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Pluck It: hairs and emotions

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User Reviews for Pluck It: hairs and emotions


I've never really came across an app good enough to write a review. I downloaded this app just for the stimulation and to get my mind off of things and it honestly surprised me in the best way possible. At first I was confused, but with guidance and the voice added in the background it opened my eyes to something different and new to me. I didn't really expect to get that emotional over a game but the different categories of good and bad feelings definitely moved me. It gave me a different view of things and definitely calmed me, and gave me something to put other thoughts aside. The game was relatively short but it was nice and orderly with no ads. It kept you in a mood and it provided a valuable message and lesson. Personally, dealing with very expressive emotions and severe anxiety, I could relate to many of the feelings and I know others could to. Very good job. It brought me to tears.

AJoyfulJoy, Jul 26, 2018
Good, room to Improve.

This is by far one of the most amazing apps that I have come across. A unique, brilliant and beautiful concept. I definitely think that everyone should try this app. However, there is lots of room for improvement. The graphics could use a lot of work. They aren’t smooth and clean as shown in the pictures in the app store. The text looks very thick and uneven. I also think that it would be nice to incorporate more unique ways of the plucking. Calming down the angry fire hair and shaking the device were my favorites, I wish there were more like those. Much of this app was plucking hairs the same way and then having a little animation after, which I feel doesn’t really do much in terms of really connecting the consumer with experiencing the emotion. The “emotion” wasn’t so much in the experience of plucking the hair, but rather the animation with it. The obsessive emotion where the hair couldn’t be plucked was one of the few levels that really made me experience an emotion and value it. Wish more levels were like that as well. I am being very nitpicky here, if there are other consumers like me who are very choosy with their apps. Overall, this app was amazing and I’m glad to have played it.

charlotteozarklover, Apr 04, 2019
.... what?

I have no idea what any of these other people are talking about... This game is a waste of time. And the graphics are poor. And I don’t understand the point of it. And did you notice it’s ranked in the trivia category? Yeah it’s not trivia. I “plucked a hair” and the app took me one by one down a list of emotions. For each one, I had to pluck a hair and then some little animation would play. Then the app would take a screenshot of every single one of those animations and tried to get me to share it before it took me back to the next emotion. I don’t want to waste 20 seconds of my life plucking a hair so this app can “teach” me about what patience is. And then when I got to the one labeled “Love”, the app told me they put a lot of love into this app so it would be free to play without advertisements, so I should give it love back. Then it popped up a menu where I could donate with “Generous Love” which is $0.99, “Great Love” which is $2.99, and “Extreme Love” which is $9.99..... Yeah I’m deleting this app. And I’m disappointed in Apple for promoting this junk.

chicaboricua09, Sep 15, 2018
An Experience Everyone Should Have

I’m not a very extroverted person. I’m very introverted, and prefer to keep myself and my emotions to me and only me. Some days, it’s easy and fine to deal with, but others it’s not. Today, the day I downloaded this game, was one of the latter days. For a moment, for a wonderful, inspiring moment, I was able to forget about the troubles of the day, and the troubles of life itself. This game brought a smile upon my face, and a heartwarming message I needed to hear. It taught me, through a fun and guiding experience, the importance of my emotions, and the importance of cherishing them. I can say for certain this game provided me with a stepping stone towards helping me improve with showing my emotions, and for that, I can’t thank this game, and it’s developers teams enough.Thank you all, and you all have my gratitude for making such an incredible and heartwarming game. <3

Confused_Gamer, Jul 29, 2018
Almost made me tear up at 3am

Couldn’t sleep bc I’ve been dealing with a lot of heavy stuff in my life so I was trying to find a way to distract myself enough to fall asleep. This game actually did the opposite for me lol, ended up making me furious bc it’s hard to pluck the darn cord so that alone was irritating. I get that in some levels, you’re supposed to deal with the fact you can’t easily pluck it but I felt like it would have been more satisfying to pluck it quicker and not in a straight line down all the time.Aside from the game mechanics, I was pretty satisfied. It’s meant to be simple, sentimental, and should be a metaphor for you and your emotions. There were stages that actually made me smile and one in particular (Anger) that was beautifully and simply made, I couldn’t deal. I for one deal with anger issues all the time, so it struck a chord with me. It’s not a game that’ll entertain you or anything like that. But more of a game that’ll remind you that yes, we’re all human, we let our emotions get the best of us. But we shouldn’t drown in them, rather check in on them and reason with them.Good start to an execution, but I felt that it could also have done better. Beautiful game.

Ethoteric, Aug 24, 2019
An amazing voyage through myself

This game brought about many emotions in me. We as a society that depends on each other forget that we are also individuals as a whole with our own feelings and experiences. Everton is different, while at the same time everyone is the same. We all have our share of different experiences, however, we all experience the same feelings of sadness, happiness, anger, curiosity, tiredness, and so on. This game has opened my eyes and brought me one step closer to finding myself. Thank you to the creators of the game for creating this wonderful masterpiece, and to anyone who happens to stumble upon this review, I strongly recommend playing the game, and rating it to help the creators, as well as sharing it to any other people who you think will like the game.

Gfchchfffusicfu, Jun 11, 2019
Random but I Loved it

This is most likely the weirdest game I’ve ever played-and maybe the strangest one I’ll ever play. I’m giving it a 4 star only because the grip on the hair’s was a little difficult and it got a little frustrating, just a lil. While part of me thinks the developers were high when they made this, I think the message behind it is a good lesson. Some people see a game about plucking hairs, they see bad grammar (maybe that was intentional, I don’t know) and they see it as a game to pass time; I saw through that, and it looks like a lot of other people did as well. A great message; I only wish the graphics were a bit better, but you know what, this game had no annoying ads and I appreciate the fact that you guys were considerate and took time to make this game for others to learn something; so, at the end of the day, this game deserves 5 star. Thank you for creating it 👍🏻 P.S. I loved the voice.

HAK Keck, Sep 08, 2019
The Light of My Life

Before I first played this game, I didn’t know who I was. I had so many emotions, and I just couldn’t forgive out what they all were. Then, I downloaded this game- BEST DECISION EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was forced to see how my actions effected my emotions, and then was shown just exactly what those emotions were. even more, the emotions presented to me throughout the game… (or should we say experience) were DEAD ON! This experience described exactly what my emotions were exactly when I was feeling it. Now, I am the confident me that I always knew I could be. I’m happier (or whatever emotion the experience tells me) and feel like myself again. THANK YOU to whatever creepy guy created this experience- I’ll follow you into your basement any day.

Mdhoskins, Jul 17, 2022
Genuinely an interesting experience

I first had this app when I was in middle school, and I can’t remember exactly how I found this game (probably found an ad for it and got it because it looked weird) but anyway I ended up really enjoying it. The concept is pretty self explanatory you go through a list of emotions and you have to pluck the hair and each emotions have different things that happen. I also love the narrator in this game, I think it was pretty funny and also comforting to have someone guiding you through a game about emotions. I’m still not 100% why I love this game, but if I had to guess I would probably say it’s because it’s nostalgic and genuinely an interesting experience. I’m re downloading it for old times, hope it’s as fun as I remembered.

Peanuttarc, Jul 13, 2022
This is the best one time play game ever

Now I know so many people out there would be like, “this game is so stupid, who cares about dumb emotions.” And I’m not gonna lie, I was kind of like that. This game is a literal life changer. There’s 30 levels, each easy to figure out, each with a special meaning. This game is deep, its simple, and it has a very special meaning to it. Once you are done with the 30 levels, you have pretty much beaten the game, but you can play the levels over. The fact that there are no ads is insane. Now sure, theres no 3d graphics or anything, but c’mon. App developers like ketchapp and voodoo make similar (yet I have to afmit they are smoother) games with ads after each game. Amazing job on this, game or lesson or whatever you want to call it, because it’s awesome.😀😅😂😊😍😜🤪😭😔😢😡😰🤔🤗😵

PlayMaker117, Jan 16, 2019


Pluck It is a game about going through a weird journey of hair plucking. In this journey, you will experience all kind of emotions as you pluck hairs. Do you remember when was the last time you felt these emotions?

Some hairs are moodier and you will need to use your creativity and imagination to pluck them. Can you calm down a hair on fire? Can you stop the hair from crying? - Maybe the weirdest game you ever played. - You pluck a lot of hairs. A lot. - Experience over 30 different emotions. - Your creativity and imagination will be tested. Can you stop a hair from procrastinating? - There is a secret easter egg in the game? Are you CURIOUS? - The game is completely free with no advertisement. Pay what you want. ***** NO hair is harmed in the making of this game ***** From the solo developer: “I hope this game can bring some about emotional awareness and mental health awareness to you from your busy day. And I hope this game means something to you. Thank you.” Pluck it is made with the purpose of promoting self-awareness and emotional awareness of people's everyday life in the information age. ​ In this busy digital era which all kind of things try to attract our attention, sometimes we have little or no time to understand and take care of our emotions and mental health. Pluck It brings this topic to you in a fun way.

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