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User Reviews for Canon PRINT Business

UX lacking. Featureless and Pointless.

We recently purchased a Canon imageClass MF743Cdw printer for home use, and this was the only app (Canon PRINT Business) available by the company that supports it—a laser printer. In terms of the printing options, there are none extra, nothing more than to select, tap, tap, and print like it is in the native iOS print UI. It lacks services (e.g., editing, page layout setting, cropping), or similar that are offered in the other apps by for its inkjet and photo printer product lines. It’s incredibly sad and sort of mind blogging that for a printer that costs several hundreds of dollars more, our only mobile app option is reduced down to this one and literally in every aspect of it.

AndrewY., Apr 08, 2020
Works, but didn't solve the problem

I've been struggling to get mobile printing to work with an iPad and a Canon ImageClassmf733c. The problem was that printouts came out unreadably light. Black text came out light gray and colors were either washed out or invisible. Canon support said to use this app instead of AirPrint, but it didn't help.​​I finally found that the problem is due to having Toner Save turned on. Toner Save seems to be incompatible with mobile printing. Turning it off solved the problem, and now both AirPrint and this app work. (If you search for "canon toner save" or look in your manual you'll find instructions to turn it on or off.) It's unfortunate that I can no longer use Toner Save, though.

Aredubyou, Nov 08, 2017
Printed fast but offers almost no additional functions

It’s a shame you can’t do much more than you can do already with AirPrint. For example, my single reason for trying this app is because I want to reduce the printout size to 90% of the original. This cannot be done in standard AirPrint. I figured, using an app directly from the manufacturer would offer more useful functionality. It does not. From my desktop I can do a hundred+ different modifications and tweaks to the printout from the driver/print dialog. This app offers minimal extra over the standard AirPrint. It works, but it’s a disappointment :(

iDan iKnight, May 24, 2022
I wish I could revert to version 7.0

My biggest mistake was updating this app! Ever since the latest version came out my iPhone will not connect to my printer to print things that I need. I am frustrated! I hate the instability that the new versions have caused. I have considered buying a new printer because this is ridiculous. It does print from other devices but macs and iPhones are useless with this printer. Thanks DEVS for this app, you made my printer a useless paperweight!!!!!

Jenni Paige, Jan 04, 2022
Absolutely terrible very limited function

This app is absolutely terrible. It’s hard to believe someone at Canon actually approved of the way the app functions with its business class printers. First of all the UI is not intuitive at all. The administrative functions of the printer are primitive at best. You can’t even select page orientation (port. Vs landscp.) before you print. It defaults everything to portrait for my BUSINESS PRINTER mind you. Other than selecting what pages and how many pages you want to print, there are no other print options to pick from. No sizing options. No orientation options. The business printers can’t print from universal drivers in IOS, instead you have to use this embarrassment of an app to send documents or use its “browser” to print. Absolute garbage. I will never buy a Canon business laser again solely because of this app. It’s a frustrating and limiting.

Lang2Thai, Feb 27, 2019
Good but!!!

A good application, but very basic , it needs to be developed, such as adding the feature to control the degree of print resolution and choosing multiple ranges for printing pdf files, the ability to print pdf files in horizontal paper form without the occurrence of the papers becoming mirrored, determining the number of pages of the pdf to be added within one page and Control its size

Mustafa Al-Mohana, Dec 21, 2020
Wireless communication bug during remote scanning

The printer quality is good but the UI really needs improvement.Most of my use is to remote print and scan from my mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc.The remote print function ok most of time.However, remote scan often bring troubles and unable to finish the job but keep returning error message on communication issue with printer.Truly hope Canon could make some efforts to fix this issue.

papochen, Jan 23, 2020
Worked great until iPhone X

I’ve been using this app for a while now. Despite some weird user interface issues, it usually worked well. However, when I upgraded to my new iPhone X, it now refuses to run. Even stranger, when I delete the app and reinstall it works, ONCE. Then the next time I need it (I use this app almost daily for work) I need to delete it again and reinstall. This one-time-use app fix is not very practical and canon’s website is so vast and complicated that I can’t find support for this app. Anyone else having this issue?!?! Update coming soon I hope!! This app is pretty much the reason I bought this printer. It may be the reason I buy a different one soon!

Rey, Dec 19, 2017
works... occasionally

I wanted an all-in-one that promised to work with the iPad Pro; Canon advertised this one as such an option. However, it will not scan directly to my ipad, will not work with Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, or Printer Pro. The Canon printing app will work, sometimes. What’s most frustrating is that the app has no reason for being inconsistent. I can engage in a set of behaviors and get a document to print, then go back to the same document, engage in the same set of behaviors, and it won’t print at all.

TPB, Esq., Dec 24, 2019
May Cause Hopelessness, Self-Pitt, and Anger

The one app that may have worked for me but it’s ‘only available for business printers, sorry!Well in case you thought Canon could make a printer or scanner that worked without spending hours upon hours and frustration after frustration, think again. Canon has really made an idiot of themselves and their customers once again in the printer suicide family of products it appears that Canon, much like every other printer manufacturer since the dawn of humanity, has also failed to create a printer/scanner which offers even a solitary working function. Wait there more. Not only will you waste your time and money purchasing a canon brand printer scanner combo but you can download a dozen or so FREE apps to failing alongside thd corresponding printer scanner. These Canon Failed Products complement themselves quite terribly together. They’ve lowered the bar to even greater heights or should hypes because they sure do promote their nonworking garbage. Now I get to take this pile of trash back to the store for eighty dollars or maybe I’ll just tie it to my ankle and throw it over the nearest bridge; that seems like the only actual solution that Canon has left me with on this amazing Friday night. Thanks a lot for making ten broken apps and a scanner printer which has the sole Unique feature of NON-WORKING. -10 stars all day.

youtzful_idiot, Dec 14, 2019


Canon PRINT Business is a free application that enables you to print photographs and documents, read scanned data, upload to cloud storage services, etc. on a Canon laser multi-function device or laser printer from an iPhone or iPad. Main Features - Print scanned data, images, documents, camera roll photos, and web pages. - Read scanned data from a multi-function device. - Image capture with a camera. - Extract characters from data and create text-searchable PDF files by connecting with Readiris for iPad (iPad only). - Work with files in local or cloud storage. - Automatically detect multi-function devices and/or printers on a network, or manually search for them by specifying an IP address or DNS. - Search multi-function devices and/or printers with Bluetooth. - Touch the mobile terminal to log in to the multi-function device and/or printer (Bluetooth installed machine). - Register multi-function devices and/or printers with a QR code. - Check the print settings, and print data held in a multi-function device or printer. - Use the address book of a mobile terminal in place of the address book registered in a multi-function device. - Check the condition of a multi-function device or printer in detail, such as device status etc., via its Remote UI. - Support VoiceOver (some English and Japanese screens only) - Use the Remote Operation function to display the control panel of the multi-function device and/or printer on a mobile terminal. - Use the app to send faxes or scan and send by e-mail from a multi-function device or printer. * Functions that can be used vary according to the device, the firmware version of the device, and device settings you are using.

Supported Devices imageRUNNER ADVANCE series Color imageRUNNER series imageRUNNER series Color imageCLASS series imageCLASS series i-SENSYS series imagePRESS series LBP series Satera series Laser Shot series Business Inkjet series - Some device models do not support Canon PRINT Business. Check the list of supported device models on the Canon PRINT Business support page of the Canon website. - For printing with PIXMA series, MAXIFY series or SELPHY series devices, use Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY. - For scanning with imageFORMULA series devices, use CaptureOnTouch Mobile. Required Conditions - Your iPhone or iPad must be connected to a wireless LAN access point. - Your multi-function device and the access point must be connected by LAN or wireless LAN. Items That Can Be Set with the Print Function Output Method, Department ID Management, Output Size, Copies, Print Range, Source, Select Color, 2-Sided, Staple, 2 on 1 - Items that can be set vary according to each printer model. Items That Can Be Set With the Scan Function Color/Select Color, Resolution, Original Size/Scan Size, File Format, 2-Sided Original/2-Sided, Original Type, Density, Original Placement - Items that can be set vary according to each printer model.

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