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User Reviews for 90 Day Korean

Love 90 day Korean program, always has lots of freebies

I love receiving emails from this program and the app is even better. I actually was able to learn Hangul in just one day because of this program. Now i can read and speak full sentences and i hope to continue learning with this program! I definitely recommend this app because the program uses cool tricks and tips to make learning Korean easier! 감사합니다!

BM0914, Nov 08, 2018
A must have app

I’ve been trying to learn Hangul(the korean alphabet) by using the free download pdf and I’m glad that I gave 90 days of korean a shot on learning Hangul. Going through the pdf, I really like how each consonant has like something easy to remember by like for example “ㅋ” is the letter k because it reminds you of a key well part of a key, or “ㅂ” is B because, it looks like a bed. Then, after viewing the 90 days of korean app I really like the way it’s setup and it’s easy to use and navigate through. The app is useful and the information it has is interesting and can be helpful with learning korean and Korea’s culture etc. I’m glad I downloaded this app and look forward for going through it some more. 고맙습니다 to the developers and the others who made this app possible :)

Daedaebae, Nov 05, 2018
Awesome Sauce!

I am so happy that you guys made this app! I signed up for the 90 Day Korean website back in May and I was amazed. I was having the hardest time with learning the vowels and when I opened the 90 Minute Challenge pdf you guys provided me with I had them down within ten minutes. To say I am pleased with the app is an understatement. I love how supporting you guys are to the people who can’t pay for the Inner Circle web course you guys offer. I am most impressed with how different you guys are with the setup and content of the app. I really appreciate the extra bits and pieces you added to it. I’ve been trying to learn more about Korean culture and I don’t know where to start, but you guys set out the perfect trail for me to begin. Thank you guys so much. Keep up the amazing work!

DanielDonoughe, Nov 07, 2018
Hey I’m impressed

Learning another language is really hard as is for a native English speaker but I come from a place where even Chinese is rare which is lovely ol Texas. I started using the website from my laptop then decided to get the app and honestly I really like what they offer. Unlike a lot of apps, you only get a tiny bit of an introduction then you have to pay for the things you actually need. While you still have that with this app it offers a lot more opportunities to people who both don’t have a lot of time nor money. So yeah you could say I’m impressed.

joji-mochi, Nov 07, 2018
Most Helpful Tool for Learning Korean

I have been wanting to learn Korean for a really long time, but I would struggle trying to learn it myself. Then I found the online version of this app where they send PDFs with helpful content to help you learn Korean in an easier way. And now with this app, it has made it more funner and easier to learn Korean and I cannot tell how helpful this has been. I totally recommend using this app to help you learn more about the Korean culture and the proper way to speak Korean.

Kari23103, Nov 05, 2018
Great app!

My Korean language learning experience began with 90 Day Korean! I love them because 1. The lessons are simple, fun, and informative, 2. They have endless posts of every-day useful topics that you can read about, like “how to order food at a restaurant,” and 3. I receive emails about the news, culture, sayings and slangs, and they feel personally written which make it way more enjoyable to read :). It’s definitely an all-in-one package. Even if you’re already fluent, I believe you will enjoy reading about some of their topics and be able to learn something from them. Highly recommended!!

m-k88, Nov 05, 2018
I’ve been waiting! Very impressed!

I’ve used ‘90 day Korean’ before and I’ve been waiting on the app. I am so pleased with the app and the function of it all. I have already used this program to learn and master Hangul. I highly recommend the app for anyone who is a beginner to Korean or anyone learning the language no matter the level. The wording and teaching is easy to understand and leaves a mark in your brain so you always remember. Another amazing help is the app is run and taught by Native Korean speakers. This not only helps the learner to get a clearer pronunciation but also has a higher percentage of the learning being right when speaking. All-in-all it is an amazing app that I greatly use and admire. I also wanna give a huge thanks to the developers and a great thank you for their help towards me and others learning Korean! 고맙습니다!

Mckynzie865, Nov 05, 2018
So Organized and Helpful!

I loved getting the emails to get information about facts of South Korean whether it’s based on the language or culture. And now the fact that it’s an app helps my studies even more! I was just thinking about it a few days prior before the app launched how cool it would be if 90 Day Korean created an app, and it’s finally here!Everything is so organized to where you have different tabs to study from and since it’s an app, you’re able to study on the go (which is what I do since I’m away from my laptop a lot). Like I said before it’s so great and I’m glad I can add this to my Korean studies. Thanks so much!

mxrmaiiid, Nov 05, 2018
Finally, something useful!

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent looking for an app that’s convenient to use and geared towards helping people learn, not taking your money 😭Not only does it help with the language, but educating people about the culture. I’ve been using their email thread to learn, but now I have a whole app to explore! I’m so glad this has finally happened 💜 I really hit the jackpot

Phase Phoenix, Nov 06, 2018

This app is great if you want to learn anything and everything about Korean language and culture. They have vocab to go along with some kdramas and kpop songs. Which helps your pronunciation hearing it in pop culture. This is how my high school French teacher incorporated a lot of our learning and got us into it quickly. It worked wonders. I’m excited to learn a little about the Korean culture as well as the language!

Sisbajsixnsjsj, Nov 05, 2018


Learn the Korean language fast using 90 Day Korean's fun and easy method. The Inner Circle web course will teach you how to have a three minute conversation in Korean in only 90 days! Progress at your own pace, study from your favorite device anywhere you have an internet connection.

You'll get weekly course material that allows you to go at your own pace. Stay on target with motivation from a supportive community in the members area. Sharpen your skills with corrections and advice from your own personal Korean coach. You'll use the 80/20 method, a psychological tool to help you retain information and learn only what you need to know. Never waste time studying unnecessary lessons! Here are some of the reasons why students study with us: Moving to Korea Love of Korean culture Friendship and dating K-Pop fans K-dramas fans Business We publish blog articles related to Korean language and culture, and post to our social media channels daily. Download our app and stay connected!

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