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Ice Scream 4: Rods Factory

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Ice Scream 4: Rods Factory

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User Reviews for Ice Scream 4: Rods Factory

This game is amazing

I loved your games since evil nun 1 I love all of your games evil nun 1 evil nun 2 mr meat and the ice scream saga I think this game is a big improvement from all you should update the other ice scream games to make it more like ice scream 4 think I liked most is that the factory is explorable unlike some of your other games where you pick a location and go to it I can’t wait to see what you have in the future of the company and can’t wait for your new game

camera has a problem, May 28, 2021
Overall Disappointed

I’ve really come to love the ice scream games and was really hyped to find out that the 4th game is coming but after playing this I found my self disappointed. It’s not a bad game in any way but this game felt really short compared to the other games and it seemed like this game could’ve been twice as long if they didn’t try to set up a 5th game besides the cool atmosphere of the factory and the backstory of Rod this game doesn’t feel finished with the length of the game and the bugs that crashed my game (because of the nonstop ads) I hope the next game is on the way because this can’t be the whole thing.

Greekinthenati, May 28, 2021
Good but... having some issues...

I’ve been having some issues with the robot blocking the control room. I’ve been trying to get in there since like 20 minutes straight now. I did hit the robot with mike’s gun but it dose not work I tried a bomb too but didn’t work either... So... Sometimes the game gets glitchy when you start to play. Can you make it to where Mike’s Gun knocks down the robot blocking the control room?

harbindex, Jun 02, 2021
Please read

I love the ice cream series but the game just felt to fast so I would like in the future that if y’all do a Secret cut scene something like that I would like for it would be hard to get and you’ll be able to do more stuff to get the secret cut scene and make it more enjoyable I still love the game how it is but I would love if y’all added more stuff and it would be more funnier in the future updates and would love it so yea it has a great experience it still so fun and cant wait for other games with rod and more about his past I love what y’all are doing in the series so yea still love it

hijajsjs, May 28, 2021
very enjoyable with a few problems

the game itself is really well created although it didn’t feel like a full gameplay compared to the others. it was DEFINITELY fun and very creative which i love about the fun game. i have seen an issue with the mystery key i have completed the game two times in a row. the mystery where it says it’s supposed to be is not there, so i hope that could be fixed if possible. i really hope to see another game so i can have some really fun time playing these games. although one issue loved the game.

lf cheer, Aug 08, 2021
Enjoyed it but needs some work still

I personally preferred dealing with the robot over rod, like in your previous games . It wasn’t as difficult , which was something that turned me off from your other games. I liked that we had the ability to punch it and get away . Like others have said , this game is way too short compared to the others . It doesn’t feel finished and was hoping for more content , but with saying that , I still highly enjoyed playing this and would highly recommend . I did run into an issue where an ad popped up and suddenly the screen went black and I was unable to click out of it . I turned off my phone and when coming back I had to start over completely . Why is there no save feature ? I can’t even pause it because my phone will just shut off eventually and I’ll lose the progress I’ve made . It’s happened twice now and I find myself carrying the phone with me to whatever thing I have to do in between playing , hoping I won’t have to start over again . Definitely frustrating to say the least but I commend the devs on their hard work

Lolathebunny89, Jun 08, 2021
A good game.

Well this is the first review, The menu is really good, And a lot of improvements than the old game, However... I’ve Come with 2 Issues. 1st issue is that On IOS 12+ It crashed instantly when I Tapped the “Play” button, 2nd issue Is that the Screen Glitches And gets corrupted After Rod moves the ice cream in the main menu 10 times, Overall I would rate it 5 stars. It is a very good game indeed, Lots of cool things, An awesome main lobby! Very good indeed.

Nazmur, May 28, 2021
This is a Epic game!! I have a cool idea!

Hello a big fan of ice scream series! If you could added skins for rod and we could choose what skin we wanted for rod and when we press play rod will have the skin that we chose in the intro and in the map. Examples: Spongebob rod, zombie rod, also if we could make our own skin for rod that would be cool if there will be a part 2 of is4 rod could be chasing us and we would have to dodge objects!

Nintendofan2021, Jun 19, 2021
One issue but this game is great

Why is the joystick so large now. Like when i go into the game as soon as i open it. The joystick looks like how it was when the app was on its 1.0/1.1 stage of development. But when i open the settings menu, it changes from the normal size to the large size. Is this planned to be fixed when ice scream 6 releases? The same thing happens in ice scream 5.

scammersareSTUPID, Dec 11, 2021
needs improvement

Hi. I like ur game series. But I do have a few complaints about this game.First off, I can not beat any other of your games including ice scream 1, 2, and 3. But this game, ice scream 4, I can easily beat in under 45 mins. And I probably could of beat it quicker if I didn’t spend all of my time on stupid useless items I didn’t even need to kill Boris like the step stool or the ice creams. Speaking of Boris, that’s the whole game. You kill Boris. End of story. It was probably the shortest horror game I’ve played in my LIFE. But in all ur other games, I could graduate from COLLAGE before I finish them. But I love ur game concept too. Thank you for your time <3

seeswwwe234411, May 29, 2021


After having rescued your three friends from Rod’s clutches on several occasions, the evil ice cream maker has captured them yet again and, this time round, has taken them to his factory. In the previous installment, J made his own special ice cream with the ingredients your friends had collected to fatten up and let Rod capture him. In this new chapter, Rod will take you to his factory, where you’ll find out more about both his past and that of the Sullivan family.

Explore the different areas of the factory, square up to the ice cream maker’s mysterious helpers and uncover many more surprises. Free your friends from their cages before anyone ends up in the extraction room! A few features: - New enemies: Confront Rod’s new helpers—the Mini Rods. The factory guards who’ll try to stop you escaping and will alert Rod if they see you. Show off your skills by dodging and escaping them. - Free exploration: For the first time in the saga, freely explore a vast, interconnected setting, free from loading times, that’s full of secrets about Rod’s past and that of his father’s, Joseph Sullivan. - Fun puzzles: Solve ingenious puzzles to free your friends from their cages. - Narrative cinematics: Detailed cinematics that will help you understand everything that’s going on. - Original soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the world of Ice Scream with its unique music in step with the saga, and voices exclusively recorded for the game. - Hints system: If you get stuck, there’s an in-depth hints window full of options that will help you solve the puzzles in line with your gaming style. - Different difficulties: Play at your own pace and explore risk-free in ghost mode, or confront Rod and his helpers in the different levels of difficulty that will really put your skills to the test. - A terrifyingly fun game suitable for all audiences! If you’re after a scary, fantastical, fun experience, then be sure to play "Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory” now! Action and frights guaranteed. Headphones are recommended for a better player experience.

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