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Northern Lights Photo Taker

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Northern Lights Photo Taker

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Simon Leung
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User Reviews for Northern Lights Photo Taker

Difficult to customize

I just downloaded this app and it may be great on the auto settings (haven’t had a chance to try) but the customization seems nearly impossible to use—very hard to see since text changed to yellow, sliders give wrong values (sometimes go up to right, sometimes down, and when you return to it, the value changed from what you set), and no interpretation of the settings (what’s the difference between shutter and expose ? Is color the color temperature and what units, which way is tint going when you change settings?). Needs LOTS MORE instructions, descriptions and repair of slider malfunction.

5Beachcombers, Mar 16, 2023

I have a GoPro 3+ and was sad to learn it doesn't have a night mode (which supposedly takes good Aurora pics according to my tour guide). I was googling and came across someone who said this app worked, I figured $.99 was worth a shot for a once in a lifetime opportunity. And sure enough, jury rigged my GoPro tripod to hold my phone and voila, good (a little grainy but hey it's an iPhone camera not a DSLR) pictures of a very weak light. 5/5 because it turned an iPhone camera with no settings into one that can take pics of the northern lights with the push of a button

Bburg321, Mar 12, 2017
iPhone 11 or newer? Skip this app

I was in the Arctic and only had my iPhone 11 with me so I was quick to buy on a peer recommendation without checking the reviews first. Unfortunately this app doesn’t seem to work at all for at least the newer iPhones (11 and up). While I did see it work well in the peers phone, their phone was much older (5s maybe?). The native camera app crushes this unusable app. After the initial stress and disappointment of this app, I sorted out how to use the native camera and got great shots of the Auroras. So if you’re not currently stuck in 2015, save the $.99. Stabilize your phone and leverage the up to 30 second timed exposure option on your native camera app.

C/Lewis, Nov 08, 2021
Worth it only if you don’t have a real camera

Honestly, I do not think this app is worth downloading. I tried it out while capturing photos of the northern lights in Iceland recently. It’s slightly better than the normal iPhone camera (which was not picking up any green), but even with the app I could barely see what would be considered “northern lights”. If you don’t have a real camera and this is your last resort, it’s worth it to show the green lights exist, but the photos are not good quality.

Chels223, Dec 22, 2018
$.99 out the window

This is pure junk. I bought it before an excursion in Iceland to see the Northern Lights. The lights were very strong, but this app mostly brought up a black screen. Once in a while I caught a glimpse of the lights with it, but then the screen went black again. I tried all the settings, but to no avail. And, yes, I gave it access to my camera after I first downloaded it. I just took shots from my iPhone 11, and they were spectacular.This was recommended by an article about taking photos of the Northern Lights with smartphones, but I’m quite positive now that it was a paid endorsement. Save a buck and find another app.

Cozmot, Oct 25, 2019
Exactly what you expect - Good (not great) quality photos

Used this app to capture images of the Northern Lights on a particularly high visibility night. Used a tripod and a remote to take pics so as not to have to touch the phone very much. As long as everything stayed still, the pictures came out quite good. Clearly they are not DSLR or professional-level images and won’t win any photography awards for Northern Lights pictures, but they are MUCH MUCH MUCH better than you’d get from just using your iPhone camera (which I tried, and simply got black).

E_Berms, Mar 24, 2019
Best 99 cents ever spent

Got this for a trip to Iceland in December 2017. Not being a professional photographer, I wanted an easy app to get a decent photo. Bought this app and another and only ended up using this one. People kept coming up to us and asking how we were getting the northern lights to show up using our camera on our phone. The photos aren’t perfect, they’re a little grainy but they’re so much better than nothing and so much better than I was expecting. I don’t think you’ll find a better app for this. I would HIGHLY recommend buying this app. Best app I’ve ever gotten! Thank you!

Liz TP, Feb 25, 2018
Great App! Great Photos!

This app definitely works if you see good Aurora! We saw them two nights in a row in Reykjavík and the first night they were very weak and I didn’t get any good pictures but the second night they were better and I got GREAT pictures! So it somewhat depends on the strength of the natural phenomenon. I used the weak setting. Pics are slightly blurry without a tripod but amazing when you consider its through an iPhone. Most people with us didn’t get pics and I had two strangers ask me to email them my pics because they were so good!!

lizzerama, Nov 24, 2017
Northern Lights in Iceland Captured!

We went to Iceland to see the Northern Lights but we didn't take the right lens for our camera. Our tour guide told us about this app while en route to see the lights and I downloaded it on the way. Wow! was I surprised to see how well the photos turned out. The only thing was that if the lights shined too weak the lens wouldn't capture it, but for 99 cents it's worth the risk. I came home with great memories thanks to this app. I highly recommend it.

RAWRRRRRRR, Apr 03, 2016
Pretty cool app

Took a chance on this app as I was going to Iceland to see aurora lights. Figured 99 cents wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't work, but to my pleasant surprise, this app took decent pictures of the aurora lights!! I say decent because quality can't really compare to a nice digital camera. I compared the stock camera app to this app and this one definitely showed better results 😀

spiraling shape, Apr 14, 2015


This app only does one thing and that's to help you take better photos of the aurora borealis, aka the northern lights. Here's the scenario - so you see the northern lights (!! - awesome for you, by the way), but you don't have a fancy digital camera with you. Thankfully, you have your trusty iPhone or iPad!

OK! Now what?? Do you know the tips and tricks to take photos of the northern lights ? Great, if you do! Enable manual mode; set the focus to infinity; change the temperature to a certain number; change the ISO between certain values; change the shutter speed to something else....wait what...? Don't worry, this app does all of that for you so all you have to do is find those lights. ISO, shutter speed, long exposure mode, temperature, check check check. There are 3 presets that you can choose from based on the brightness of the aurora lights that you're seeing. Those don't work? Try out custom mode until you get that 'good-enough-for-me-to-show-to-my-friends' snap and take as many photos as you'd like! Worth a shot ! (hah..a...was funny when this was typed...)

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