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Quick Art: AI Hair Editor

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Quick Art: AI Hair Editor

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Guangzhou Aoxu Information Technology Co., Ltd.
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User Reviews for Quick Art: AI Hair Editor

Help me feel pretty thank you so much

This is an amazing app and for people to give it low stars because they went for the free trial and forgot about it and was charged is ridiculous. It clearly states cancel before free trial is up if not they will assume you want to continue and will automatically start billing you. It’s not rocket science almost every free trial in the app store are the same like this! It is worth it guys! I wish i could post the pictures i edited on here. You will not regret. I usually dont pay for apps but honestly this is worth it ! I love this app, it’s the best selfie editor I’ve ever experienced so far! Thank you for a fantastic app.

britbrit8729, Aug 04, 2021
Misleading costs

I am updating my review but I will keep the rating of 1 star. It is pretty clear after seeing multiple reviews similar to the issues I have indicated in my review regarding how this particular app is extremely misleading. It shows up as a free app initially but doing the process of downloading the app it doesn’t prompt anything regarding an annual fee until it automatically charges your iTunes account. There is absolutely no way would I have purchased an app for $89. Fortunately, after pursuing a complaint I was reimbursed the $89. However, it is clear that the developer and/or apple is unaware of how acquiring this app is very misleading on the $89 annual fee. Reading multiple reviews from several customers it appears there is a problem and the developer is not acknowledging or accepting that there is a problem based on the response I received as well as the response other customers have received. There is a problem and it needs to be addressed.

Cerebro06, Mar 29, 2020
Literally the BEST!!      ‌

I love getting to edit pictures how I want. I don’t have the premium version, because the free version works just as good. I have had the app for a while, and I enjoy it a lot. I’m love that it is not “likes and shares” because you can just express yourself without worrying about. I absolutely love this app! I can post whatever I would like and not feel judged. I've edited so so so many pictures with this app and posted about 600 photos on it. I truly recommend this app to anyone that enjoys editing pictures. 11/10. I love this app it so good so like i want to tell you guys download it. It enhances your looks and make you more pretty. Love this app and I highly recommend it because it’s one of the best cartoon picture app and photo editor ever‌     

Chris_Bryannah, Aug 01, 2021
Fantastic App

I know this app is mainly used for editing people and faces but I love use of this for Editing my sunset and sunrise photos! I ended up editing on this app, and submitting it to a photography contest at our fair and winning First place! I know this app is mainly used for editing people and faces but I love use of this for Editing my sunset and sunrise photos! I ended up editing on this app, and submitting it to a photography contest at our fair and winning First place! I love everything about this app. The UI is simple and easy to navigate, you can always find exactly what you’re looking for. The tutorials are insightful and well-put together. Not to mention that low low price of Free! I personally haven’t tried the membership yet, but I am definitely considering it, because this app truly is one of the beat photo editors!

emansemrin, Aug 04, 2021

I downloaded this app to try out. The app showed 3-day trial right on the main screen when signing up! I used the app for a couple hours, did not like it at all. Went straight to the App Store & cancelled the app. Still got charged, didn’t have the app even 24 hours. Don’t suggest contacting Apple because they are just as bad, I advised of the advertisement of the 3 day trial but it was suggest the plan I choose didn’t have a 3 day trial, but it shows 1 week, 1 month and 1 year subscriptions offer a 3 day trial. So what plan was I on? When you look at my receipts, it shows the free trial download then it shows another 5 min later of a paid subscription that I absolutely did not choose! So as soon as you download this app, it pushes a subscription on you!!This app has false advertisement. Either the wording needs to be fixed or do not even offer a trial. Because I did cancel within 24 hours and still got charged. Apple is no help either.

GrnEyedGirl23, Feb 06, 2021
It’s a scam!!!

These have to be fake reviews because everyone is saying how great this app is and that it’s free but it’s a lie. You can’t do anything without subscribing to the app for $89 a year. It had a pop up that asked me to subscribe and before I could take my thumb off the button it charged me $89!!! Really? $89 dollars just to make pictures look like cartoons?? Who would pay that much for this??Response to the developer: what you are saying is completely false. As soon as I opened your so called free app it wouldn’t allow me to do ANYTHING until I subscribed. There was no price listed for the subscription and it just asked me to put my thumb on my print reader to subscribe. I just happened to notice that as it was scanning my thumb Apple had a message that said I was subscribing for $89 per year which is ridiculous for what you are offering. Your app is clearly set up to trick people into paying for a subscription with the hopes that they don’t notice the price or they don’t take the time to figure out how to dispute it. If not then tell me one feature that you can do before subscribing. I notice how deceitfully you worded your reply as to not say what features you get before or after your subscription. Apple should remove this app from the App Store or make you list it for $89

Jakal702, Mar 27, 2020
10 Stars for Quickart

I’v been using this app for a while now and I really want to buy the extras but I don’t have any money, and I’m excited for this weekend, because I get to pull weeds in my naber’s yard, and get paid, so I can buy the VIP pack. I love this app there is little add or nothing i love it. An app that not only helps makes you pics pop but it actually end up being a hobby. App is getting better all the time (I’m a subscriber). Edit your selfie as naturally or (fake) as you desire! Cutout and change the background、put filter on your photos and so on! I must say I normally don’t write reviews. This app I have paid for all the tools and the developer teams have been doing nothing but enhancing everything they can.

marriagesux, Aug 04, 2021

SCAM SCAM SCAM Not sure what it did to my phone but as soon as I downloaded my phone started to act like it was updating itself. And as I’m waiting for the phone to turn on I try to use the app but of course it’s asking me for subscription. I believe it will charge you for free subscription and once you click yes, it sends an agreement to pay for subscription so don’t do it. The company is fraudulent and Apple will see on their end that you agreed to a subscription. You have been warned. I can tell the other reviewers are getting the same copy paste response from developers to email them but it’s not going to help because they want to scam you. The only way you may get your money back is if you call the bank and tell them it’s a scam app which it is. The app itself is not convenient or fun in anyway.

NArfy5677765, Jul 28, 2021
Good stuff​ ​ ​ ‍ 

I love to paint and draw. this app makes everything easier you don’t have to be good at drawing or painting it does the work for you. I showed my family what I made from this app and they liked it I think it works best on views like a forest and I think it work worst on people I think this is a good app 5 stars!! Amazing effects that make your pics look like the ones used by Marvel. This app is amazing! Just 4/5 stars because it’s with subscription. When they will add lifetime purchase, it will be 5/5. One of the best you can find around. This app is great but when I save my pictures to my photos it comes out sideways. I hope it gets fixed in an update. :note to developer: Please fix this bug I really need it to be fixed. FIX IT FOR A COOKIE OR A CAKE ‌      

Pugh Ema, Jul 30, 2021
Buyer Beware!! Read reviews!!

This is literally a piece of junk! It falsely advertises to you a 3 day free trial upon opening the app. Once opened, it then will charge you for the entire month right away. I have never experienced this with any other app offering free trials. The app developers response to other buyers stating or insinuating that the buyer doesn’t read the app purchase prompt properly is bull droppings. Any other app that offers you a free trial DOES NOT charge you immediately. Instead it will charge you after the very next day of which the trial period ends. Going onto apple support’s link to request a refund, it will show you that the purchase doesn’t have a receipt either. So you may or may not get reimbursement. I just called my bank to dispute the charge and have it dealt with that way. This is not an app worth over $21 dollars a month in recurring fees. And the other buyers are correct when they say that the app is definitely a scam! Don’t bother with emailing the support page from the developer either. They’ll just give you a round about reason foe why they’re not responsible for refunds and continue to not fix their app and mislead customers into a subscription they didn’t want! Just based off of this, I wouldn’t even give it 1 star but that was my only option in order to write a review.

skyyy8511, Mar 12, 2021


Super cool real-time cutout camera and one-click photo editing! The trendiest and most popular picture creative effects. The only difference between you and the celebrities is that you don’t use Quick Art to edit your photos! ===AI magic, show your style=== 【AI Hair, the salon in your pocket】 How you would look with a different hairstyle?

Change your hair with AI, no scissors required. From short to long, from curly to straight, AI can do it all! Regular update. 【Predict your young and old face】 Time changes everything, including your face. Have you ever dreamed of your future life? QuickArt can help you travel to the future and see what you will look like in 30 or 50 years. Including your childhood face! 【Dynamic old photos, repair the old time】 One easy step can give new life to old photos! With a smart and fun new program, making old photos come alive again. As time flies, Quick Art ensures that old photos never fade away and good memories last forever! 【The most popular templates, one clip to create your own one】 The best picture editor for novices. It includes 3D backgrounds, 3D light effects, human scene layered filters, artistic effects and texture filters. 【Smart cutout, change the 3D background】 AI automatically cuts out pictures and lets you travel as you wish! Quick Art exclusively designed 3D backgrounds such as hollow posters, Van Gogh Polaroids, letter space, and two-color versions. It also carefully selected a large number of wallpaper-level backgrounds such as tropical plants, small floral illustrations, minimalist symmetry and more. 【3D light effect, creating a charming atmosphere】 The beautiful 3D light effect immediately upgrades the photo atmosphere to a new level. You can be instantly surrounded by fireworks, rainbows or Nordic aurora. 【Cartoon effects, advanced filters】 Artist painting and cartoon effects are coming! One-click to change the photo into the style of a famous painter, just like Picasso and Monet lined up to paint for you through time travel. ==========================
Quick Art subscription options:
 We offer the following subscription plans, and prices may vary by country or region.
 • Weekly subscription;
 • Monthly subscription;
 • Annual subscription;
 Some subscription plans offer a 3-day free trial.

 Payment will be charged from the iTunes account when the purchase is confirmed. The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period, and the renewal fee will be determined. Users can manage subscriptions, and can turn off auto-renewal in iTunes account settings after purchase. According to Apple’s policy, the current subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period. After purchase, there will be no refund for any unused part.

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