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Learn Korean Hangul Alphabet

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Learn Korean Hangul Alphabet

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User Reviews for Learn Korean Hangul Alphabet


Can you add like practice typing at least would be better but although it’s good I guess

aleahcooprr, Jun 30, 2022
Okay, but not the best.

I downloaded this app because of all the great reviews, and sure it’s nice. However, when you do the flash cards it asks you if you know this consonant or vowel but it gives you the answer, so your not really learning it your just looking at it. The only thing I liked was the test, where they show you a consonant or vowel and you have to click which sound it makes. Overall, there are better apps than this. This doesn’t mean it won’t be helpful to some people, I just personally don’t like how it’s formatted.

bsjsbdlsjsv, Aug 20, 2021
If you want to learn Korean HERE YOU GO

This app is the perfect starting place for learning Korean once you learn Hangul (the Korean alphabet) it makes everything 1000 times easier I can literally read everything even if I don’t know what it means because I know what the letters mean it’s awesome I gave this five stars just because of how much this helped me 11/10 would recommend

chzjdicjdic, Jan 08, 2022
I am only learning Korean because of KPOP

I love this app because it makes Korean much easier and fun to learn. I have been using this app for about 4 months and I am almost fluent in Korean. I really recommend the app to anyone to is interested in learning Korean.

jensiheuehejsns, Apr 10, 2019

i have a question. Does the “0 unknown Letters” supposed to work because i been trying to click it and i’m already done with the other things. please help i don’t understand

kekeokqme,kww, Jan 26, 2021
this app is amazing!

I just started this app and i can memorize Korean letters very easily! like A is ㅏ M is ㅁ it is very easy to use and you can learn any time anywhere ㅋㅋㅋ

kim taesoo, Jan 11, 2021
I’m bad at this but I’ll manage

I’m really bad at this and if the editors could help me then I’ll be able to manage like how do you make a sentence I really don’t understand how to make a korean sentence or a word using korean alphabet but other than that I think it’s a good app and I’ll manage ps please help me editors that made the game cause I really don’t get it

kpop candy, Apr 19, 2019
Only learning Korean cause I like BTS

I love this app. I wanted to learn Korean cause I’m a big fan of BTS. I tried 7 other apps including Duolingo and Rosetta Stone but this app makes Korean so much easier to learn. This is by far the best app to learn Hangul. What are you waiting for download it NOW!

Lillibean_stranger things_22, Jul 18, 2018
I really like this app

I love this app it has already taught me a lot. I love Kpop and when I watch it it shows symbols of things I don’t know. Now that I have started using the app I know a lot more now I am so proud of my self. I have been looking for apps that teach me Korean but I didn’t find anything good. Now that I found this app it has made my life easier and I have always dared myself for new things and learning Korean is one of them. I love this app so much. I love the way that you don’t have to pay for any lessons at all. This is the best app ever I would not know what to do after this app.

makenzie my love, Feb 17, 2020

I have been trying to learn Korean a bit but always struggled with the alphabet. A lot apps quickly take you through the alphabet but learning the letters & understanding what they equate to is key to reading. This app is perfect for me because I am the type who needs flash cards and repetition. This app helped make a big difference in my learning and now I can read a lot more. Bless whoever made this app. It has helped me a great deal.

sugabeats, Jun 26, 2021


Learn to read Korean. It's easy, so start today! PRACTICE FLASHCARDS * Fun and intuitive cards * Drill consonants & vowels * Track your practice * Learn pronunciation TAKE QUIZZES * Test your knowledge * Try to get the highest score * Enjoy confetti with high scores PRONUNCIATION SOUNDBOARD * Listen to pronunciation * View all consonants & vowels * Convenient reference ABOUT * Works offline, no internet necessary * Guide explains Hangul (Korean alphabet) * Supports haptic feedback * Supports dark mode Designed & built in California.

We'd love to know how we can improve your experience, so please contact us at [email protected] or tweet us @FastRobo.

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