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StoriesEdit - Stories Layouts

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User Reviews for StoriesEdit - Stories Layouts

Needs work

In general I love this app but there are quite a few bugs that unfortunately don’t seem to have been resolved with this most recent update. Almost everytime I save something I’ve made to my phone or even send over to Planoly to schedule, the image comes out with some type of glitch. Whether a sticker I added is missing. The font is incorrect or the picture I added is completely blank. Also it’s too difficult to tap certain elements in some templates to change the colors. Please please please work on these things because I truly love this app and see how much potential it has.

Ballemarina, Nov 13, 2020

Love love love Stories Edit! I use this a few times a week to share new blog content and can easily create graphics for any announcements. The customizable templates are so fun and I always get compliments when I use them. Would recommend for small biz who doesn’t have a ton of time to create graphics.

beautifuldetour, Oct 16, 2019
The concept is great but too many bugs

I love the options you can choose, but I’ve already encountered quite a few bugs that make the app almost unusable. For one, I was able to upload photos when I originally logged on. But now it doesn’t allow me to upload any new ones so I’m stuck with the original 3 options I posted which doesn’t help much past this point.

daxisda1, Oct 12, 2021

I’m extremely disappointed I purchased the year subscription and it does not work! I keep receiving an error that my stories can not be exported to my phone or any of my social media platforms it doesn’t even explain why! Just says “error it cannot be exported please try again” I’ve tried multiple times. It’s extremely frustrating to waste time creating stories to not be able to upload. I really regret wasting $20 on this app definitely threw my money away here.

Elimontse88, May 07, 2021
Really wanna love it but I don’t

This app has so much potential but utterly fails in functionality. It takes WAY too long to do anything on the app because it’s difficult to change colors and add elements. Also what’s the point of me being able to add my own color codes if there’s no way for me to save them? Then I have to manually add it each time and there isn’t even a copy and paste. After wasting 30 minutes trying to change the color of a border on this app I’m sad to say I’m over it. Hope it improves soon.

Gabby Layne, May 16, 2019

I like some of the layouts but my favorite collection from Ashley Robertson (sp?) has been removed. When I contacted customer service about this the guy said, “Oh yeah, that was a limited collection but you can find some of those templates still by browsing through the categories tab.” This takes a significant amount more time which makes it not worth it for me. I have three kids so I’m looking for efficiency. And I noticed some of the templates from that collection are gone. Only a few remain. It would be one thing if we could favorite some that we use more often, but that isn’t even an available feature. Also, why can’t we change the coloring on some of the templates? Some of the layouts are cute but the coloring doesn’t match my brand. Stick to StoryLuxe, friends!

Mmkayco, Dec 20, 2019
App doesn’t recognize paid users

I have reached out to the developers about this issue and have received no response. I was paying monthly for this app and it worked just fine up until December. The app did not recognize that I had a paid plan and prevented me access to the pro plan features even after clicking “restore purchase” I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling, updating my phone, even cancelling and renewing for a brand new subscription. I still have no access to the pro plan. If the developers will continue to steal people’s money without fixing the problem this app needs to be removed from the App Store.

Nicknamesaredumbonhere, Jan 24, 2021
I want to love it but am struggling

I read the comments and 100% agree with them, I love the fonts, the layout options, everything; however, the app itself seems to be so slow!! It’s hard to do anything it takes so long and I feel like it’s buggy. I really hope it gets an update soon fixing these bugs and making it a bit easier to use because I truly want to use it!! I use Planoly and I got to say I had high hopes for this app :/ its great to play with and great for some ideas but unless you’re willing to invest a lot of time into a few slides, you may just want to find another app 🤷🏽‍♀️

Seahawks are bad, May 15, 2020
Has Potential but Bugs are Persistent

I received a trial use of the app through my website hosting platform. The trial came with a set of templates to match my website theme. So I was really looking forward to cohesive Story templates that match my brand. The templates are great but I’m experiencing two persistent bugs. 1. half the time that I export my designs to my device or Instagram, a text box or the entire image is missing. 2. Only 15 seconds of video will export. Whereas IG stories AND competitor apps will automatically cut the entire video into 15 seconds segments (for free). For this reason I’m going to move back to using Unfold app.

Waiting to post, Sep 21, 2021
Needs some improvement but looks promising

I like a lot of the layout options - I wish there were a few more options for multiple photos. I would also like the ability to change the color of all the elements on the layout. Right now it seems I can only change the background, which often leaves the other elements the original color and not coordinated. Font options are nice and I like that I have a wide variety of colors to to choose from. Looking forward to more updates to make this really user friendly.

Youuuuuuuuuuuuuandme, Mar 17, 2019


From the creators of PLANOLY, StoriesEdit is a beautifully crafted design app that allows you to easily create and customize your social content from a selection of over 300 designer story templates. Create and customize your own content for IG Grid and Stories, Pinterest Pins, & more. Select story templates available for FREE.

Unlock all story templates for $2.99/mo or $19.99/year with a StoriesEdit PRO account. View and manage your subscription in your StoriesEdit settings. StoriesEdit ProTip: Download the PLANOLY app to plan, edit & schedule your content creations across Instagram, Pinterest & other social platforms. It’s easy to create your own content: 1. Choose a template from a collection. 2. Upload and customize your images or videos with our editing tools: Text, Shapes, Stickers & Background Color. 3. Resize to fit the social platform of your choice - IG Story 9:16, Social Feed 1:1, Portrait 4:5, or Pinterest 2:3. 4. Download your design to your phone, share it to PLANOLY (to plan and schedule), or post directly to Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. StoriesEdit makes it easy to manage and share content from the palm of your hand: - Create draft folders with up to 10 templates that match your style or brand aesthetics. - Tap and hold on a template to add as a favorite for easy access. - Create a story reel by editing 10 templates from our collections at once. - Utilize our Preview feature for a quick snapshot of your design before posting. - Share a single page or all pages when sharing to your device, PLANOLY, Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. STORIESEDIT DESIGN FEATURES TEXT TOOL: - Click on any designed text areas to edit text and/or add additional text. - Choose from over 50 fonts, sizes & color combinations. - Bold, underline and add ‘all caps’ to the designated text. - Adjust your text’s size, kerning, line height, or color. SHAPE TOOL - Add shapes onto your template. - Select whole shapes or shape outlines to add to your template. - Adjust the color of your shape or shape outline by selecting the color, color picker, or adding in HEX code STICKERS TOOL - Choose from over 100 stickers including arrows, highlight elements, brush details, handwritten notes & more. - Customize the color of the stickers to match your template. BACKGROUND COLOR TOOL - Customize your background color to fit your brand aesthetics or current mood by tapping on the background. We’d love to connect with you! Email: https://pages.planoly.com/cs/contact Instagram: @storiesedit @planoly Twitter: @planoly Privacy Policy: https://pages.planoly.com/privacy-policy Terms of Use: https://pages.planoly.com/terms-of-service

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