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PREVIEW: Planner for Instagram

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PREVIEW: Planner for Instagram

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User Reviews for PREVIEW: Planner for Instagram

Love it!

I found this app through a blog post that I found on google when I was searching for an app that would help me theme my instagram easily (and inexpensively). I couldn’t decide between two packs, so I bought them both (which was only about $6...in comparison to paying $9 a month for other apps) and I get to have the filters in each pack for life for that one price. The filters themselves are great! I love both packs I bought and I use one of the filters every day for my instagram. Another great feature is the fact that the app saves each picture you edit within the app itself. This is great for me because I can then delete those pictures from my camera roll, but still have quick and easy access to them within the app. It’s never crashed, there’s no annoying pop-up ads, and it has made the other editing apps I have on my phone pretty much useless. I highly recommend it.

alishasj13, Feb 27, 2018
Finally a free IG planner app that works

Preview kind of does it all and for one account, the fee features are incredible. High quality is excellent. Captions keep their spaces when you paste into Instagram (omg). You can plan stories, lay out your feed for WEEKS, and do reels and IGTV. Totally recommend this be your only planning app for a beautiful IG grid.I’ve downloaded many “free” Instagram planner apps and they limit you on how many switches you can make, how many images you can plan, you have to edit in a separate app... Preview took all of those limitations and threw them out the window. I’m so happy with it, I’m going to get the paid version so I can plan my second Instagram profile. My content creation days have gotten so much easier and enjoyable.

Cantare means To Sing, Jan 22, 2021
What Happened??

Loved the app until a week ago!! I’ve been using this app with my two Instagram business accounts for months now… Purchased a plan that allowed me to use multiple Instagram accounts with one preview app login. The app crashed last week, logged me out and when I logged back in ALL of my saved/preplanned feeds were gone… and it’s telling me I have no subscription. The developers keep blaming it on Instagram but it is definitely not Instagram‘s fault. Figured maybe my subscription expired (even though it says I will receive a notice at the time of auto renewal ) so I purchased the premium plan again- $150 yearly -only to realize that it does not allow me to use two accounts anymore, only multiple users…(which makes zero sense! Who allows multiple users to plan an Instagram feed!?) I can’t even add a second account to the Preview app without purchasing ANOTHER pro or premium plan. Super frustrated and disappointed in the feedback from the developers. I feel scammed. How did I just pay $150 for LESS than what I’ve been using for months now?? Something glitched and I wish they’d set it straight. I’ll be canceling my subscription and the charge on my credit card if it isn’t fixed within the week.

Habs & Bobe, Jul 29, 2021

Terrible. It took me probably an hour to set up an account which included having to change my Instagram password several times and finally deciding to just make some type of gallery account that had connection no to Instagram at all. Later I finally was able to log in with Instagram but when I did, I couldn’t figure out how to edit any of my feed so I clicked the “how to use preview”button in the settings. After a lot of scrolling and reading I found a picture of what your preview screen should look like. Since it was in the photo editing section, there was an arrow pointing to a circular editing button on a bar at the bottom of the screen. So I went back to my account and saw that the bar was completely missing from my screen. I left and came back to the app several times to see if the bar would show up but there was still nothing there. I clicked on every button in the app to see if it would lead to some sort of solution but there was still nothing to be found. Finally I sent them and email explaining my predicament and asking for help and I have never heard back. 🤦‍♀️

jkfdtggjffzvhk, Aug 07, 2019
Pain to connect IG & FB!! Most features are pathetic. Too expensive $150

I’m shocked at how clunky the interface is. It took 3 hours for me and Preview tech support to connect to 1 IG account. And, tech support isn’t the one that figured it out. . . . The tools that are heavily promoted are not what they should be. The filters: equivalent filters are available and there many free apps that are much better. The hashtags: you’d be better off monitoring other Instagram accounts to see what tags they use or utilize free websites. The photo feeds and the Insta story idea features are pathetic. The “Learn to Use Preview” link in the app is one page of super basic instructions. It is constantly asking me to upgrade to premium when I’ve already prepaid for a year of premium. I have 6 IG & FB accounts; it’s supposed to connect to multiple accounts, but it’ll only let me connect to 1 IG account. It’s supposed to have guidance on how to grow your Instagram accounts, but it’s basically one relatively short article. The only thing that is decent about this app is the planning calendar, although, it’s so clunky that it takes me too much time to use it. Instead, I manually post. I’d recommend a different planner/calendar app. Especially because the annual price is $150!

Not very jolley Marcie, Mar 10, 2022
I LOVE it but needs improvement

It’s relatively easy to upload pictures on the app that you want to put on your feed. There seems to be no limit to how many you can “preview”. My suggestions for improvement would be upon the editing part. I wish you could select multiple images to simply put your favorite filter on all at once. I wish there was an under button when you edit things such as blemished or drawings on a certain photo. Lastly, I really wish you could hide preview images (pics not yet posted to IG) to preview your profile without having to actually delete them on the chance that you decide that you liked it after all and then you have to edit it all over again, can be really tedious. I also wish I could just buy certain filters and not all of them. Otherwise, I’d give this app a full 5 stars!

Sandybeaches18, Oct 07, 2019

Hey Preview! I cannot begin to tell you how much I use your app for personal use and for even for business and stuff. I absolutely love your app and how easy it is to use and even your daily tips and stuff are so helpful. Everything about the app is great, but I just have a few things. 1. I REALLY wish you can put multiple photos in one post when you’re trying to plan your feed. UNUM (another feed planning app) can do this and for me, even though I love your app a lot better, that feature is a huge game changer for me. 2. Also, PLEASE add more hashtag categories!! It would be so much easier to find tags if you added a few more categories. (Especially, non-profit organization tags, faith-based blogger tags, and influencers tags)3. And last thing😅 I really wish that when your trying to keep your account free, you can AT LEAST have two accounts. I hate that you can only have one or you have to pay. I think feed planning should be accessible to everyone and the premium plan is way to expensive when all you’re trying to do is plan a feed.Anyways, you so much for reading this!! I’m sure you get a lot of messages of people reviewing your app and I’m such a huge supporter of it I just would really love to see some things added/changed. Thank you again!

Sarathegur, Apr 06, 2019

This is only a brief summary of the epic train wreck of an experience I had with this app and the developers. I’m sure most content creators know there’s so many third party apps that claim to fill in the intentional shortcomings of Instagram. Apps like these are part of the money engine. They are always subscription based at around 15 dollars a month. Which is a LOT when you add it up. Simply put I’ve exchanged at least 20 emails with the developers because every time I scheduled an Instagram video I would get a “could not post” error message with no real details as to why. The developers, Andrew in particular would defer my questions back to me, and made it perfectly clear over the course of a few months he had no intention in figuring out why none of my videos would post “no other users are having this issue”. These developers are absolute snake oil salesmen, they put out fast food style apps and will not take responsibility for when things go wrong. Please don’t support them.

Sumdancer, Nov 27, 2021

I have several Instagram accounts for various businesses, so with that in mind, I decided to purchase Premium in hopes that I could manage all of them more easily. I was hoping set aside a day or two from my week to focus on social media, and still have posts upload regularly. I started with a free account, so when purchased Premium, I expected my account to upgrade immediately to have premium features (unlimited accounts and posts). When I clicked on the “+” button to add another account, I kept getting asked to upgrade to pro or premium. I tried logging out and back in. I’ve tried resetting my phone. I’ve tried clicking the upgrade button in hopes for the app to upgrade, but it wanted me to pay again. I already had the payment confirmation of $140 and refuse to pay again for something I already paid for. I’ve emailed customer support, DM’d them, and commented on their Instagram posts, and still don’t have a response or solution. I was genuinely so excited to use this app, but now it justs sits in my folder of business apps without any purpose. If anyone has had a similar experience or knows a solution to this problem, please let me know :/ I’d still love to use the app if it’s possible

TheVeryBestOfIt, Jan 06, 2019
0 stars if I could!!

This app would be great if it worked, but it doesn’t. I got this app for only one profile, that I post on moderately it worked for a little while, until it started not working on any content at all. I immediately tried to get in contact with every customer support option they had, email being the only one that responded after I waited a while. When they finally did respond they gave some solutions, so I tried them and not a single one worked. I told them this and they gave me some more solutions, which you guessed it didn’t work either. At this point days have past because each back and forth email takes them days to respond to. We have continued this for weeks now, I sent them screen recordings and everything I could to help them best assist me, yet they have just sent me the same solutions that didn’t work in the first place. I have sent them my phone number in the hope someone would at least give me a call to figure this out and I’ve had no response. So when the app inevitably stops working for you and you need help don’t expect fast service, service that works, or even a refund. Not only am I and will you lose the money spent on this app, but more importantly you’ll lose the opportunity cost you could’ve made if you’d been posting content.Best of luck,Troy

TroyTaylor046, Dec 26, 2021


EVERYTHING Instagram you need in ONE app. Free UNLIMITED Posts, Reels, Insta Stories, rearrange posts, edit, auto-post, best Instagram hashtags, caption ideas, analytics, repost, and more. What are you waiting for?

Used by +9 million Instagrammers, content creators and business owners. Preview is the ultimate Instagram feed planner app. Plan your: • Photos • Videos • Carousels • Insta Stories • Reels • IGTVs What’s inside: • Drag and Drop • UNLIMITED Grid Space (for free) • Analytics and Insights • Amazing filters • Editing Tools • REPOST photos, videos, albums, Reels, IGTVs • Split images • Set video covers • Schedule & Auto-post • Caption Finder • Hashtag Finder • Hashtag Analytics • Team Features and Permissions • DESKTOP version • Multi Device • Backup • NO INSTAGRAM login required Instagram like a PRO. Preview is your visual planner for Instagram. Predict what your feed will look like before you post anything on Instagram. It has all the features you need in one app. No more switching between multiple apps. UNLIMITED GRID SPACE (for free) Add as many photos and videos as you want in your Preview. Your creativity doesn’t have a limit! REARRANGE POSTS Use the drag & drop to arrange your Instagram posts. Design your own unique theme. Color coordinate. Predict how your feed will look like. Or simply plan your content in advance. INSTA STORY PLANNER Plan your Insta Stories and organise them perfectly with swipe up links. REELS + IGTV PLANNER Plan your Reels and IGTV videos. Change the covers to see if it fits your grid. ANALYTICS & INSIGHTS Track your performance. See your Top Posts, best times to post, followers growth, clicks to your link in bio, best hashtags, and more. AMAZING FILTERS Design your own unique and amazing feed that reflects your personality or brand. Preview comes with beautiful filter packs and unique filters. Find filters similar to vsco. Or choose a theme pack. REPOST Curate and share other Instagrammers’ posts. PERFECT YOUR CAPTIONS Write your captions in advance and perfect them. Save your hashtag groups within the app and add them to new posts at a press of a button. CAPTION IDEAS Personal and business captions for the entire year. Including caption prompts, quotes, puns and questions to ask your followers to boost your engagement and get more comments - naturally. FIND THE BEST HASHTAGS Hashtag research done for you. Search for the best Instagram hashtags to grow your account. Search by category, country, city and Instagram community. SCHEDULE & AUTO-POST Plan your feed in advance and schedule it so you don't have to think about it. Preview has been officially approved by Instagram to auto-post for you. AMAZING EDITING TOOLS All the basics are in Preview: contrast, saturation, exposure, etc... And your favorites too: free whitening tool, blemish remover, meme maker & much more. MANAGE UNLIMITED ACCOUNTS Manage as many Instagram accounts as you want and easily switch between them. PLAN YOUR FEED WITH YOUR TEAM Give access to your Preview feed to your team by sharing (or not sharing) your Instagram password. One plan = unlimited team members. NO INSTAGRAM LOGIN/ACCOUNT REQUIRED You don’t need an Instagram account to use Preview. Have fun creating! The Preview Team @preview.app Terms of Use: https://thepreviewapp.com/terms-of-service/

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