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Ivanti Secure Access Client

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Ivanti Secure Access Client

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User Reviews for Ivanti Secure Access Client

Not working for iPhone users

Our hospital uses this app so employees can access the hospital’s intranet for things like signing up to request extra work hours. No one can get it to work from their iPhone which is ridiculous since at least 50% of the employees have iPhones. It’s very inconvenient to have to go to a desktop computer for it to function. I can only get it to work properly on my Window’s desktop. Can someone address this issue for Ascension Genesys Regional Medical Center employees?

amoreyrn, Apr 19, 2018
Automatic start stinks!!

The automatic start of the app gets in the way of using many standard apps, including United Airlines, Avis etc. The VPN blocks content and/or slows apps down to a crawl. I am constantly turning it back off to use other apps, and am super annoyed when it automagically starts back up and kills things again. Please give me a way to shut off the automatic start!

CJcrackers, Jul 19, 2023
Ok, but it’s default is not to automatically reconnect

Connection with my organization is often dropped ( which may not be Pulse’s fault). Sometimes I open Pulse and have to click “Connect.” There doesn’t seem to be a Pulse feature that allows automatic periodic (say, every minute or two) attempts at reconnection. However, I will still give Pulse a few stars, because it is otherwise good..

Dan J. W. 2020, Jan 20, 2020
iOS Features Now don’t work since install

My company used to use another app and I enjoy this interface much more. However, ever since this has been installed, sharing photos and contacted via text/MMS/sms has disappeared. The email and other button is still there, but not text message. This is a feature that is too essential. This needs to be fixed.

Dillon324, Nov 02, 2017
Connect to County BMS Server With Ease

We work with a school county and since they use Pulse we are able to use the mobile app in conjunction with RD app to access their BMS server with 0 issues. Extremely flexible for our needs to remotely (on phone) access the network server.

DXRGuru#1397, Nov 25, 2021
Mobile access

Using this application for mobile access during my work day I find it very reliable!

Freedom & Liberty for all!, Jul 08, 2021
Intermittent connection - no macOS app 😒

**Update: now app won’t work with iPhone iOS14?!? 😖 or 💻 MAC. Seems I cannot use this app at all - kinda useless now. Shame, bc I really liked it 😏when it worked with Apple products. ~~~~~~~~~~Good app... but I lose connection once in a while, it’s a nuisance 🤨; other that pretty good! Wish app was available for macOS Catalina 💻 😏.

NYChiquitita, Dec 18, 2020
iOS 13 broke it

There appears to be a compatibility issue with the iOS 13 upgrade because logging in now shows an all white screen, rather than the adaptive auth prompts. This doesn’t happen when logging in through the iOS Safari browser, so it has to be the app.

orgasmicDANGER, Oct 19, 2019
This vpn needs work

Speed up connect time. Fix integration with Apple mail client to show last update time while waiting for new updates. Fix frequent drops. Fix display so that vpn connected status is observable in some way on home screen. Fix interaction that causes first lines of email viewable on preview, but won’t show in mail client. Fix “validating recipient...” that shows for minutes when composing email.

Phred2222, Feb 09, 2021
Ok apps, but uses a lot of battery power

It is a program required by my company. It works as designed but not very configurable. But my outlook, Skype for business are working fine. But one big catch, it uses a lot of battery power. On my iPhone, it drains battery power so quick that the rate of recharging could not even keep up with the battery draining rate. I was literally watching the percentage of battery levels slowly went down while my iPhone 7 was being charged....

the_desperado, Aug 29, 2018


It is recommended to deploy Ivanti Secure Access Client through MDM solutions. This helps the administrator to control the Ivanti Secure Access Client deployed on the endpoints. Ivanti Secure Access Client, formally Pulse Secure Client, for iOS enables secure connectivity over SSL VPN to corporate applications and data from anywhere, at any time.

Using Ivanti Secure Access Client, user can connect securely to corporate SSL VPN gateway and gain instant access to business applications and networked data from wherever they are. For Client Software EULA, please refer: https://www.ivanti.com/company/legal/eula For Documentation and Release Notes, please refer: https://www.ivanti.com/support/product-documentation#96

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