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User Reviews for BoomArt: FaceChanger&Cartoon

Don’t bother downloading

I have never had to write a review for any iPhone game for the eight years I have had an Apple product. And I think that is saying something by the fact that I am actually finally writing a review on an app. So I got this game because yeah good ratings and a lot of the reviews said it was an amazing app with such a high tech photo editing and when I saw that I was thinking I actually found a good app wouldn’t make me pay for everything. Well I get the app and it first try to make me sign up and pay for it, which annoyed me at first but then I realize there was an expert in at the top so I was thinking that maybe it only wanted me to pay for it for only certain special features. Well I click the X and I get onto the app. And the first cool thing I see is a face animator which supposedly animate your face. I click on it and take my photo and when I choose to make a Animated that photo of me, it sends me to the paying screen again. Like bro! So I go to a different teacher and try to take another photo and do it again but every single one I choose it just tries to make me pay for it again. So all in all what I’m trying to say is, that this is a dirty stupid annoying game that it’s just playing tricks on you so I can get a download. And if you actually have the decency to read my whole paragraph, I appreciate it and hope you take my advice on not to get this stupid game because it completely wasted my time. 🙃

Allie and the chocolate lab, Jun 24, 2022
Better Picture for me ‍      

Ive been looking for an app like this for so long, it is free if you press the X when it asked about subscribing, when I have the money Iwill for sure pay to have it yearly 100%. Okay okay so when I first used thisapp I was so confused but then when I started to understand how to use it Iwas so amazed like I loved the filters the effects and that you can add sooomany stickers and even remove your background and animate my photos! This isa good app . Its making my pictures better than ever and my pictures lookgreat and beautiful now. I love all the effects and glitches and all thatstuff. I LOVE IT!!!          

AlstonMerrimanc, Aug 23, 2021
5 stars are not enough ‌   

I do not know what to say about the application, so I just give it two words: outstanding and amazing! I started to take photos becauseof this app. Easy to use and looks professional! Great for subtle changes orbig changes. Hands down my favorite photo editor! You can touch up withbeauty tools just by a single click on your phone. That’s extremely amazing.So many beautiful photos are waiting for you. Just download this applicationand experience. Good designed. The interface is uncomplicated and easy foreveryone with the first time experience. The features are so great too.Thanks!! Exciting and wonderful application for everyone. All my pics arechanged a lots and they all become beautiful and colorful. Thanks to thecreators.     ​   

Dot_Myronm, Aug 24, 2021
This App is garbage!

I decided to try this App and tried several pictures and templates to get the look I wanted. None of them were anything someone would want took at. NONE of the photos turned out like the examples they show. None.Some of the templates that I wanted to try had words on them that meant nothing to me but they couldn’t be changed or even removed. Even if you did find a template that worked, you’d have to edit it in a different App. I looked everywhere for instructions on how to change the text on templates and it isn’t offered. I canceled this subscription during the three day trial but I don’t think it went through because of the weather and bad connectivity. Much to my surprise, I had been charged $25 for ONE Month of this App; an App I will never use. Many photo Apps would be $25/year NOT per month! This is false advertising of a poorly built App at an Astronomical price. Run away! Don’t even think about this App! And developers, give me a flipping refund for this piece of garbage! Zero stars.

JakeJohnJim, Feb 17, 2021
Terrible and a scam

I just downloaded this app and it said there was a free 3 day trial . I literally just downloaded it 5 minutes ago and it charged my account 30 dollars when it said there was a free trial for 3 days so I wasn’t even expecting to be charged off the bat . Anyways do not download this it isn’t even worth the 30 dollars and if the company that made this app can see this . I going to need someone to give my money back since I cannot find a number or website to reach you .

Kay🌬❣, Nov 28, 2020
Make magic ‍  ​ ​

I use Boomart to give my bands photos a different look. Sometimes I create so many versions that it’s hard to decide which one touse! I edited some of my favorite pics of my family. And sent it to Walgreensphoto for Canvas prints. They turned out awesome. Now I have great art of myfamily through the house. Adding this artistic flair to my photography addsso many different feels to a photo! I have never had a problem with it eitherand easy to use. So I really like this app because I have the app that’scalled Wishbone and it really help me and I got so much followers so thankyou so much I love this app it’s amazing You guys should definitely get thisapp it’s really amazing. My favorite app for beautiful filters. An everexpanding bank of limitless creativity. Boomart’s fellow fans and artists area pretty killer group of people... from each *continent (still waiting forAntarctica, ‍   ‍    

NewberryVickf, Aug 21, 2021
Convenient and useful        ‌ 

Well the future is AI. As the computers take over our world just relax! -this is A great way to show off your compositions with new eyes.This app is pretty good really realistic painting and art work what apps likethis eventually painting and drawing pictures will become obsolete. Theyprovide awesome filters and edits without crazy adds and even more coolthings available when you purchase a premium account! So easy to use andy’all are really cool and nice. This is the best editing app out there handsdown. You don’t need to pay anyone for edits for your pictures anymore youcan do it yourself. This apps video edit is absolutely amazing but as youstart to use the app not often it dosent save at first I thought it was mystorage but I have unlimited storage.  ‌ ​ ‍

rayford christenson, Aug 22, 2021
Deceiving don’t download

This is a total scam. I just wanted to play around with different photo apps to see which one I like. The app shows a screen that says “3 day trial free”. Well they charged me for the whole month. And the app is total garbage. Can’t really use it to create fun templates for photos or fun filters the filters cover your picture and that’s it. Don’t waste your time or money. I want my money back and I hope I find a way to get it since I can’t find the content creator address

riss&ryce, Feb 22, 2021
Check it out now ! ‌    ​  

This app is a game changer! I never leave reviews on apps but here I am. I am extremely impressed with the effects of this app it hascompletely changed the game of my content. Totally worth the one year costtrust me! This is a must have for content creators. It does quick work bysimply tapping on one of their many filters that you can review before savingor posting. Very easy to put on Instagram. You don’t need to buy anything ifyou want to keep it simple. Every now and then I get just the right photowith the right filter and the result is something that brings out moremeaning than the image itself. That said, it would be nice if there were justa few edit controls- saturation, contrast, hue, brightness; that's it. Thisapp gives me a new way to see my world. I often take photos because I knowthey will look really cool when l filter them. Some filters are too extremebut if you d ​     

Saucier Pedro, Aug 20, 2021
Very impressed with this photo filter app     ​ ​

I originally downloaded the app & submitted a picture to custom edit. Picture edit came out great, it was fast & just how Iwanted. It's fantastic I'm no photographer but I was thrilled with the amountof variations I could produce just with a tap from my finger! There are somany free features compared to a lot of other apps. I love how this is madeto be focused on effect improvements. It is very colorful and has manypersonalized color options to turn on or off. Very easy. Satisfied! I think thisapplication is the best editing app. I experienced this one and everything isgreat. I will use it for a long. This app is brilliant. I enjoyed creating myown artwork by filters. I'm so excited to see my favorite pictures turn intoa piece of art!! Excellent program. Does most stuff I use Photoshop for,conveniently on my phone. It's a great very diverse and colourful photofilter app. A fun      ‌

schuler kandi, Aug 25, 2021


Want to get more “likes” on SNS with your photos? Things could be easier with BoomArt! BoomArt is a professional cutout photo editor and it is surprisingly simple and easy to use with AI magic.

Just select and import the photo that you want, and within a few seconds, the portraits can be cut out automatically and you can re-design with different kinds of trendy templates. Boom! Your stunning photos will be stand out from Instagram, Facebook and other social networks! #POPULAR VIDEO FACE CHANGER Have you ever imagined that your face appears in all kinds of wonderful videos? Use BoomArt to help you make it with one click. Change your face quietly, send it to your friends, and amaze everyone! #STUNNING DYNAMIC FACE EFFECTS What? The static picture starts to move? Try our animation technology! We can make a static picture move on its own! #ONE_TAP_TO_CUTOUT Choose the photos of portraits and get the result immediately. Now you can get rid of tracing with photoshop! #TRENDY_TEMPLATES There are various templates in different themes and styles, such as CYBERPUNK, DUOTONE, NEON and so on. Also, with fashion items and creative layout designs, your photos will become more stylish. #REMOVE_BACKGROUND Want to change the background when the scenery of the photo is so-so? Dozens of well-designed backgrounds are waiting for you! Change whatever you want! #CREATIVE_STICKERS_WITH_FUN You can create stickers yourself and add them to your photos. Turn up the fun level on edits! #DIVERSE_FILTERS&EFFECTS AI-driven art effects can turn your RAW photos into masterpieces and you can also cartoon yourself! What’s more, filters in various types will make your photos more adorable and awesome. ※BoomArt Premium: -Join BoomArt Premium to unlock all features and contents including more templates, AI-driven effect filters, interesting stickers and so on. -Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account after purchase confirmation. Your subscription will automatically renew and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time in your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of a subscription period. If you purchase your subscription during the free trial period, any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited. Terms of Use: http://resource.peermannet.com/PeermanHoldingLimited/BoomArt_service.html Privacy Policy: http://resource.peermannet.com/PeermanHoldingLimited/BoomArt_privacy.html Email: [email protected]

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