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User Reviews for Every Hero - Ultimate Action

The bug that ruined the game…

I actually found the game pretty fun at first: I enjoyed leveling up, getting new gear, etc. However, randomly the game just glitched and made me level 60 with a bunch of loot and gold. Sounds nice, right? Wrong. Now I was at a point in the game where it was stupidly hard, I had no idea what I was doing or how things worked since I was forced to skip 10 chapters, and I couldn’t play the old chapters and learn what I was supposed to learn because I was too powerful. This glitch really ruined my whole mood and opinion on the game, and the worst part is that I can’t even undo it. If the glitch doesn’t happen to you, great. Go have some fun. If it does happen to you, then welcome to the club.

1000% TRUE, Dec 24, 2021

Im a competitive Free 2 Play gamer and while this game IS possible to progress decently, the game becomes extremely unrealistic and halts your progressbafter chapter 12 i belive. They’ll begin to spawn you monsters with NO ARROW ATTACK ANIMATION! You have no idea when you’re going to get smacked for 1.4k+ damage. Effectively taking out a large amount of fun and replacing with absurd difficulty while F2P. If you’re planning on paying to play you should have the necessary resources to tank and progress quite easier than us F2P. I thought i struck gold when i found this game. Turns out they’re just an Archero copy cat. Besides that, its still pretty fun. If they gave ALL monsters attack animation arrows so I know where the threat began… I’d easily play again. That ONE function dealbreaks the game. Too sweaty and unrealistic without the animations.

an actual gamer 6969, Jun 06, 2022
Great game, but weird bugs.

This game is a lot of fun to play if you've got the time. My main issues are with a few wonky hitboxes (axe throwing orcs hit me even though I'm outside the damage zone) and weird audio issues after watching ads. They specifically say that the game is better with audio on, but I frequently get my audio cut out after watching the in game ads. Sometimes I can fix it by swapping to a different app and coming back. But lately I've been stuck with no audio until I finish a run. Pretty huge bug if you ask me.

Captain Zak, Apr 02, 2022
This game stole my money

I downloaded this game and played through a few chapters and decided I really liked it. I bought some gems, I bought a new character, and as soon as I tried to switch to my new character the game crashed and wouldn’t load up anymore. I followed the recommendations of people I saw had the same problem and one of the fixes was to uninstall and reinstall if restarting app and phone doesn’t work. I did so and lost all the progress and items of my character with no way to restore my previous “save” or at a minimum the gems and character I’d purchased. I would not mind if there were a way to reload my previous progress and keep my stuff but at this point I just feel robbed.

ChaseWest18, Feb 07, 2022
Best. Mobile. Game. Ever

I’ve never played a game this GREAT. This reminds me of a fantasy game I use to play a long time ago which made me very reminiscent. Everything about this game is amazing. The combat the weapons the armor, it’s just such an amazing mobile game and for sure one of, if not my favorite mobile game ever. I just wish there was music while you were fighting the enemies then this game would absolutely blow my mind. Other than that great game 110% RECOMMENDED!!!!!!

eddieo0508, Mar 19, 2022
Extremely Fun

I initially thought that this was going to be an ad-stricken mess with nothing of actual value.Then I played it, Jesus, this game has a fun yet simple premise. It’s easy to get sucked into playing through all 20 levels without even realized this is like a rouge-like in a weird simplified way. I’m having fun with this game and it’s lack of ads after playing is nice. There’s also a discord! Go join it!

KensaKoko, May 02, 2022
pay to win

This game is incredibly fun… for the first few hours. however once you reach around stage 7 the game comes to a screeching halt and becomes nearly impossible to progress. it becomes very apparent very quickly that you MUST spend money in order to progress any further in this game. Item drops are only ever common, despite enemies already doing damage in the 600’s. Even if you wanted to continue through paying, prices are ridiculously over priced despite ads already existing in the game. I understand the game is free, but the game is practically unplayable for free. At the very least more ad opportunities should be implemented in order for players to be able to progress without spending money

Pufkins, May 23, 2022
Pleasantly surprised.

I found this game through ads on instagram and it seemed to me like a boss rush game that actually isn’t pay to win. Usually games from ads are hot garbage but this one is actually fun. There are some levels between where you fight fodder but it helps you test out the new abilities you unlock. The special abilities you unlock while fighting are really cool, too. Fun and simple game I play during small breaks.

Retibra, Apr 10, 2022

I love this game don’t get me wrong from archero to this Ive loved this sort of rogue lite genre for a bit now and one thing I absolutely cannot stand is accidentally clicking the spend gems button to resurrect myself. First of all it’s so gosh darn expensive it should only be 10 gems MAX and lastly it shouldn’t automatically resurrect me as soon as I tap the button accidentally. Gems are a premium currency can I at least get a “ are you sure” button after accidentally tapping on a button that’s gonna strip me of my hard earned gems when there’s literally a free option right next to it?!?!?! COME ON NOW THIS HAS HAPPENED THREE TIMES. It may not sound like a big deal but that’s more than a hundred gems that I won’t get back some people spend money on them ya know 🙄 Otherwise a great and very fair game.

Ryan_motm, Mar 21, 2022
good game in a minute

this is the first time in years since i’ve left a review on a game. it’s so good, ads only show up if you want them to ( extra spins, extra gems, extra coins, free revive) truly the best one handed game experience something I would’ve loved to have as a kid. one recommendation though. maybe some music during gameplay? I feel like it would add a whole new level to the experience!

Tacatoto, Apr 10, 2022


Time for some super combat beat them up actions! This game is all about fast paced hack and slash actions! Use powerful abilities to make combos!

Defeat evil enemies and bosses for a big WIN! Features: - Easy to control, hard to master! Tap to attack, swipe to perfect dodge. Beat them up to the sky! - Super epic boss fights: dragons, titans, mages, demons. Your skills will be tested. - Your adventure takes place in: arena, ruins, deserts, volcano, glacier and more actions! - You will get all kinds of power-ups, ultimates, loots, chests. Level up to become stronger! - Rogue-like levels to play over and over again. The game is different every time. - Special seasonal game modes and events. This action game never gets boring. - Over 100 different unique abilities and heroes, smash 100+ different enemies with your own hero style! Join our discord channel for exclusive updates and rewards: https://discord.gg/Pq7TbGbweY If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to talk to us anytime at: [email protected]

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