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User Reviews for Schoology

An “app”, ha ha

I used all of my dang right information in this app. I double checked it to see any mistakes or errors, and saw none. So then I did all the other information stuff to get in to Schoology, but I come to a glitchy white screen that doesn’t take me anywhere. I needed the app for an assignment on my phone, because I tried to get an example of something so I could get help with my assignment. But I clicked example, and it said I needed to download the schoology app. I went to the App Store. When I saw schoology it had a 1.4 rating. I just downloaded this app without seeing any reviews. So I did my right information, then went back to the schoology place and it said I still needed to get the app. I wouldn’t actually call this a “learning material”, or an “app”. I would call it a trashy scam that needs to be fixed. Just make a HUGE update, like fixing how glitchy the app is, and etc. I un-downloaded the app, and so it was very hard to do my assignment. I had to have two computers in my face looking at a different one about every couple seconds. If the schoology app works, my assignment would’ve been a breeze. So don’t download this app. It’s a waist of you’re phone storage. So just use a, computer because it’s a million times better than the app. And it’s confusing to get on to. Probably we should create a new app that has a big similarity to schoology. But in the mean time, I’m going to call this app a piece of hot garbage, crap, and a scam.

1()2()3, Apr 15, 2020
Terrible for students and parents

This app is not a solution. It is just another hurdle, difficult to use, and that is not what parents need most during a frickin pandemic. THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION. It’s a hot mess. It’s seemingly based on the Facebook wall, which works when people are posting puppies and food pics, but not for students and something as basic as having a single place to see all assignments due and upcoming tests. We already have something that works the way we need: a grid. With columns. Radical, right? A page that is just a grid of what’s due and when. No, instead we get a wall where everything is poured in, kitchen sink and all, and we have to scroll and pick and hunt and search for something we should see on a macro level. If the teacher isn’t great updating, then parents are really hosed. Each time I open this stupid app (which requires parent’s to sign a Terms of Service akin to Facebook, where they are CLEARLY sharing or selling student data... and the argument that there is such a thing an NII is laughable these days) I am frustrated. This app is frustrating. It’s poorly designed, it is a whole new way for kids to get lost and fall behind... and for parents trying to help and keep up? it offers no help. This is a bad app. This is a company with a questionable TOS regarding children’s privacy. It’s the wrong choice. Period.

3D guy, Oct 07, 2020
bad system, terribly organized

Schoology seems like a great app to use for school & everything going on this year especially with COVID-19, but is it really? All the students are having a hard time trying to figure out everything with it. The due dates are too small, you can’t delete submissions you didn’t mean to send, very unorganized, and doesn’t say the assignment are done even after you submit your response. This is a terrible way to have many students focus on school. The courses you are in show up alphabetically and not in order, which can be very stressful and hard on students who like to be organized or have OCD and need to have it a specific way. The notifications are on the home screen of the app, instead they should have each class, like google classroom, with the due date and time, so you can click the assignment and it’s easy. The folders in the course class are also very hard to understand. Instead of all the assignments popping up you should just be able to click a certain folder and open it and get what you need. Also, when submitting a Google Document or a Word assignment, the assignment gets all messed up when submitted, which can ruin your students grade. This school year, needs to be organized & easy, for all our online, in school, & hybrid students. This is not an organized app for any school to use. Too messy for anyone. Even the teachers are confused on everything. Terrible app. Not recommended.

anonymous18273627, Sep 10, 2020
Might be biased, but...

Aside from how unorganized the app is, the features it lacks, and how the Home Screen resembles Facebook, I want to talk about “bugs.” Are they bugs? I don’t know. So, I don’t get email if I get a missing assignment, nor is there a menu to see any missing assignments, which needs to be added. However, my parents get an email pretty much right after the assignment is declared late. And here’s another thing: the way schoology counts missing assignments is weird. If an assignment hasn’t been graded EVEN IF THE ASSIGNMENT ISN’T DUE YET, my parents get an email about it, and it adds all sorts of confusion. And in a time where I have to work pretty much exclusively using schoology during the pandemic, it adds all sorts of unnecessary stress. Another thing with the app, when you open another page, like a course, calendar, etc. That’s like opening a new tab in a browser. So if I accidentally miss click, there’s another 30 seconds of waiting because even though I have pretty decent WiFi, schoology servers are being overloaded because of terrible optimization for students. Definitely nitpicking on that, but it needs to be overstated. I know this review will get another automated response and the devs will do nothing about it, but maybe if we spam the app with bad reviews, it will hopefully be removed, and that’s what I’m going for. I hate this app, I have no idea why my school district adopted it. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.

anonymous58593, Oct 10, 2020
Really isn’t that bad at all!

As a student I use Schoology ALL the time. Sure, it’s not the BEST. But I simply disagree with all the one star ratings. It is so helpful, I will tell you how, If a student is ever falling behind they can just check into Schoology and they can see what they might need to ask for help with and what not. It also helps with getting things turned so they aren’t overdue and then you get a zero. But I do see why people may disagree but, I have reasons why it’s not that bad as people are saying it is. Heres why: First, you may not be able to do a lot on an iPhone because it isn’t really programmed for iPhones to do like assignments and stuff so that could be part of the glitches and stuff. Second, you may not get any like assignments if your school doesn’t use it, so don’t even bother trying to get this app. Third, it is AWESOME because I don’t get notifications on my school laptop, so I can just turn on my notifications for my phone and I will get everything I need to know such as: sports, assignments, and even announcements from the head school boarder! Well I hope after reading this I changed your perspective just a little bit! - a formal 6th grader who uses Schoology

charli1026, Sep 26, 2023
Bad system, worse app

Schoology itself is a poorly designed system that attempts to turn what ought to be like a project management system into a friendly Facebook like interface, resulting in a system that is bad at being either. It is confusing and difficult for students and parents to navigate and actually know what needs to be done when. This is largely because it doesn’t enforce any standardized input from teachers, because it isolated courses from each other too much, and for parents, because they have to navigate to each student and then within each student to each course in a way that far too often requires two steps. For example, clicking on “courses” seems to open a page, but it’s really just a modal. So the user thinks that after selecting a course, they can click back to get to the courses list. Instead, you go back to the page before. The iOS app makes all this worse because it’s not a true native app, it’s a custom web browser that wraps the website. It cannot, however, display certain kinds of content internally like the website can. It tells you the content is unavailable. Most of it you can actually get to if you zoom in and find the external link, but this is very poor UI design. I would recommend school systems not spend the enormous amount of money this system must cost. As for the rest of us - we’re stuck with the schools’ bad decision, but you’re slightly better off going to a computer and avoiding the app whenever possible.

GusSnarp, Oct 07, 2018
Perfect for its intended purpose

I think that many of the reviews were written by misinformed individuals thinking that this app should be their sole tool to help them work through the semester. This is a fantastic app. It is NOT an app where you should be completing and turning in every assignment, and expecting it to work flawlessly. It is meant to be a helpful mobile tool to help find out what due dates are coming up, introduce you to newly posted assignments, and submit documents in a pinch. And for those purposes the app works fantastic. If you need to see the due dates neatly lined out for you, this is perfect. You would not expect to transfer money to a relative through your simple mobile banking app, but you may need to quickly check your bank balance, in which case a mobile app is perfect. This is not a full Schoology interface. You will need to have a laptop or desktop where you are working through the vast majority of your assignments, and this can be accomplished simply with a 100$ chrome book. Do not be misinformed this is by no means a full computer software, and the developers surely know this. This is a fantastic app, and it is even easier than the full website for many purposes. 5 stars.

Hejdnksnwhskdnmsjs, Aug 31, 2020
So many things need to change

Now I know kids are rating this app 1 start so they don’t have to use it anymore but I really don’t like the website/app. 1 for your school to have schoology you have to pay, when you could use google classroom for free. 2 website is always crashing, no matter how good my WiFi is or how many People are trying to get on at one time we have all experienced schoology to not load and not work. 3 although it is nice that you can organize with folder and folders in folders it takes way to long to get to something if you do that, I suggest that after the assignment has been completed it goes away and there should be a tap under all classes saying “all materials” and change the one that is all materials now to “assigned” it would be so much easier to get to things. 4 when you open an assignment and hit “my document” it is sooo small, I don’t know if I’m typing correctly and I can’t see what the question is asking it is so annoying. 5 overdue/missing assignments needs to get better, if something is overdue or almost overdue and I haven’t turned it in of course I like to get an email saying “THIS IS ALMOST DUE” instead of “mr. _____ has updated schoology. Also, sometimes I have something overdue and I know I do, and it’s not even on the “overdue”board. Very poor way to have missing assignments. There are many more reasons, schoology please look at these reviews and try and fix it because if you didn’t already know the app only has 1 star.

I belive in santa 100, Dec 01, 2020
Not sure…

I’m a student and we use schoology in class. Schoology does good things like keep all of our work together but it has SO SO SO many bugs, malfunctions (we’ve had times where the app was down for a day so we couldn’t access our work) and I can tell it really stresses out the teachers and my fellow classmates. There’s always something wrong. There was once an entire week when the app didn’t work so we would have to use the website which is laggy. Schoology has good intentions, but mixed with the lags it depends what type of person you are. It’s not my schools choice to use schoology and even our principal doesn’t really like it. I don’t know how the elementarys in our district use this. It’s too complicated sometimes. I understand the developers probably spent a lot of work on this and I respect that because I’m not very good at coding myself and it has soOOOO many features on this app… when there’s not bugs this app can make my work a lot easier to access. I will say though, when I was forced to be virtual during quarantine and all we had besides zoom and email was schoology, it was very stressful for me (it makes me very scared that we might have to go back virtual and I’m going have to rely on schoology again..) But other than that id say that if schoology just worked on it’s bugs a little bit this app could be great for districts. :)

PicassoPaintsDinos, Aug 14, 2021
Good app, but a few bugs

The website of Schoology is very good. It is useful for school, especially during coronavirus quarantine because we have to learn from home. However, the app is not as good as the website. When I check the notifications, it doesn’t show me the new ones. Even after refreshing, it still just shows the old notifications. Then, after it finally shows me the new ones, the “notifications” section still has a red dot on it. (Even after the most recent update) When I close the app, it still says that there are a bunch of notifications. I also have trouble accessing links sometimes. Also, when a link actually works, the website it goes to always shows up in a pop-up. It never shows up in an actual browser. Another problem is that it takes forever to upload a video, which is a problem when I’m trying to submit a recorded project.A summary of my review: The website is great, but the app needs some bug fixes.Edit: Most of the links work, but there are still a few that don’t work. I’m still having problems with the notifications. When I checked the app this morning, it said that I had over 50 notifications. I did the same things: open notifications, refresh, go back to home page, refresh, go back to notifications, refresh. I repeated this process several times and I think I refreshed the page about 10 times, but there were still 50. I had to restart my iPad and then refresh 3 more times to get rid of that 50. There is still 1.

spacehead10, Jun 10, 2020


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