully thanks to both Carlos Cabanero, who was exceedingly helpful and friendly, as well as a few community members who answered my question right away. Frankly, I was surprised to get such helpful answers, I felt embarrassed about asking things that I felt sure marked me as Newbie from a mile away :) But, anyways, now I’m able to SSH into my AWS EC2 instances and I couldn’t be happier..

DaveinSF, Aug 01, 2018
Does not support IOS internal keyboard.

Using the on screen keyboard tying a / requires three keystrokes. Guys do you really use ~ or the back tick (lower case same key) more than the slash. I rather doubt it. B o o. On youse. 3rd party keyboards are NOT the answer. An option to add a key or replace the ~ or its buddy makes much more sense. Rather than get carried away with toys, colors etc why not make this thing useful for those of us who who it as professional admins/programmers.And there does not seem to be a way to ask questions. That said I’m not sure they care about the internal keyboard. If you’re a ssh/Unix shell user this is for you. I do not use windows or Mac workstations. With blink I can just carry my iPad. Totally works whatever you know how to do, you can do only any server you can ssh into.It’s easily a five start if the slash did not take three (that’s 3 fellows) keystrokes.

DTD41z, Mar 26, 2020
Current version drops and hangs mosh connectons

The previous version of Blink was great -- I can open a mosh connection, switch to other apps, and switch back to resume working on a remote machine. After upgrading to the current version, the connection hangs when I switch back to blink after using a few other apps (e.g., Chrome, then Slack). This forces me to create a new window + mosh connection in order to resume my tmux session. However, this leaves increasing numbers of detached mosh connections on the server, and I have to periodically run "killall mosh-server" to clean things up. Would not recommend upgrading since the features did not appear to increase.

ewu85, Nov 20, 2018
You broke my favorite feature

I have been using Termius for awhile, since they implemented my favorite feature from Blink.On the iPad smart keyboard, using the stupid caps lock key as control modified.I just tried Blink a few minutes ago, and here is what I see:The 'Tab' key prints some sort of special unicode character (copyright or at sign).The CapsLock key properly maps to 'Ctrl', but then any key-presses are not echoed.Although these keypresses aren't echoed, they are taken as keystrokes.If you press CapsLock again, it is back to normal.This effectively makes the CapsLock keyswap with Ctrl unusable.I do not even think the Tab key works out of the box.Just to verify this wasn't an iPadOS bug, I upgraded from iPadOS 13.1.3 to 13.2.2.Some improvements with the 'tab' key, but caps lock mapping still not quite right.I have diagnosed the issue.The mapping between Caps Lock and Control is functioning properly.However, the CapsLock key, whether mapped or not, is acting as a toggle key.So, if you press 'CapsLock-A' it properly goes to the beginning of the line (emacs mode).However, if you now press 'F' 'F' 'F' it goes forward one character at a time.The same is true for 'U' (clear line) and 'C' (INTR).If you then press the CapsLock key again, the 'Lock' is toggled off.

Jerrythea, Nov 11, 2019
Very good terminal emulation

Very good, very fast terminal emulation. Intuitive setup for folk familiar with cli. Very easy to import keys and configure hosts. Support for multiple color themes similar to those found in common desktop terminal emulators. mosh support is really nice. It is a little pricey but I definitely prefer this to some free or cheaper alternatives. I had been using Cathode for a while and look forward to this replacing that as my daily driver for terminal needs.My one very minor gripe is that when using the apple magic keyboard and swapping caps lock for control they caps lock led still lights up. If any of the devs see this and can fix that that would be pretty neat. It isn’t a real big deal and the swap functions as intended but looking down occasionally and seeing the green light turn on and off is a little annoying.

migmigmi, Apr 07, 2019
Impressive and Fully Featured

Im been in IT for 35 years and used all sorts off SSH clients. Many clients, you can get for free but in today’s world, IT staff require cross-platform usability and the ability to sync settings among all devices. Mosh is also great. Theres one SSH client thats able to do all this but its subscription is thru the roof. Blink is getting close to achieving this, syncing across iPhone, iPad, and M1 Macs. Thats all that i actually require. The only issue i have is with the M1 (Apple Silicon) Mac, if you right click on the app, it crashes it, every single time. I know it wasnt originally built for that device, so its still a five star app. But it’s on my wishlist of future updates and would complete all my SSH requirements.

MikeVxx, Jan 19, 2022
Excellent terminal but frequent behavior changes

Blink is awesome and pretty much part of my daily routine. That said, the behavior changes pretty frequently and it’s not always better.The latest release (13.4) for example changes the way scrolling works. Is it cool that people can use a trackpad? Yes. Do I have one? No. So when the changes to support that feature change how terminal scrollback functions (something I use *all the time*), it’s troubling. Where I used to be able to go back in the buffer by pulling down the screen, now I just get the equivalent of an up-arrow at the command prompt or a mouse scroll in vim. I even commented on this in the TestFlight builds.The release comment suggests we move to tmux/screen to get scrolling. While that’s a great suggestion, it really shouldn’t be necessary to maintain the behavior from before the change. And really, even when I do use tmux, I don’t have mouse mode enabled so I get to change my flow (again) to manage scrollback and copy/paste.So, at the end of the day, Blink is very cool. It’s pretty much the best terminal app available for the iPad. Having mosh is also very cool. On the other hand, if I’m using Blink and mosh, I should not be forced to use tmux.I guess it’s back to plain old ssh for now; scrolling seems to work there. Well, at least until that changes.

sykesm, Apr 23, 2020
It just keeps getting better

Blink is now my absolute go to for Mosh and SSH. The continued quality improvements just keep making it better. This latest round improves all kinds of keyboard capabilities making it on par with desktop keyboards and even works around Apple’s removal of the near-mandatory ESC key.What I really like is that the author hasn’t gone overboard with unnecessary features nor unnecessary minimalism. The app strikes the right balance and has the feel that they use their own application for real work. The performance and reliability is great — exactly what’s needed from a terminal application.It’s also with that Blink has a number of diagnostic tools in it as well for helping to solve network issues. (e.g. when a host isn’t responding, or when T-Mobile LTE won’t allow ssh and you should activate a VPN).

Walt Stoneburner, Jan 01, 2020


This is the Legacy version of Blink Shell. Download the new free version Blink Shell instead from https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1594898306.  Current users are grandfathered to keep receiving updates and new features. We are keeping this version alive to ensure a smooth transition.

Thanks for understanding. — We had no choice. We had to build Blink or we were going to jump out the window in frustration over the tools we were using. We started by analyzing what the must-haves were and we ended up grounding Blink on these four concepts: • Fast rendering: dmesg in your Unix server should be instantaneous. We can't wait even a second to render. We didn't need to reinvent the wheel to make this happen. We simply used Chromium's HTerm to ensure that rendering is perfect and fast, even with those special, tricky encodings. • Always on: Mosh transcends SSH's variability. Mosh overcomes the unstable and intermittent connectivity that we all associate with mobile connections. You can check your Safari without fear of having to restart the SSH connection. You can flawlessly jump from home, to the train, and then the office thanks to Mosh. Blink is rock-solid connected all the way. Mosh is readily available and can be easily installed on your server. Go to https://mosh.mit.edu. • Best Keyboard Support: Blink embraces Bluetooth-coupled keyboards with gusto. Some like Caps as Esc on Vim, others Caps as Ctrl on Emacs. Blink champions them all. During your always-on sessions, you're in your zone. • Custom Fonts and Themes: We know how important it is to have your terminal, your way. That's why we include a selection of fonts and themes, including Powerline variants. And if that isn't enough, you can create and add your own. But, Blink is much more. Please read on. • You should command your terminal, not navigate it. Blink will jump you right into a friendly shell and it'll be clear to you how to roll. • The interface is straightforward. We dumped all menus and went full screen for your terminal. Use swipe to move between your open connections, slide down to close them, and even pinch to zoom! • Configure your Blink connections by adding your own Hosts and PKI keys. Synchronise with iCloud. Everything will look familiar and you get to work, fast! - We've incorporated SplitView and multiple windows, for those necessary Google searches and chats with coworkers. Blink is open source software. Participate in our community, and don’t forget to leave us your feedback and your feature(s) requests. Enjoy! http://blink.sh http://twitter.com/blinkshell http://GitHub.com/blinksh

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