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Plann: Preview for Instagram

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Plann: Preview for Instagram

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User Reviews for Plann: Preview for Instagram

“Free” Plan is Only a 10-Day Trial

This app was absolutely fantastic. I am the type to overthink every post and Plann really helped me with that. My problem with Plann is that they flat out lie to people. Clearly stated on the app’s homepage the “Forever Free” plan allows a maximum of 30 posts per month. This would have been perfect except for the fact that it’s a flat out lie! I created content for six weeks thinking I can post one a day. Ten days later I find out that I am restricted from my content. The app then navigates me to the subscription options where it only offers a plan that is $25 A MONTH for two accounts. Mind you, I only have one account. What really takes the cake here is their options available on their website. They have an individual subscription that is an affordable $7 a month (charged annually) but apparently that is only applicable for the online platform and not through the actual app. Overall, using this app was a terrible experience. If the FREE version actually did what it said then I would gladly recommend it to others but now I feel slighted because I lost the hours it took to create content. What a waste!?

Apt. Hunter, Jan 21, 2020
This last update ruined it

I have no interest in posting to a Facebook page, but on this last update it has now disconnected me from my instagram and only wants me to connect to Facebook which I can’t do because I’m on the free account. It essential makes the app useless. I’ve attempted to figure out how to contact customer service numerous times but I can’t figure out how to. Outside of that, it’s an “okay” app. I had a free trail of a paid version and it didn’t have enough bells and whistles for me to feel like it’s worth paying for especially for what I’m using it for. The big thing that threw me off is that I can’t schedule posts and have them automatically posted via the app. I still had to manually post them myself, which, to me, defeats the purpose of paying for an app. I attempted to find out how to reach out to customer service for questions with this as well but, again, I couldn’t figure out how to do that and only found myself on the page with common questions answered but none of my questions answered.

JeniLyn, Jul 21, 2020
New update broke my subscription

I’ve contacted customer support 3 times and received 2 unhelpful canned responses. This new update wants me to connect a business Facebook page. Both my Instagram account and Facebook page are business. When I connect the Facebook page, my paid subscription turns into a trial and most of my content in the queue is missing. If I take Facebook off, the subscription shows up again but Instagram connection acts like a personal page and the features are no longer there (but the content reappears). I’m on the lookout for another app at this point. And before I get a canned response here, yes, I shook my iPad and contacted customer service with a bug report that way too. Clearly no one actually read it because Plann’s response was to connect Facebook- already connected and visible in the two screenshots I sent.Update: I got Plann to limp along. I am getting signed out a lot, but at least “restore purchases “ is working now an I can make it see my subscription. Still lost some content. I don’t plann as far ahead now so that the glitches don’t cause as much loss. Stopped using Plann at all while I checked out other options. I just wish it worked the way it used to. It used to make Instagram tastes easier. Now I find myself having to put more work into social media to make the program work.Another update: when it works, it’s my favorite Instagram planner. Still a tad glitchy, but if I close and restart the program, it usually works again.

JoyMerryman, May 15, 2020
AWESOME when it actually works...

This app is everything I wanted for organizing and batching content for my business insta page. I spent countless hours photographing and editing content, copy writing, batching hashtags, organizing my grid - and then one day after a HUGE batch work week I went to open the app and it asked me to update so I did and it deleted EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Customer service was very little help, but was able to restore a few photos (the one thing I had a back up of, still lost all my hashtags and my copy 😩) - so I kept using the app and would just back up my copy elsewhere. I cannot tell you how many times Plann would delete my content out of absolutely nowhere. The app crashes all the time. It’s so often that I go days without posting on IG because all my content is on this dang app and the app just won’t load 🤷🏼‍♀️ Customer service has been rude and unhelpful 99% of the time. I even paid to upgrade my account thinking it would help with the almost daily glitches but no luck. So altogether, Plann is absolutely great in theory, but is extremely untrustworthy and at the end of the day just not worth the headache. If your a business owner looking for a reliable app for planning your business marketing on Instagram, do yourself a huge favor and use a different app.

js_instagram, Jul 27, 2020
Great up with issues

I was a newbie to Instagram when I found this app. I fell in love with it. Easy grid making, hashtag library, good integration with instagram and Facebook. I used it free and then switched to a paid account in Jan. There were lots of bugs since the beginning to be honest, but I loved the app anyways. I began to get glitches again in the spring. I wrote urgent emails to a support team. It took weeks to get a reply in May (no worries due to pandemic), but I was not able to use an account for that month at all. The problem was fixed quickly once they replied. Then I got another issue and I have emailed Plann again and I got an auto reply that now it is a 72hours, no worries their either, but I waited for weeks again. Their replies a very kind and cheery, but to get something fixed is a tedious task and it also comes with lots of frustration because work (in my case) stops too. I am also surprised how fast the reply came to agree to close my account; making me feel that they rather loose a customer then keep.Another, thing.. they have refunded me a prorated rate, which is super unfair I feel due to the app not working much longer for me

katialaine, Jul 25, 2020
Bring back sneak peek features

App is REALLY missing the sneak peek feature. It’s what used set this app apart from the rest in terms of reasons to use. Other than the occasional crashes due to the shift to desktop feature (at least lately ), the app is pretty decent and does what it generally claims to do, especially when the sneak peek features are at play. But they haven’t been avail for quite some time so I really do hope the developers bring it back and then some. For instance, I wish the option to auto post was available like it is in other apps. Notifications in this app (Plann) blame Facebook for not allowing this feature for third party apps but since other apps do have this feature (to actually post a scheduled post on your behalf w/ account tags, hashtags, 1st comment & more vs. setting an alarm to remind you to go into the app and hit “post now”), I wonder if it’s a matter of licensing for access to provide these features. Overall App is decent but like most things tech, could improve. This app will get you started with the basics of learning how to plan your feed and hep you get organized starting out.

L.Dez, Jul 24, 2020
I freakin LOVE this app! Great customer service

This app has helped me organize my Instagram better than any other app I’ve ever tried! I love using the desktop version too, it’s easier for me when my photos are already on my computer. Honestly, it’s taken the stress out of posting to social media for my business, and makes it fun again for me! I recently had a problem with the desktop version, and I couldn’t figure out how to add media all of a sudden. I emailed their support team and received an email back IMMEDIATELY. Not only that, but they figured out my issue was the new laptop I was using had the incorrect timezone set, so it wasn’t letting me upload media?? It was such a random issue that I NEVER would have realized, and it was exactly the problem, and I was able to post again after fixing the time zone. Like what. They were so helpful, and I’m just stoked to have found a company that actually cares directly about their users! Sorry to ramble, I’m just really pleased with their customer service and excited to support a program like this ❤️

Micheleklop, Mar 10, 2020
Won’t Even Log Me In

I really wanted to use this app. REALLY wanted to. I even paid to be able to take care of my three business accounts. But then I upload it and it won’t log in to all three of my accounts — only two. Then I read their FAQ’s, and they suggest clearing your phone’s cache. So I do that. Now it won’t log in to ANY of my Instagram accounts. It just keeps sending me through this cycle of entering my login information over and over with no result. Trying to find support led me first to something that said to contact Instagram for help (the problem isn’t with Instagram, as I can log into Planoly and Later just fine), and then I stumbled on an email to open a support ticket. It really bums me out because I wanted to use this, but if I can’t even log into the accounts I need, I don’t see how it’s even possible. Super disappointed.UPDATE: Their support was able to give me a few suggestions that logged 2/3 of my accounts in. I’m not thrilled that I can’t use the app for exactly what I wanted, and they also charged me for the premium subscription when I specifically asked to do the free trial, but I’m using Plann for my one account that I post to every day, and it is incredible for that. I added a star because I love how this app works. I just wish that the login issues weren’t so common.

NUNYA031986, Dec 04, 2018
Always lots of bugs

Had to update and change my rating to one star. The app has had an outage for over two months and now has quit working altogether. I truly love this app and all it does so this review is tough but i thought it was time. I’ve given plenty of time (months) to you to see if things will change. It seems like there are constant issues which make it very hard to use. Sometimes the support Team is responsive and other times they just don’t respond for days. And since I use it daily to post 3 times a day this is unacceptable. The team is always super nice (and humorous) but these attributes don’t fix app bugs so I’m giving this 2 stars because it should be way better than this. Even though I feel this app has helped me grow my account and even though they refunded me my money since I had so many issues, I’d have to say overall I cannot rely on it to work even 60% of the time. It’s sad because the whole concept is so great and when it works it is amazing. The latest response to my issue (which makes the app totally useless by the way) was there would be a fix coming sometime soon - no time frame given. I understand things can happen but you should fire your current staff that are responsible for making sure this works and find staff that will get the job done. PLEASE STEP UP AND MAKE SURE YOUR APP WORKS 95% OF THE TIME AND I WOULD BE HAPPY TO CHANGE MY REVIEW!

Ronnie Frey, Sep 18, 2020
Rife with problems

Update 2020. I have not found the right App, but I cancelled Plann. There were so many glitches, and when you have the ability to use features like sneak-peek or hashtag ranking ( green for less used red for overused) that get taken away, it’s not so great. There were too many bugs in the end- my grid was not working, posts disappearing before I had a chance to post them. I hope you improve the App; it's easy posting to the grid and social media might be better than some if only it worked.I initially purchased Plann because it was recommended by a friend. In the beginning ( last year), it was great. It seems as they've expanded Plann through a desktop version and different updates, it is rife with problems! I'm always emailing support: it's freezes, takes forever to load hashtags, images disappearing, now I can't customize my theme to add different strategies, the list is long and ongoing.

Vicky452, Aug 11, 2020


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