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Pic Scanner Gold: Scan photos

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Pic Scanner Gold: Scan photos

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User Reviews for Pic Scanner Gold: Scan photos

Best Photo Scanner App

I’ve tried around 10 different photo scanning apps, and I must say Pic Scanner Gold is the best. I’ve bought a ton of apps, I wouldn’t use (even if free), but at $1.99 this is a great value and a steal, especially compared to what you would pay if you used a professional photo scanning service (you may get one or two photos scanned for that price). If you have a problem keeping your iPhone or iPad steady, use a selfie stick, small tripod, or as recommended by company, use a locker shelf. Its customer service/tech. support department is one of the best I’ve used. I asked for a copy of its user guide at toward the end of the business day (if you have any other questions be sure to mention your phone and model), expecting to hear back in the next day or so. Much to my surprise in a little over three hours at 6:41pm, I received a response with all my requests answered. And I also received a follow up 24 hours later.

Barry Blade, Aug 08, 2018
Great for Genealogy

I love that you can add captions, dates, and locations to the front of a photo rather than having to look for the metadata within. This feature is great for genealogy. Another great feature is it can sent to different photo saving databases, for example,Apple or Google. I choose Apple photos. It would be nice if I could open all photos on a desktop to write the captions as the photo is a bit small but so convenient to scan photos within an album without disassembling it.

Believeinyouth, May 02, 2020
Turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner!

This is an outstanding Photo App that turns your iPad or iPhone into a very efficient portable scanner! It even scans several photographs at once, such as an entire page of a picture album. (When several pictures are scanned at once, each photo is saved as its own single file.)It also has some editing and cropping options. The developers of this app regularly update and support it. In fact, their customer support is outstanding! They encourage questions and suggestions from users. Best way to have a photo or document scanner when you’re away from home! A very useful portable scanner app for your Apple devices.

Blueclaw4, Feb 20, 2019

I tried several scanning apps and this one is by far the best! It is intuitive and I found it easy to use. I wanted to scan old album pages filled with very old pictures - this app does that and automatically gives you each picture separately. You also have the entire page which is valuable to me to capture the handwritten notes for each picture. There are some great editing tools also. One great thing is the customer service - very prompt answer to my question. I have hundreds of photos to scan and this app will make the job easier - I’m 100% pleased with this app - great admiration for the people who developed it! Thanks for a great job!

Clld48, Feb 05, 2020
Photo scanning made easy and great quality

As with many is that started taking photos before the digital age, I’ve been looking for the right method to digitize my old photos for archive purposes and to enjoy them with digital collection. I considered photo scanning services (worried about privacy, quality and the prospect of loss), using a flatbed scanner (much slower, not significantly better, and needs special, more expensive software). This led me to using my iPhone (11). Simply taking photos of photos was cumbersome and not high quality. I then started reviewing AppStore apps. After trying a few, I happened across Pic Scanner Gold. It provides high quality results (improving low quality old photos significantly), doesn’t require long-term commitment (ie subscription), and a host of additional tools that are useful to work with my photos. Also, the help guides are extremely useful and practical to get the best results possible. As with any app, I have a few suggestions for improvement (eg HEIC format support) but the pros far, far exceed the cons. Additionally, technical support is both helpful and very responsive. In short, app is highly recommended if you need a quality and practical solution to migrate your photos.

dagold63, Oct 18, 2020
The best photo scanning app by far!

Like other reviewers I’ve tried just about every photo scanning app there is. This is hands down the best one out there! I’ve scanned hundreds of my personal family photos (ones dating back 100+ years ago) and have done some for my genealogical clients. Once I got used to working with the app, they’ve all turned out beautifully. I used to work in the collections management department of several museums and the scans I’ve gotten with this app are just about as good as the scans I’ve had using professional scanners. A lot of the other apps screwed with the color of the photo and the images would turn out warped. It was also hard to get a clear scan. With this one all you’ve got to do is scan it on a flat white surface from above. A word of advice, make sure you hold it still even after you’ve hit the button. Also make sure you’ve got your elbows planted firmly so you don’t shake your hands.If you have a lot of old (or not so old!) family photos you want to keep digitally keep forever, please skip the rest of the apps and download this one now! 😀

merrittk, Jun 02, 2019
Great Scanner

I just downloaded this scanner today. I have scanned 9 old family photos that were getting either very dark or had faded and become light. I am very impressed at how easy it is to use the app and how good the pictures look. I look forward to experimenting more with it.Update: I have used this app for awhile now. My two favorite features are the many photo editing options in this app and the ability to do captions. I love this app which allows me to digitize my old family photos. Customer service is great!! They get back to you very quickly and explain how to fix your problem in easy to understand instructions. Purchase the Gold edition. It is well worth the small amount they charge.

Nana2513, Oct 27, 2019
Excellent App For Scanning Old Photos

This is a great app for scanning old photos. It does a good job of using your phone’s camera to produce digital images of your photos, but you need to know some tips for ending up with sharp, correctly formatted and cropped images. First, use indirect sunlight to light the images. Second, use a white background behind your photos, and make sure that a white border is visible around the photos you are scanning. Third, aim your phone so that the OK symbol appears on the screen, before scanning each photo. Fourth, scanning more than one photo at a time only works well when all the photos are roughly similar in shape, size, detail, color, and tone. Fifth, if the app fails to focus sharply on your photo before scanning, try closing and reopening the app. Sixth, check each of the scans to make sure each image is cropped correctly and contains the entire image. Improvement desired: it would be helpful to have a method of selecting more than one photo at a time by tapping on each photo.

NorthernHarrier, Jun 04, 2020
Great Photo Scanner

First and foremost the customer support provided for this app is outstanding. I was tackling a big project, and got great tips and guidance through the process. If you are looking to scan old photos quickly and easily with excellent editing options, this is the app for you. It is not, however, the best for putting together slideshows or albums. The limitation of 24 photos maximum is more of a nod to that need, and does not accommodate more than a small project. I chose to scan all the photos I needed, and then exported them to iPhoto to create a slideshow there. There are, of course, other apps you can use for that purpose as well. Also, given the memory limitations of the app, I could only scan about 100 photos before needing to delete photos to be able to scan more. Over all, mission accomplished, and PicScanner was a key element to successful completion.

pmkxx, Apr 28, 2018
Great scanner and customer service

This app does a great job scanning photos and has many editing options which can really improve photo quality. I did have a problem trying to airdrop photos from my iPhone to my iPad. Initially it worked fine but then stopped working. I contacted customer service and they were very responsive. It took several days of back and forth emails and suggestions but finally the issue was resolved. If I was not initially pleased with the app, I probably would have given up. However, I’m glad we both stuck it out.

sille51, May 12, 2020


Get high-quality photo scans and MUCH more with this magical app. First launched in 2013 as Pic Scanner, this was world's first multiple-photo scanner app. Over the years, we've added tons of refinements and features.

Unlimited use of ALL features for a one-time price. No subscriptions or in-app purchases. * Scan multiple photos at a time * Fully automatic cropping * Automatic enhancement * Edit and restore old photos * Add Captions (who, when, where details) * Edit metadata (date, description, location) * Make albums and slideshows * Greeting cards and calendars * Export to any device or cloud service * Fast, personalized help desk You'll LOVE this painstakingly-crafted app, or your money back. MEDIA PRAISE: Featured by Cult of Mac, BBC, National Geographic Traveler, Internet Genealogy, iPad Insight, The Guardian and more. HAPPY USERS: ***** Best picture scanner! ***** Love the scan quality ***** Great customer service MORE FEATURES SCAN AND AUTO-CROP * Scan MULTIPLE photos with one touch * Auto-cropping, auto-enhancement * Hands-free scanning via Bluetooth ADD TEXT DESCRIPTIONS * Digitally label photos: date, place, other details * Save family stories for future generations * Export photos with captions inscribed * Unique feature only in this app ENHANCE AND RESTORE * Easy-to-use 19-tool image editor * Dramatically improve faded photos * Repair blemishes, stains, creases * Import photos from Camera Roll for editing SHARE AND ARCHIVE * Transfer photos between iPhone, iPad and Mac * Post to social networks and messaging services * Archive in iCloud or ANY free cloud service * Save to Photos app, computer or thumb drive ENJOY THE MEMORIES * Beautiful, quick-create picture albums * Instant slideshows. 200+ greeting cards * Auto-create 'Favorites' album * Shareable albums with captions and music! NO NASTY SURPRISES * No monthly or annual subscriptions * No "extra" in-app purchases * No ads, watermark or personal data tracking * No limit on exporting photos * Photos stay on your iPhone/iPad, NOT our server BUY WITH CONFIDENCE Easy-to-use. Does what it says. If you need help, customer service is fast and all-human: No canned replies! WHY THIS APP? FAST AND INEXPENSIVE Scanning 4 photos at a time is faster than using Camera app and trimming manually. Much cheaper than scanning services. PRESERVES & RENEWS Paper prints fade. Digitizing gives vintage pics a new life, saving your Kodak moments forever. ENABLES SHARING Parents or grandparents' albums? Scan, so the whole family can get copies. Great for TBT posts, photo books and scrapbooks. PERFECT FOR GENEALOGY Do genealogy or family history? Use Pic Scanner to preserve your heritage and add notes to pix and family trees. CONVENIENT & PORTABLE No need to remove photos from albums: Scan entire pages. Fading, crumbly pics in a shoe box at old aunt’s? Go on: No WIFI needed. LIKE A TIME MACHINE Take a nostalgia-filled trip down memory lane: Rediscover your analog past and get it into the digital present! *** NOT FOR SCANNING FILM, Kodachrome slides, or converting negatives to positive images.

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