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User Reviews for Learn Korean for Beginners


I want to learn Korean because of Kpop and most videos don’t have English captions. This app is really good and the pronunciation itself, amazing! If I continue this journey I’ll be some what fluent.

B.Essence, Jun 29, 2021
Ugh meh

It stops before i can even say the word, it says correct then a half a second later it says not correct. Even me and my friend did a test and put her phone up to my iPad and played what she said and i pressed record and it still said it wasnt correct when it was her saying it, nice concept but an ok app.

damarismae14, Aug 06, 2019

I’m English and already learned most of japanese and now learning korean for culture and BTS! This app is amazing and I favorite all the daily greetings. I love the app and it tells me everything I need to know! I like that I don’t have to sign up to listen to the words! I like this app and I recommend it! I don’t give it 5 because I just started the app so I wouldn’t put it to high! Love it so far <3

Duckalin, Dec 13, 2021
Great app

This app helps a lot I just downloaded it it is fun and gives you steps and you can check yourself to know how to say it.

edibjnrfgiubegifijeirifj, Nov 18, 2020
It’s pretty good!

This app is great for beginners and I just started yesterday but it’s like a game I can’t stop playing it and trying to learn it according to the voice checking to see if your correct. I’m good at saying family members like brother mother father son but that’s what I want to talk about my first word trying to learn it was hello anyeounghaseyo and I feel like I said it almost exactly like the girl said it and I tried again and it still said incorrect but maybe it is my voice that is saying it wrong. But other than that I love this app I recommend. If your learning Korean you should get this app and also maybe another voice checking app:/ but good job creators of this game!

gamergirllala, Feb 20, 2021
Vocabulary Perfect App

This my korean vocabulary fave app so far! Although I want to give four stars at first because writing is not included in this app, I realized this is very helpful especially in terms of korean term spelling so I’ll give 5stars instead. Hihi. I just downloaded a separate app to be pro in hangeul writing.

GlicelleDane, May 13, 2021

This app is amazing I teaches me Korean in 2 months. I don’t even speak Korean and once I found this app I am really good at it. I would totally recommend this app if you want to learn

Jayla Corniel, Aug 09, 2022
Really good app for beginners

I love this app and the vast majority of much needed phrases. My only issue is with the checking sections and microphones. They are unreliable and will mark something as incorrect even though it is exactly what they are asking for. Other than that, I’m very satisfied!!

MiaIsAwesomlyCool1217680, Jun 25, 2020
Useful but needs work

I found the app really useful for learning phrases, but the vocal recognition needs work. I have practiced over and over and still can't get it to recognize most of the phrases. I know my pronunciation isn't perfect, but I've got to be closer than this.

moeberb, Dec 20, 2020
Good app only one problem

It is a very good app I really recommend but when you try to say the word it does not let you say the full word only half so you have to say it fast but then it says your wrong but other than that it’s really good.

sammyp1110, Sep 03, 2021


Learn Korean brings you hours of Korean listening comprehension and practice resources from real Korean native speakers. Listen to correct pronunciation, learn useful Korean phrases, when and how to use those phrases, learn new words, and more! From beginner to advanced Korean speaker, you will find something to suit your level and to help you advance in your study of Korean Method to learn vocabulary, useful expressions and you will gain a good pronunciation in Korean.

FEATURE - Over 50 different beginner and intermediate lessons covering a broad range of Korean words, phrases, grammar, and pronunciation - 6000 commonly-used Korean phrases & words - Search by Korean or English - Native Korean pronunciation - Supporting real sounds and offline - Systematizing exercises, speaking demo helps memorization more effective and enjoyable - In every lesson, you can listen to the audio as well as see meaning, grammar and vocabulary. - Support many language English, Viet Nam, China - Practice Audio pronunciation. - Network access not required. - Useful when you travel Korea With this wonderful app you can study Japanese in the fastest and most effective way! Or if you are traveling to Korea, make sure you bring this app with you! They are very useful for you when you went japan for learn or travel. We think this app will help you improve Korean language Learning Korean also help you to improve your listening skill and immediately respond by Korean without going to class too much. If you are in the early stages of learning Korean, this learn Korean site will be just for you! But don't let the beginners fool you! It contains A LOT of Korean. If you have any question or want more require, contact with us at [email protected] Good luck

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