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User Reviews for Campus Student

Great to keep up with school

The original app was starting to glitch out when I got this one. What always bothered me about the old app is refreshing the app to get your grades. Now I can quickly check my grades between classes and check for missing assignments without waiting. This is just a small thing but sometimes the refreshing sign would take forever. Another thing I like about the new app is it says your GPA right at the top. It is helpful to me when preparing to college to make sure my GPA is still meeting my goal for the year. This feature does sometimes glitch out however.

Awesomeamk, Nov 13, 2018
it won’t even let me log in :/

Let me start this by saying yes this is a bad review and yes this app has atrocious reviews but no i am not going to go off about stress and depression and if your going to try coming at me saying “stop faking a bad review” than please leave. Ok so to my story now… I got this app for the upcoming school year so that I don’t have to use the schools computer that needs a charger every five seconds so I got the app after reading reviews which do NOT look at the one star reviews with emojis and stress and depression those are sixth graders trying to be “funny” and “different” so after reading reviews I was ready for the said notifications being sent and in all I was just preping for school. I got in the app and put in my dist and state error page I said ok i’ll try again tomorrow. tried again today and the same error page so I told myself i’ll delete it and try again I deleted it reinstalled it ok a fresh start good so i try again same error page i’ll try again later I guess but honestly like just fix your app.

Camila Sallee, Aug 09, 2022
Really, really inconvenient

It works okay, I guess... other than the fact that things are incredibly slow and really inefficient. I really dislike how I'll try to copy a google drive file but then it will take me to the safari web browser of Infinite Campus... then it will take me to the safari web browser version of google drive after taking millions of years to load. And here's where the next issue comes in, loading is often INCREDIBLY SLOW and It's really miserable when I need to get into the app, it'll take forever to load. Also not being able to upload images via photos app really cripples me. I have to go to another app and copy the link from there.. please make this better.

Dezarosen, Apr 03, 2020
Not exactly better

It’s not exactly better it’s just different. I feel like making a new app would mean that there are new helpful features but no, the app is practically the same so there is really no point in them making this at all. Infinite Campus you just wasted your money. Add something useful like graphs and charts where you can see how your grade in a class changed over time, or ways to see what grade you have to get on a test to keep an “A”. Your welcome for giving you guys some ideas, you obviously can’t think of any yourselves.

Get this app 🇬🇧, Oct 17, 2018
Pretty good

I like this app and it is very useful to me. It’s easy to use and I like how you get notifications when something is graded. The only thing is I wish it had an option for teachers to add images attached to the assignments. When I’m missing something and I look at the title on campus I usually don’t know what it is and I have to ask my teacher. However, if the teachers could have the option to take a photo of the assignment and add it somehow to the assignment, it would be very helpful for the teacher and student. I really wish that was a thing, but even without it it is a good app. 🙂

GiannaGraceD, Oct 29, 2019
Amazing! Ignore that bad reviews

People are saying that it causes stress and depression, but wouldn’t it cause more stress if YOU DIDNT SEE your grades until your report card? If you see it 24/7 you know what classes to improve on. People can also see what they have missing/late. You could think your thriving in a class but really your flunking it and don’t know until you see the report card. It’s also easier on the teachers to see which students need more help the others.

hsjsjdjdhjd, Jul 17, 2022
Horrific compared to the last app

You open the app and everything functions like a weird cross between an app and a mobile web browser. Everything feels loose (for lack of a better word) and hard to click, and has horrific latency like using a desktop web page on a phone (and my phone is an iPhone X, it’s not slow). Then, Every page takes forever to load too because each time you click something it loads the information that you requested (like in a web browser). Keep in mind: The last app took a while at first but loaded everything, and then when you started clicking around it was fast and seamless. I though I didn’t like the last app, but this app needs some serious work to make it close to as tolerable as the last app.

murphyhemlock, Dec 21, 2018
Ignore the middle schoolers who rate this App

Im 15 and I’m going to be completely honest about this app, it works amazing I think, it has my classes scheduled on there, the times each class starts and ends and so much more around that, it shows my grades each semester and for the most part it’s easy to access! My only problem is it glitches a LITTLE but sometimes and my grades from semester one go into my grades from semester two, but if I just close down the app and open it again it goes back to normal, great app! Definitely would be 5/5 without the glitches, most of the bad reviews here are from middle schoolers who are mad they’re failing school ☠️☠️, It even shows ur yearbook photo btw, lolIf you wanna fight me on my review then do it through discord 😈 at RusticRecord#6666

okboomer!4$3', Jul 08, 2022
Not bad at all

I dont know why everyone is hating on this app. I really like how simplistic it is. It isnt slow and it works perfectly fine. Its very convenient to know what class I have next and when the period starts/ends, especially during the beginning of school. Personally, I like how it tells you everything that your teacher(s) do concerning you, like your grade on a test/quiz or if you’re late/absent. If you don’t want notifications, then just turn it off.

raftistrash, Sep 10, 2021
Its Isnt as bad as the reviews say.

I see a lot of reveiws saying that this app is harder to navigate and that the old app is better. In some cases, I agree. As a high school student, it is very important for me to be able to check my schedule, my grades, as well as any assignments that may be due soon. In those fronts, this app succeds. I can check my grades easily, I can also see any assignments due, as well as my schedule, right on the front page. Obviously, as this is new, a few bugs will have to be worked out. The page does tend to jump about rather choppy. I feel like a smoother motion in opening, closing, or changing screens in this app, like you did with the old one, would suit it much better than the choppy motion it has now. There are a few pages that are hidden deep within the app, that I had some trouble finding. I would suggest to move those onto the menu. So, students don't have to spend their time searching for them. Overall, despite the bugs, hidden screens, and choppyness of the transitions, It is a great app that is formatted better than before. If you fix those few things i mentioned before. I would not mind using this app at all!

Sean the Student, Oct 03, 2018


Attention all students! Say hello to your new best friend this school year, Campus Student. Campus Student puts your school information at your fingertips.

Real-time access to announcements, assignments, attendance, grades, schedules and much more. LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS 1. Download the App 2. Search for your district name and state 3. Select your district 4. Enter your username and password (provided by your school/district) NOTIFICATIONS Receive alerts for grades, assignment scores, attendance changes and more. SUPPORT Visit: www.infinitecampus.com/appsupport Please note: Due to privacy concerns, Infinite Campus does not maintain individual login information. Please contact your school/district. APP REQUIREMENTS - Your school district must use Infinite Campus student information system - An active Infinite Campus account is required WATCH THE VIDEO https://youtu.be/RZgpU7_5QCc COPYRIGHT: 2022 Infinite Campus, Inc. All rights reserved.

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