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Object Removal Pro - Eraser Me

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Object Removal Pro - Eraser Me

  • Graphics & Design
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User Reviews for Object Removal Pro - Eraser Me

does the job!

I just downloaded this app about 20 minutes ago & was so impressed with it that I had to write a review immediately, which I have never done before.this app may be a bit slow, but then so I am. the important thing is that it does the job! I like the fact that there are different sized wipe-out brushes so I can go really small or extra large.

akaPeggy, Apr 04, 2019
Really worth two dollars! Awesome Removal App!

This is the most efficient removal app I ever used! It just works perfectly for me.Easy to use, you just need to smear on your photo and the unwanted objects then disappear. It can remove persons, watermarks in your photo. No artifacts for most cases. UI is user friendly.Worth the money.

Chen Lee ∞, Mar 12, 2019
Simple, useful, powerful

Similar to one of the Lightroom paid functions. Hope user can select the part is used to replace the part be removed on later version.

DHS920411, Mar 15, 2019
app is slow…so very slooow

don’t waste ur $ on this subpar app. it’s extremely slow processing removal of background—left my device processing 12 minutes! and even after 12 minutes the result was horrible: post-procesing the app just multiples parts of the image and fills in the background—which is NOT what i wanted! the app also allows for only one pass with the penc to scrub out parts of the image u don’t want—then it launches into a looooong processing spin. it would be better to allow multiple passes with the eraser pen to get everything all at once instead of little bits here and there and constantly waiting forever to process the erasion—with really horrible effect after waiting for so long.ultimately, save ur hard-earned $ and do not buy this app. it is seriously NOT recommended+i have removed it from my device.

dwiley1, Mar 20, 2019
Fantasitic App

I am really impressed of the results of the app. It removes the obj that I do not want and it is really easy to use! So far, I’ve used this app to do some pretty photo removing. I do not need to use PS anymore!

Joanna20190121, Mar 13, 2019
Convenient and Powerful

This app is very easy to use and powerful. I was looking for some tools that can remove someone from the background, and it turns out that this app did an amazing job! The UI is clean and informative, the unwanted parts can be easily removed and fit in the background pretty well. It deserves a straight 5/5 star accounting for its performance and friendly UI! I’d recommend it for anyone who needs remove awkward objects from their pictures.

liangli1116, Mar 11, 2019
Just what I was looking for!!

I tried several of this type of app, and this one won , hands down! It's easy to use, without blurring the photo like others do! Good work!!

Mangy Varmit, Dec 05, 2022
Exports lower quality photos

This app is great. This really can be a quick tool to remove unwanted items from photos. However, I won’t use it. Why? Because the photos that I edit and then save to my phone are not as sharp coming out as they were coming in. Seems the app compresses photos and dumbs down the quality of the photos when saving them. I want my photos to come out with as high of quality as they came in with. Bummer.

MaverickFly, Apr 04, 2019
3 stars because EXIF is not maintained

I really like this app. It does a decent job of removing objects. BUT, the resulting new image doesn't maintain EXIF data, which is a major flaw. I lose date, time, location and other critical photo information. If the developer can fix this my rating goes to at least a 4 maybe 5 star.

Paco II, May 03, 2019
This works GREAT!... but...

I am very impressed with the handful of pics that had lines I wanted removed (especially a utility wire that blocked a rainbow pic! LOL). I would (and have) definitely recommend this app!However, I was far less impressed with the removal of objects. I can only suspect that it had to do with the object being removed vs. the background of that object- the area where the object was becomes a pixelated/blurry area using the background coloring. (If it would help Dev I can send two before/after examples.)What may also help users, and something I did not find anywhere, would be a simple infograph and/or ‘How To’ available, especially considering I seem to have reset some edits b/c I didn’t know the action/function that applied to an icon within the app.

WaveHi, Apr 16, 2019


Featured by Apple on App Store over 62 countries and regions, including United States, Canada and South Korea. Object Removal is a professional app that helps you to removal unwanted content from your photos. It uses the most high-tech Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing technology to do the followings Remove unwanted people Remove pimples and blemishes Remove building Remove anything you want to remove!

Unlimited access to all functions and no ads. Please give us a review or rating on App Store if you love Object Removal. Thanks in advance.

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