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User Reviews for Ice Scream Friends Adventures

Ice scream 7 best game in the factory series my review on the factory series including ice scream 7

After ice scream 3 I did ice scream 4 and it sucked then ice scream 5 was a little better but the puzzles were easy then ice scream 6 was better but took me a while then ice scream 7 *spoiler alert* we finally go outside after 3 games after beating the game we get rod following Charlie and starts trying to break the safe room door when is ice scream 8 coming and when are we going to get mr meat 3

Buggie118, Jan 30, 2023

I only put 5 stars so you can see!!! I was in ghost mode when I suddenly got and advertisement about a game called move animals! I clicked the exit button but it kept taking me to the App Store to download the game. No matter how much I try to press the other exit buttons, it’ll always take me there!!! It’s really annoying, when I checked my AppStore, I saw that I clicked thousands of times of the app called move animals! Btw there is too many ads especially your game ice scream 3.I love you❤️, Keplerians but it’s just this little problem.… also why does Thinknoodle’s name has to be in all your games especially Mr meat 2 and Ice scream? Just curious not that I’m hating on him cuz I love him 😍 but did he use to work for y’all? I just don’t understand.Love ❤️ From Liberia 🇱🇷 To Keplerians 🥶😱

cocomelon doo doo, Mar 30, 2023
Please please have us Not have to buy the remove ads thing

Ok keplareins why do you have us by remove ads I just don’t understand why you thought that was a good idea please please just please change this ice cream 6 is out and I am just just please this is a huge huge problem that I want you to change so if you see this please please change it I don’t want to be playing ice cream six why are you having to watch ads so just change this

Disappointed49275, Dec 17, 2021

So I first found out about ice scream a few years ago I didint know much about keplerians but I fell in love with the game it was the one that really caught my attention I loved the story and gameplay and would draw rod a lot still do I mainly wrote this to say something obviously to rate the game but mainly to say please don’t kill off rod I think all of the players like him and his story is probably one of the main reasons a lot of people play to find out more about his story and his fathers dark legacy of course the game play is good but the story keeps it interesting a ending me and I’m sure a lot of others would like is 1: the kids are captured and rod gets his way new reports say there is a ice cream kidnapper rod is never caught and continues to kill and sell ice cream but just a thought completely up to the team to make the endings but all aside this it a great game I’m really speechless and I must say well done ❤️🍦

et lover 123, Apr 23, 2022
Great game but…

It’s a great game but the thing is, can’t you name the chapters only by the name of J’s friends, and not by numbers, it just makes it seem like Ice Scream is spanning too many sequels, I don’t like how people are like hey, Ice Scream 7 is almost out, have you played Ice Scream 6, how about just have it as Ice Scream Friends Adventures and have it just regular three chapter named the kids names, and not numbers, it just feels like Ice Scream has too many sequels. On the Main Menus of each chapter, maybe replace the title with always saying “Ice Scream 5 Friends (insert J’s friend’s name here)

fnaf liker, Aug 09, 2022

well I’ve been really into the games recently but once I got to #6 it all went down hill. I was trying to create the lock pick and it was giving me the option to make it. I deleted the game and tried to see if that would work but it didn’t. So i don’t know what’s wrong with it, if it’s a glitch or what but it just won’t work. I was able to make the pick the first time I played it but after I lost, and had to restart it wouldn’t work.

i just wanna finish the game, Jun 29, 2022
Glitch in game but fun

There’s a glitch on the game where if you play easy, medium, or hard mode Rod and his mini robots won’t catch you even if you are close to them. This prevents me from getting the crowbar that’s in the cage room because the only way to get it is by being caught by Rod. However, the game is very enjoyable and I have enjoyed playing the previous games.

JehejefjdiwgekauwvskH, Dec 29, 2021
Great game but one problem

As a fan of the ice scream saga this is one of my favorite horror games ever! But, there is a problem that might be hard to fix. When I purchased remove ads on ice scream 6 because I was to lazy to just turn my internet of, I though It would last for all the other chapters. Now when I play on normal easy or hard on ice scream 6 or 5, the enemies dont see me at all which really ruins the challenge of being sneaky. Please fix this glitch keplerians and a merry christmas!

keksknalsp k, Dec 23, 2021
Good but also bad

I was so happy to get this game but I was playing it and it started to lag and it closed me out of the game then I had to restart then I did restart and it didn’t let me get hints anymore. I was so exited but all I did was get mad because it crashed. What you need to do is whenever someone exits the game and comes back let them continue where they left off and they don’t have to restart. Thank you.

kshydhfnrjdu)ks, Sep 18, 2021
Good but one question

I love ice scream 5, and 6, they are both very awesome and cool and good, but when will ice scream 7 come out? Because the fans of ice scream, including me, have been waiting for like half a year. It hasn’t even come out when I finished third grade yet. So please tell the fans of ice scream and me, when ice scream 7 come out. Because ice scream 6 came out like one to two weeks after ice scream 5 came out. But it’s been longer than that for ice scream 7 to come out. So please tell the fans and me when it will come out please!!!🥺

mandoman10737, Jun 08, 2022


In previous chapters you freed your friends from their cages by preventing them from ending up in the extraction room. But you didn't manage to get them very far, because Rod appeared at the last moment and they had to hide again. Your friends are now in different parts of this huge ice cream factory.

You need to reunite them all and defeat Rod, the evil ice cream maker, once and for all. In this new installment you will be able to play as J's friends. For the first time you will be able to change player and go back to being J. when you need to. Explore the new parts of the factory, confront the ice cream man and his helpers, and reunite the 4 friends together again. Features of the first chapter within this game: -Play as Mike and solve the puzzles to meet J. again. -New mini-game inside the factory! -Unlock new cutscenes to better understand Rod's past. -New areas and enemies to discover. Features of the second chapter of this game: -Play as Charlie and solve new puzzles so they can all be reunited. -New mini-game inside the kitchen! -Unlock new cinematics to discover the story of Joseph Sullivan. -Explore the kitchen and meet the one in charge of it. Features of the third chapter of this game: -Play as Lis and Mike to solve new puzzles and bring the whole group together at last. -For the first time, exchange items with another character to solve the puzzles. -New mini-games inside the laboratory! -Find out more about Rod's early years with Sister Madeline. -Explore the two parts of the laboratory: Chemistry and Robotics. -Revisit locations from the early Ice Scream games with Charlie. New chapters with J's friends will be included in future updates.

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