Icon Slidezilla - make videos with awesome transitions and filters (was Mega Slideshow)

Slidezilla - make videos with awesome transitions and filters (was Mega Slideshow)

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Slidezilla - make videos with awesome transitions and filters (was Mega Slideshow)

  • Photo & Video
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Paul Falstad
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User Reviews for Slidezilla - make videos with awesome transitions and filters (was Mega Slideshow)

Seriously Amazing!!

This app is pretty awesome to be fair. I’ve tried out almost every app but once I opened this one and played around with it I couldn’t keep the smile off my face! It’s a bit of a bummer that you cannot have ten photos unless you upgrade but hey, you still get to choose nine! This app is really nice and fun to play around with. Seriously a huge thank you to the creators because you guys are brilliant and amazing! This about is awesome so I highly recommend!

1DPanda, Jan 02, 2020
Not great

So I got this app to help me make fan edits on instagram. I saw a friend of mine using it and it look amazing. I’m having two major problems with the app. One is that it won’t load all of my pictures. It only had about 5 out of 200 pictures loaded into the app My next issue is that my photos won’t show up. I have tried adding things and cropping the pictures but nothing worked. I used only two pictures and a black background. The image had white in it so it would have been visible. I’m sure this would have been a great app but I would like to have those bugs fixed.

Ahhasbsbsnsnsnns, Aug 05, 2018
Awesome! Keep up the great work but a few problems

I’d use this app for making an edit on my Instagram and it turns out amazing !! Though, you could get a button or something to remove the watermark. People have been commenting on my posts to get rid of it and I chooses Slidezilla because of how easy it is to make a good edit without buying! But please add a no watermark thing, I’ll give credits though! And when after I spread the word about this app to my friends so they can make a slideshow/edit they got confused a bit on how to change transition. I’d appreciate if you show how to change because honestly it’s really confusing. Last thing! This really isn’t bad about the app it’s just the music, maybe add like popular artists songs like drake or something. If you can’t do that it’s totally fine cause it’s not a problem it just would be more helpful! Overall great work! I can always use a photo editor so I won’t have to complain about filters and this is a great app for new people who start editing so keep it up!

AyItzKay, Mar 17, 2018
Nearly there!

So this app is really very good for what it does - Transitions are great, the various options you can tweak. The interface is a little clunky at first however once you get the hang of it the real power of the app becomes apparent. However, I do think this app could be VASTLY improved with the following:Ability to rearrange media in the slideshow by drag and drop (you can currently only sort them by modification dare or by initial selection order)Ability to turn off the “Ken Burns Effect”Ability to choose photos from the camera roll as backgrounds.Otherwise, a very good app that I will continue to use.

Forever88, Jul 12, 2018
pros and cons

so, overall the app is amazing and the transitions are so good! But it needs a few improvements to be a 5 star app. First, the zooming (ken burns effect) should not be added or should be optional. Second, the logo is annoying. Third, we need to be able to add more ten photos without paying because it’s not fair. And last, make more transitions. That’s all. You guys haven’t updated the app in 2 years oof

just my opinion 😂, Oct 14, 2018
This app is the bomb dot com !!?

I love this app bc I can put all my mem photos together and show it to my family,this game is so simple all you do is select and edit and your finished it is so simple that I taught my grandma how to get it on her phone and make Slidezilla shows thanks for making an awesome app

knolege is power, May 16, 2020
what the heck :(

This app has really great transitions, I actually liked it so much that I decided to pay for the upgrade. After I upgraded, almost every video I tried to make was sped up. I couldn’t even edit my videos the way I wanted to because of how fast the app was making them go. This has never happened before, but all of a sudden I decide to spend $1.99 and everything goes wrong. Maybe I need to stop being so gullible and trusting every app I come across.

Natasha108311369097hate, Apr 05, 2018
Not that great

Well, it needs some changes because I have 447 pictures and videos but when I go in the app to make a slideshow it says that I have 8 pictures in total but once it let me have most of my pictures (but still not all) and I made an awesome slideshow. Also I went to make a compilation of slo-mo videos and the slo-mo part wouldn’t come up in the video so I was screwed.

Simply.me💙, Jan 29, 2019
We need some changes

This is a very cool app I like that we don’t have to pay for transitions unlike video star we do I just want the app to have music like video star does and y’all should add more transitions and we should be able to use more than 10 pictures now but other then that I like this app but please can we get a update full of changes please that’s all whoever made this open you made a awesome app and if we get the update and some changes then I will add that last star in my ratings

slidezilla changes review, Oct 17, 2018

This app is very good for editing and is really good we don’t have to pay any money unlike video star it has somethings as video star but better.If I had to change things I’d change it not to have a water mark and all edits are unlocked but other than that it’s excellent.

z0eg0ne, Oct 25, 2019


You and your photos and videos deserve to tell a story with transitions, filters, music, and FUN. Slidezilla is the new generation app for your photos and videos that brings them to life and allows you to share your unique slideshow stories instantly. Customize your personal stories with over a hundred FREE filters and transitions, music (yours or ours), colorful backgrounds, and much more!

Go to town yourself or tap the Randomize button to automatically generate an awesome slideshow. Create amazing animated slideshows seamlessly with Slidezilla’s user-friendly app. Edit together videos as well as photos to make your creation. Instantly share your creation to your social sites and have others watch your own story. Download Slidezilla NOW to enjoy hundreds of options and customize your own photo slideshow. You have the story—Slidezilla helps tell it.

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