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The Don't Do List

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User Reviews for The Don't Do List

Very positive game but I want more

This game is really short not a lot of levels to it I think I played a other game from the same creator in the past I was confused and frustrated on the “don't check the phone” level but I was saved by 10% battery warning besides that it's a good game (you also could of just put a skip button or watch adds to skip this level)

y e s, Jul 18, 2021
Okay.... wow!!

First of all, this game has NO ADS!!! The levels are puzzling but so much that you want to quit. I did finish the game in around 30 minutes, so I’d love for there to be more levels!! The concept is great and calming. One other suggestion I have is an option to skip the dialogue. While I enjoy reading and listening, I’m also a fast reader and want to move through the game. Thank you to the creators for all of your hard work!!!

The Don't Do List

I gave this game 4 stars because I love the graphics, the message behind most of the levels, and the idea of the game. What frustrated me a bit was not having the option to read at my own pace, & whenever the levels are finished, it is REALLY slow in moving on to the next screen. I sometimes had to close the app then open it back up again. If There were also levels where I feel like I didn't solve anything, especially in the last "chapter" I'll call it. I just watched it solve itself & then the game ended. All in all, I enjoyed the game. I beat it in about 10 minutes so I would've wished there were more levels! Very well done, all in all.

Hømïe, Mar 04, 2021
I really needed this.

This was really nice to be honest, it helped ground me. I get overwhelmed a lot and things have been hard to break down lately. Don’t Do List literally walked me through it all. I ended up taking a bunch of screen shots because it had tons of good reminders that were simply put. It’s very encouraging too. I think this might’ve been this push I needed to finally get back on track. I’m surprised this app isn’t more popular!

Kat200021, Nov 03, 2021
Amazing Game!

I love this app because it has no ads, thats amazing! Second or all I love this app because it relives my stress and anxiety. I would want to remove the long strips of nothing to be faster(sorry). The concept of this game/app is very relaxing and nice to play when you are stressed. I recommend this game for people who haven’t downloaded it yet.

Naomie W., Aug 30, 2021
This helped me a lot

I have been going through a lot rn and playing this game has shown me that I don’t have to do everything everyone wants me to do. And it shows me that I’m my own person and I make my own destiny. I never knew a mobile game would change how I think about my self. So I completely think anyone that’s going through something should get this game.

rayyyyyyyy.-., Jul 08, 2022

Game attempts to have a “deep” message but is poorly executed. Some solutions don’t make any sense (like for “I don’t want to compare,” the takeaway is that size doesn’t matter for sports balls?). Also UI lacks responsiveness. It’s SO slow. Transitions/navigation between screens take way too long compared to amount of actual gameplay. Also can’t skip the cheesy quotes between each section and have to watch each one as it’s slowly written out.

Sapphire a, Apr 17, 2021

I hardly even remember downloading this, so I opened it trying to figure out what it was. My data was slow at the time, I could only see the ratings and not the contents of the game. I was pleasantly surprised when I played through this. It was so sweet and I recommend this short story to everyone :)

Shu 8D, Apr 17, 2022
I Love The Game - But I Need A Little Help

The game is wonderful, but I just can’t get past the “I don’t want to check the phone” level. I’ve tried ignoring it, only pushing certain ones, only pushing a certain color...I can’t seem to figure it out, and this level doesn’t offer any hints!

The Reviewer of Many, Feb 14, 2021
Great App!!!

For the one stuck in the phone messages one, all you have to do is swipe from the top to bring down your regular Apple notification screen, then swipe back up to close it and then you pass the level.

YSURFER, Feb 17, 2021


- A game about saying no. - Over a dozen of DON'T DO items to NOT to complete. - We can not do these together. - Free to play, no ads, pay what you want, feel free to support us. - Let's make the world a better place together. Less is more.