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Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies

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Pluto, Inc.
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User Reviews for Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies

What a creation.....variety!!

This has to be the best free TV anywhere! There is something for EVERYONE TO WATCH! I am a train hobbyist. I was shocked when checking out my new TV Stations to discover a channel (SLOWLY) that takes me on a train ride through different countries...this month has been really interesting...NORWAY by train..they change the seasons as we travel along so I have seen snow covered mountains, lowlands, and fjords then seconds later the scene changes to summer with trees and plants...what a treat to see this country while sitting in my armchair/bed! There are movies galore! All the different types of MUSIC and newly added MTV....SPORTS, ACTION FILM, TV SERIES, GAME SHOWS FROM THE 70’s when they were golden....it’s free, people! Free.....support is immediate and friendly. My suggestions were acknowledged and to my delight implemented....now that’s a great TV STATION.... late at night, I relax, watching The Pet channel/ We 💛Pets....dogs, cats, birds, Turtles....all wonderful....And a channel devoted to funny cat antics...I guarantee you will laugh...some nights I scroll through just for fun...and always there is something new to catch my attention! “Try it——you’ll like it”.....😄😄😄😄😄🙋🏻‍♀️

1stCeye, May 05, 2019
i am back! 😬

Used to watch Pluto almost exclusively but one day i could no longer rewind & fast forward - i continued checking & it wasn’t a fluke so sadly: no more Pluto. What REALLY hurt is that you were running a favorite movie (That Touch of Mink) but i simply cannot RELAX & enjoy watching anything unless i feel assured that if i miss anything or want to rewatch something i’m able to rewind. Probably my own personal quirk but it’s enough to ruin perusing the app for me. Now that i see those features are back .. so am i!🙋🏻‍♀️ This FREE APP has tons of great movies & series/sitcoms! i’m thrilled to once more be watching Pluto but if the ff/rewind disappears - so will i! 🤞🏻PLEASE don’t ever do that again, it was TORTURE! Ps By the time Pluto finally brought the controls back, my favorite Doris Day film was no longer on Pluto. So you’re still getting 5 stars bc i’m so excited that i can watch again BUT this app has caused me a ton of upset & irritation! My hope is that there are many more like me so that you now know that it’s NOT COOL to pull that crap! It makes total sense feasibly - why would customers ever be happy when privileges are taken away, you should’ve at least lowered your prices! Everything is great, PLEASE don’t change anymore - i would truly prefer to stay! .. hey, you asked! THANX! 😬

Also pinky, Oct 23, 2023
I just downloaded this because of Instagram ads

Hey I just downloaded this app because of the ad on Instagram so I wanted to see what it was like. Overall I like the content there is a wide variety of shows and movies and they have old shows like fear factor that aren’t available anywhere else but a lot of the shows and movies are available through regular cable which is nice I guess if you don’t have cable. I think you guys should change the layout of the app it’s very weirdly laid out and then when I was looking for movies and tv shows there is no search bar so the only way to look up movies and tv shows is via genre which I found very tedious and annoying because I wanted to see if you had specific movies and or tv shows like wipe out but I can’t look it up the second problem I had was when you open the app it takes you directly to the live tv but when I want to watch movies and or a different tv show on demand the live tv noises are still in the background while I am looking while xfinity or any other app usually stops the live show while you are looking for another one. Sorry for being too critical but this is a review it is a pretty good app it just needs a lot of app adjustments just to make it better.

Ayden Girl, Jun 24, 2020
Ok but not great.

I signed up on the computer using google but the app does not have a login with google option so I had to setup another account using just email. Favorites in the app or in the web browser do not stay as favorites. No favorite recall menu. Video and audio glitches all the time. Commercials are not synced with shows and cuts off important or suspenseful parts. I use the web version and iOS app version and have the issue on all 3 of my devices, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Laptop using Google Chrome. I love the app but the MANY technical issues are almost not worth it. I am not sure how old this app is but live streaming has been down to a science for many years but these guys don't seem to even see that bar. Have been using it on LTE and Fiber backed WiFi at over 50Mbps down 30Mbps up both scenarios with the exact same issues. The iOS app version also appears to reset itself mid stream in an attempt to catch up but then skips parts of the show or will back track to a part that has already been shown and then skip forward again and cut more stuff out. The whole Pluto TV service needs work. A lot of work.

BintegratedTech, Dec 11, 2018
Same shows, same commercials

I thought this was great at first until I really started to watch. It's all the same shows just on a loop. I can't count the number of times I've seen the same episodes and the same movies. I've actually found myself watching less frequently and I have several different channels saved as favorites but it's all the same over and over again. The commercials for the channels show better movies than what is actually played. When's the last time you showed Red Dawn? I've never seen it. But I've seen Chopping Mall about every other day. I wish you actually played the movies you show in the commercials. But the main reason I've been watching less is the commercials. Talk about a lack of variety. For the love of God get some different commercials. The same ones played every commercial break over and over before I just turn it off. How many times do I have to see the same political ads, the same Siesta Key ad, "Thank about what I saw!" or the Hills"I want to forgive you and I want to forget you." The repetition is enough to drive you crazy. The same ads played over and over again on every channel. If you offered an ad free version for a few bucks I'd almost be willing to pay for it. Almost. That doesn't solve the problem of showing the same episodes and movies until I can recite them. Miss a movie? Don't worry. It will be on again tomorrow or even the same day on a different channel. And the next day and the next day.

Burghguy1, Aug 15, 2020
Decent selection, ads are ridiculous

So, the selection of things to watch is ok. There are a good amount of TV shows and movies to pick from, and the fact that it is a free service is great. The problems arrive with the advertisements. I get that a free service needs ads to survive, but there are so many of them, and so little variety. I watched a movie that was an hour and a half, and another 20 minutes were added with unskippable ads. The worst part, however, was the lack of variety of ads. There would always be 4 ads. The first ad, without fail, was ALWAYS a Geico ad. It picked between 3 different ones, but they got annoying fast. The second ad was always an AWFUL ad for DirectTV that would be the same one, every time, every ad break. The third ad was one of 2 car commercials. The final ad would actually change a little bit, which was nice. The ad breaks, however, were programmed into the time slots of the movie though, so you better not rewind, because if you rewound past where the ads were, guess what? Time to watch them again, so you better not miss any of the film or want to go back to another part. Overall, this was a mostly negative experience, and I will not be using this app again.

Dkmainman, Dec 06, 2021
Glitch in the App

First off let me say that I LOVE this App! Being able to see old episodes of Doctor Who and other shows is awesome.. But I do wish you’d change it up & run some different episodes from these shows.. Take Doctor Who for example: If we just take the “Classic” Seasons of Doctor Who, there was probably 200+ episodes, or more.. But this App plays maybe 20 episodes all told, then starts over and plays the same 20 episodes, then starts over and plays the same 20 episodes.. So unfortunately I’ve stopped watching it cause I’ve seen the same 20 episodes maybe 15 times each.. I just can’t watch the same ones over & over anymore.. But the main reason I’m writing this is because there’s a glitch in the app.. Every time I open the app for the 1st time of the day it says, “Having trouble with this title”, meaning the show won’t run.. Then I click to a new channel & it will say the same thing, “Having trouble with this title”.. NO show will run.. Then I have to turn my phone off completely & then restart it, then open the app again & it will finally run the way it’s supposed it.. I have to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY.. But I’m sorry, if this doesn’t get corrected I’m gonna have to stop using the App all together cause I really don’t like having to shut off my phone & restart it every day just to use ur app.. So Please, please fix this glitch & add some new episodes & I’ll use ur app forever!!

Fenix9119, Nov 19, 2021
Best TV app out there

I wasn’t expecting much, since it’s a free, ad-driven service, but wow. The ads are totally fine, just about similar to live tv through cable. The on demand collection is pretty decent as well, with on demand movies and shows very easy to find and watch. Absolutely worth giving it a shot.The part that drove me to write a review however was the signup process. You don’t even have to. It’s completely optional, and the only things you need to provide to do so are your email, password, birth year, and the optional first name. I love that. So simple. I signed up for an account in less than a minute. Being in the cybersecurity field, I always appreciate MFA protecting my personal data, but here, the app barely even has any of my data to begin with. I love the peace of mind.Edit: After reading other reviews, people are complaining about seeing the same shows and the same ads. Personally I just mute the ads, so that doesn’t bother me at all. That’s not why I’m watching the show. And I honestly never watch the live shows anyway, I just search for the one I want and hit play. So take the other reviews with a grain of salt in my opinion.

JFed-9, Jul 28, 2022
Overall is good, however is uncomfortable to use

I came to this app only for the anime and have found one that I liked a lot (and couldn't seem to find anywhere else!) and it’s the only reason I continued to use this app. The fact that this app is completely free is amazing. However, if you aren’t a very patient person then this app isn’t for you. There are a total of three ads, each 30 seconds long at least (they are unskippable) showing up together 3 times throughout a single episode. That’s 4:30 seconds worth of ads per episode. Yeah, that’s a lot. Another issue I have with this app is the programming of it. Seriously, hire some real programmers that actually know how to make apps. Not only is the app glitchy by itself, the “forwards” and “backwards” buttons don’t even work! You could press on them forever but they wouldn’t move the episode even a second forward or backward. If you by any chance had had to unfortunately miss some part of the video then fear not: all you have to do is replay the episode from the very beginning and watch all the ads again with it (I know that sounds very exciting indeed!) . So to summarize it all: don’t use this app if you’re impatient and don’t use this app if you get distracted easily. That’s all from me. Hope the devs will fix the app someday!

kiwi_Cake, Jul 04, 2020
The Best App!

I don’t write reviews. In fact, this is the first review I’ve written for an App. I’ve had & been watching Pluto for so long, I can’t remember not having it. It’s one of my most used app’s on my iPad. Pluto is so good I’m thinking about shutting off my cable television. Pluto has pretty much anything one could ask for & more. They are constantly adding new channels. They have so many different categories of entertainment, music, movies both new & old. You can watch some regular television stations, if you want. There are stations for old television shows. Channels for every kind of music. But, for me, it’s everything that I haven’t mentioned that I love about Pluto. There is so much here to watch & listen to that is uniquely their own, things you would not see or here anywhere. This app cannot be put into a category I’ve never had a problem with the app, no bugs or issues. Pluto is more than just another app, it is an Experience. It’s obvious I love Pluto. The best & most difficult thing to believe is it is free! Pluto is a treasure & it’s diversity is incredible.

LovingThe Lord!, Feb 19, 2021


Pluto TV is the leading free streaming television service! Stream now, pay never. Free movies and TV shows are available to binge any time you want: * 100s of live TV channels * 1000s of movies and TV shows * 24/7 entertainment Watch sports.

Hit shows. Blockbuster films. Classic TV. Binge-watch your favorite movies and episodes. Available on any device and from any location: * Action - “World War Z” and “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” * Anime - “One Piece” and “Naruto” * Comedy - “School of Rock” and “Harlem Nights” * Family Friendly - “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” and “The Adventures of Tintin” * Romance - “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “Like a Boss” * Spanish TV - “La Terminal" y la telenovela “Amar y Temer” en español * Sci-Fi - “Star Trek: The Original Series” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” * Westerns - “The Duel” and “3:10 to Yuma” Free TV and movies anywhere, anytime. Our TV channel guide boasts 250+ live channels, including full seasons of your favorites: * Blue Bloods * Jersey Shore * South Park * Star Trek * Survivor * Unsolved Mysteries * And more! On-demand movies and TV shows the whole family can enjoy. We offer 27 exclusive movie channels and more in our extensive library: * True crime and drama series * Hilarious shows and stand-up specials * Reality TV shows and competitions * Kids’ movies and cartoon shows * Telenovelas and Spanish-language movies * Local channels, breaking news, opinion and stats * Live sports including basketball, football, baseball and classic games ¿Buscas una película o una telenovela? ¡Pluto TV tiene tus favoritos gratis! * 50+ channels in Spanish * Native language and dubbed movies * Reality TV and telenovelas * Crime, sports and more Check back often, so you don’t miss the new movies and TV shows we add to our library every day. Stream TV networks and top-content providers including: * Paramount * CBS * NBC * MGM * SHOWTIME * Sony * Lionsgate * MTV * Nickelodeon * BET * Comedy Central * And more! Want a sneak peek into the Pluto TV app? Check out some of our in-app features: * Search - Type in the name of the content you want to search for and search results populate in a list below * Watch List - Save your favorite shows and movies to a personalized list to view at a later time * Kids Mode - Set a profile that only shows children's content for younger viewers * Closed Captions - Viewers can enable closed captions that display subtitles with customizable settings * SharePlay - Use Apple’s SharePlay feature to watch on-demand shows and movies with your friends and family * Social Share Button - Viewers can share content to social media from their mobile device, tablet or the Pluto TV website by tapping on the arrow icon from the video player * Newsletters - Registered users can receive all the latest Pluto TV news in periodic emails Watch TV everywhere, 100% free and legal. Download Pluto TV today! Privacy Policy: http://corporate.pluto.tv/privacy-policy Cookie Policy: http://corporate.pluto.tv/cookie-policy Do Not Sell My Personal Information: http://viacomprivacy.com Terms of Use: http://corporate.pluto.tv/terms-of-use

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