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DigiArt: Cartoon For 3D Effect

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DigiArt: Cartoon For 3D Effect

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Shenzhen Ruiyun Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd
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User Reviews for DigiArt: Cartoon For 3D Effect

Very disappointing

When I first saw the ads I was very excited to get this game it looked very fun vibrant and cool so I decided I was going to get the app I downloaded the app it told me to choose a picture and then as soon as I chose a picture it said you have to pay 5.99 per week to even use the app so then I click on the button that says try this for free I did it and it still says 5.99 per week and in my opinion that is way to much money for a editing app especially because we’re in the middle of a pandemic and people can’t spend money like that over a game I think you should really listen what people are saying so you can have better ratings on your app try to be more open minded I really hope that you fix because I don’t want to see any app get horrible reviews like this.

Boldbrave Beautiful, Aug 09, 2020

So first off I would like to start off with the things that this app has advertised is just very untrue because if you advertise or tell somebody something you should be able to live up to it like the saying “you say what you mean you mean what you say” and this app obviously 🙄 hasn’t heard or just disrespects this saying because if I have to subscribe or pay to have a game or something g in the game on my device that is basically just so that company can earn money and we are losing our money for false advertising that we believe ohh ok no thank you I think that if you are going to say that we can use these effects for free than we shouldn’t have to subscribe be could just watch a video I gave this app one star and I should have gave it no stars I don’t think this is fair because what if we delete this app do we get our money back probably not because of sone stupid false advertising boo to this app that is all I got to say

diamondismynamegirl!!!!, Mar 13, 2020
3 day free trial $6/week after!

You must sign up for the trail to access any features. And it is a terrible photo editor. I downloaded it to use the cartoon feature. That feature creates all kinds of weird morphing of the image like cyclops, or three eyed people. Also it keeps turning my very blonde, blue eyed little girl into a brunette with brown eyes. I wish I could show examples because the ones they use in the ads in no way represent what you get. It doesn’t recognize there’s a face most of the time. It made a dark haired light skinned man with a beard into a neck-less column of flesh. I did not look into any other features as this app markets itself as a cartoon filter first and if that was so low quality, the others weren’t worth checking out either. And to charge $24 a month for this terrible technology is almost criminal.

Geektrix, Jul 16, 2020
❗️Do not download❗️

Ok, before I start telling you all the things that are wrong with this app, I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that it’s hard to make an app and if you want people to download this, you need to actually read these reviews. So basically I saw an add in one of my favorite games and saw an ad for an app that allows you to make yourself look cartooned. I excited our before I could see the name and I was really sad because I thought it looked so cool! So then a few weeks later I saw an ad for it again and I waited till the end then went to the App Store and downloaded it. Unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews and if I had I would have NOT downloaded. This app gives you the option to do things for free by clicking the X in the corner when it asks you if you want to subscribe, but you can’t really do anything with that option. I tried all of the filters and this isn’t really a cartooning app. The one that was available basically changes your face to the already set picture and just it has your clothes and changes the color. That disappointed me. The hair coloring portion is not what it look like in the ad. It looks so fake. Also, when people are reviewing these I would suggest not sending the same exact response every single time. It shows that you don’t really care. This game false advertises what you are able to do in it. The cartoon filter on the front is not an option in the cartooning portion of the app. I highly recommend you DO NOT DOWNLOAD!🚫❌

Jeff Lowe, Jun 03, 2020
Not bad after two weeks   ‌     

I love it very much, the cartoon function is really good! I really like DigiArt. It’s much better than other photo editing software. It has its own distinctive features. It’s not out of the ordinary, and it can grab the user’s attention, because the page design inside is very beautiful, with a sense of design, and high-end fashion. feel. The bad thing is that there are a lot of advertisements, and almost all of them are difficult to close. I can only close it automatically after it finishes playing. This is a waste of my time, it will also prolong the length of time I use the phone, and waste data and battery power. Click to close the ad, it is easy to jump to other pages       

LintonGeorgiannc, Oct 12, 2021
Why the frick you lying bruh

Okay, like the adds show easy slide and thing to get a cartoon and your like, oh! A cartooned app that makes your picture cartoon and also edits your photos but then you download it and it says, “try cartoon thing now, for FREE!” Then you click on it allow your photos then says you have to subscribe and sign up with all your personal info just to do one photo then leave?! Are you kidding me bruh, if you are gonna make us subscribe and pay either $6.00 a week or $60 a year which both are way overpriced for a simple editing app especially when most people just want one picture of a cartoon of them, you should just tell us in the add or at least tell us before we allow our photos, I’m not joining a subscription to be rushed to do the photos and leave, I immediately uninstalled, not worth any of it!

Nova ^~^, Jun 02, 2020
Extremely disappointing

First off all the ads that show this app off display the cartoon features where you can turn yourself into a cartoon. What they don’t tell you is that if you want to use the cartoon features you have to pay $24 a month or $6 A WEEK. This is disgusting. You don’t even get one for free, all of them are locked unless you buy a subscription. And it you do decide to pay for the subscription the cartoon effects aren’t even worth it. Most of the the time the app doesn’t recognize the face and turns you into a cyclops, or a column of flesh and hair. It’s a huge waste of money, don’t waste your time downloading this piece of crap. And you will probably notice that the developer just copy and pastes the same response onto every low review, not acknowledging complaints or problems. It really shows how much effort he put into this thing.

Princessshark, Jan 28, 2021
Complete garbage.

So, in this scenario for one of the hundreds of unhappy reviews, I was on a game that I personally thought was a good game, lots of ads though. ( you can tell where I’m going with this ) I saw an ad, and it said that this app could test which animal I was! I skipped the ad a few times, but the last time, I just gave in. What do you know, in the ad it didn’t even mention any subscriptions, but of course, you have to have a subscription to test which animal you are. I’m also perplexed however, because I can’t even get in without having a subscription. Complete outrage if you ask me. I mean seriously, you can’t just go around telling people things that aren’t true Willy Nilly to make yourself look good, that’s just wrong. So maybe the next ad you make, mention everything about your game instead of ‘still telling the truth’ but leaving everything else important out. Thank you! 😁

Quack!Floofles, Jul 19, 2022

Ok first of all what the heck? I saw the ad and the cartoony filter looked really cool! I was super excited to download and see what I would look like :D I downloaded it. The screen that pops up when you download shows a girl next to her cartoon version, and there was a button under it that said “Let’s try it!” (Might not have been the exact words of the button, kinda forget) I clicked it, allowed photo access, AND T SAYS I HAVE TO PAY SEVENTY BUCKS A YEAR?!? No!! What a scam!! A few weeks later my friend got it and payed the money. The hair color thing doesn’t look at all legit like the ad. The cartoon filter in the ad she can’t even find in the app! Huge scam. I’m so mad, this app looked so fun and I was stoked. Sure they have other good filters but it’s way to much money and false advertising. Do not recommend.

𝕋𝔻𝔸, Jun 10, 2020
Don’t try the “free” subscription.

To do anything in this app you have to agree to a subscription. It said there is a free 3 day trial and you have to cancel at least a day before the end of the trial to cancel successfully. So really you have two days. Anywho. I thought what the hell. It’s probably going to be a dumpster fire but I’ll try it. Sure enough it was a glorified filters app and the cartoon yourself feature was so bad it was honestly funny. The irritating part was when I went to cancel the subscription. Turns out instead of agreeing to a free trial I just flat out bought a useless $15 subscription to an app I used for all of 2 pictures before I deleted it. Even verified that I actually was duped into buying a subscription by checking my account purchase history. Such is life I suppose but that’s the state of the App Store for you. It’s the Wild West and there’s a sucker born every minute.

TooTrusting203848, Nov 06, 2020


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