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User Reviews for MyBlock

Waste. Of. Time.

First off I couldn’t upload pictures of my W-2s due to whatever crazy method THAT was. No biggie- I’ll press on. Now I understand that I am an imbecile when it comes to tax work- however last year using TurboTax I felt confident in what I was doing. I was looking for another option and the example pictures look easy to follow. However, once filing, it’s like whiplash. I’m making good head way and then it smacks me with “Oh pay now to go further” so I agree cause, whatever I’ve made it this far and I’m frustrated. It’s 49 bucks and I do have questions anyways so sure. Then it takes me down another confusing rabbit hole and I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. So I’m looking around for a way to get help in the app , a chat bubble, a “?” , a help option - nothing.. even after agreeing to payment. Also the “learn more” buttons next to each new item - not a single one worked. I had a pretty low bar and this was way under. I don’t usually care enough to leave reviews but seriously. Waste. Of. Time.

cherryeddylive, Mar 26, 2021
The best!!!

This app is amazing, just like the company. A LOT of people do not like H&R Block because they think their expensive! But you guys do the best for taxes! And I do mean, THE BEST!! I am so proud of you guys for improving and making sure everyone is understood with terms and conditions and why it happened or didn’t happen! You guys talk about everything! And you make sure those who have been with you for more then 10 years have the best quality and love from your company! You guys are the best! Keep up your love, kindness, and patience! And it will make this business boom more then it ever has!! Thank you so much for helping us! This app is even better and pretty easy to use! I will recommend this app! And I will recommend this tax company before any other! Thank you so much!

DHess78, Nov 15, 2019
“Hammer Ranch”, Stockton CA

If you worry about the way you always get treated while getting your Taxes done; worry no more ,go to information on your phone ask for “Hammer Ranch” Stockton, CA . H&R Block . As far as a Tax advisor, request “Calvin” . I know for a FACT, that Calvin will treat you RIGHT ! He has a special way of making sure you are feeling comfortable sharing your monetary information. He will answer any and all questions you may have, plus supply you with many suggestions for making helpful changes that will increase your chances for a Better return, next year. Calvin has been my H&R representative, for over 15 years , through all of my, and my husbands, ups, downs, additions, as well as those years that didn’t really work out quite as nice as expected. ☹️ Good luck in your search and also know if you do choose Calvin, or a different preparer, you ABSOLUTELY CAN’T GO WRONG, with HAMMER RANCH H&R BLOCK, Stockton, CA . Obviously I can’t boast enough about each and every visit, this goes ditto with the women up front, the actual ones in the office that really are in the trenches, sometimes with some really difficult situations, and always seem to come through unscathed. They are friendly, courteous, Very Professional, and you can always depend on them leading you right in the direction of a HOT cup of “Joe”. I really do love this location, and everyone whose acquaintance I have made . Give em a try ! Karin Maroney, Stockton CA .

K Moffat Maroney, Feb 25, 2020
Liars with Horrible Service

Do NOT use the My Block App!I transferred money to my ePocket, money that I am supposed to have access to when needed. That is a LIE! Instead my screen does NOT show the ePocket icon and when I try to access it I get a blank gray screen. I have contacted the online Emerald Card tech support people and have been lied to, given the transfer from line to line run around, and have been hung up on numerous times. I have been told numerous times that I would receive an email. Then told a call or an email and I have received neither. I have had numerous people give me reference numbers that do NOT appear in the system when I call back and give the numbers. I want the money that I have transferred into the ePocket account! I have been trying to gain access to it for almost 3 weeks now! This is ridiculous and no one should have to go through this! Please do NOT make the same mistake that I have made in trusting this app as I have done.

kingpro8938 mom, Apr 09, 2021
They have done the best for me

I have been using H & R block for 6 years now have never used anyone else my taxes were done so fast this year it didn’t take as long as waiting at the doctors office I was in an out an my federal an state was excepted by the irs by the time I got home that same night I also got an advance loaded onto my card I had the biggest return I’ve had yet this year I have always liked how it goes on my emerald card so there’s no waiting for a check to come in the mail I constantly get updates which I also love so I’m always in the know with how things are processing an I get text alerts every time money is added or removed from my card an it show the remaining balance in the text message so I know exactly how much I have at all times which is a great piece of mind I will always go to H & R block for my taxes they have never done me wrong

mandy bellefeuille, Feb 03, 2020
Emerald card was a bigger step than they could handle

I have had an emerald card since 2019 and honestly it is my worst debit card, since there is no or no atm for this card and you have to pay fees everywhere to use you own card, of course there could be this one ATM 100 miles away that could work with this card. Ever since last year this guys changed their bank for the cards and the old cards got expired on their own; now they haven’t sent me a new card so I can use my account, after spending an hour on the phone with H&R they said that they can make me a new account but they can’t move my own money to it. So now I have a account with H&R with all my cash and they won’t let me access it, funny part is they can’t even access it themselves. That is why I don’t recommend HR emerald card to anyone, simply there is gonna be a lot of headache and they are going to take your money away from you and put in a expired bank account and not be able to fix it for you. Side note: I made 3 phone calls each one of these calls had 1+hour wait on the phone and there is no physical branch, if you go to an office they will encourage you to call them, because they don’t even know what they are doing.

s.behrad, Mar 16, 2021
I don’t know if I will continue to use HR Block

Filed my 2021 taxes via online (no software) paid extra for tax shield, having someone look over them which is all extra. It took her 2 mins to look over both state and fed refunds before she “approved” my refund! I signed them, she efiled them and no I can’t get my documents from anywhere! It tells you to go to “filing summary for a copy” nothing is there. I have reached out to the person to “approved” my refund and I’ve heard nothing back from her. I called the support line and the girl there seem like she was on to something and I will get an email after IT escalation in 3-5 business days. Well now it’s been almost 2 weeks and still nothing. NOW they have updated the app and I can’t even get to my filing summary. “The young lady tells me, I haven’t filed them yet, they still in the cart until she dug deeper” Ive gotten my state refund back so how are they still in my “cart” Oh and don’t worry about going to the local offices, they don’t know anything about online, pretty much used my login to see the same stuff I can see. No help or support for the online way to file taxes that they advertise all day long. My next stop is BBB and the IRS myself!

S.User.21, Feb 16, 2022
H&R Block messed me up with me receiving my stimulus

The IRS sent my stimulus to H&R Block. It took me over ten hours to get in contact with H&R Block for them to tell me that they are sending my stimulus back to the IRS because the IRS sent it to them wrong by putting my stimulus check in a general account with H&R Block. How would the IRS know were to send the stimulus check to if H&R Block didn’t give them that account number originally. H&R Block then lied to me and told me that I could update my information with the IRS once the check is sent back by them but that’s a lie because the IRS said on their website that they were going to send out the checks they way you filed the income tax and that information couldn’t be changed. So now because of H&R Block I might have to wait until September to receive my stimulus!!!! I’m never using H&R Block again!!! They are so uncaring in this time of crisis and when I tried to understand why they couldn’t send me out a card that my stimulus was sent to H&R Block stop answering my questions and I kept saying hello but I had to hang up because the agent refused to talk anymore. This is a disgusting and disgraceful company!!!! They don’t care about their customers. If I could’ve given them zero stars I would have.

Sgaitor385, Apr 17, 2020
Terrible company

Both the app and the website refused to let me even start my taxes. After being on hold for over an hour the phone representative, while polite and somewhat professional, was completely unable to help me. I have been doing my taxes with them for the last 5 years and she told me that my account was in a status that would not let me do anything at all and that I needed to create a new account with a different email address and then see how it goes. When I finally figured out how to get started on my own the app and website constantly tell me that there are items that I need to check off but when I click them it just takes me to a blank page. At this point I am going to have to go in to one of their physical locations just to see if my taxes have even been started and finish them there, while paying their ridiculous fees. I will never do business with them again. As soon as my taxes have been completed for this year I am going to use someone local that is not part of this terrible company that has been lobbying the government for decades to prevent us from doing our taxes like any other first world country. Seriously, I never will use them again for the rest of my life

Sneaky Buffalo, Mar 16, 2022
This app almost makes me regret using h and r block to begin with.

I was so excited to go with h and r block this year since they got me a hell of a lot more money than my other tax service. However I absolutely hate this app! When I open the app it takes several minutes of the spinning wheel before it will actually let me into the home screen to log in and that’s frustrating when all I want to see is the status of my returns. Then once I finally get in if it is at night after about 8ish or so it will do the Face ID and act like it’s going to log in but it just goes back into the login with the Face ID and it keeps doing that and won’t let me in at all but if I try and log in after I wake up in the morning it works just fine. It’s almost like they have something set where you can’t use the app between certain times. But I can use Face ID just fine on any other app at that time and have never had that issue ever so I highly doubt it is Face ID. Plus I’ve had both of these issues regardless of if I’m using WiFi or cellular so that tells me the app is the issue. I’m highly disappointed with this app.

Stelagirl12, Jan 28, 2019


From receipts to refunds, the redesigned MyBlock app is your H&R Block account & the best way to manage your taxes. We’ll help you achieve your best financial life. Feel confident about your taxes and finances all year long with MyBlock.

Our app helps you communicate, plan, and succeed. Connect with experts and advice. Use it whenever you want, on any device you want. It’s easy. Need professional tax help? Get in touch with an H&R Block tax pro any time of the year, with secure messaging, screensharing, and video chat capabilities. Enjoy a stress-free solution for in-person or virtual appointment planning and prep – or switch to a new appointment type whenever you want. Want help managing your tax forms and info? Answer a few quick questions, and we’ll tell you exactly what docs you need to file your taxes. Use your personalized tax organizer to collect your docs and get ready to file your taxes.  Start your taxes before your first appointment by uploading docs and info through the app and answering basic tax questions. Take a pic of your forms to quickly add them to your MyBlock account. Upload receipts, donations, tax forms, and more as you get them throughout the year. No more scrambling for lost docs at tax time. Get quick and easy access to your documents and tax returns — for all of life’s big financial decisions. Estimate your potential refund and keep tabs on your return status after you’ve filed. Want to explore the latest in mobile banking? Manage your H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® – keep tabs on your refund, current balance, and payments as you spend. Save for what matters, with our easy savings tools. Access your credit score through LendingTree to stay on top of your financial goals. Check your Tax Identity Shield account and membership to protect your tax identity and get alerted to potential issues. MYBLOCK: TAXES, PLUS SO MUCH MORE. Your privacy, security, and guarantees are important to us. Please visit hrblock.com to learn more. Privacy Policy: https://www.hrblock.com/universal/digital-online-mobile-privacy-principles.html Service Agreement: https://idp.hrblock.com/idp/Authn/OnlineServiceAgreement.html Data Security: https://www.hrblock.com/data-security/ Guarantees: https://www.hrblock.com/guarantees/

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