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Dark Riddle: Scary Neighbor

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Dark Riddle: Scary Neighbor

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User Reviews for Dark Riddle: Scary Neighbor

Why the update?

It’s been a while since I’ve played this so I decided to redownload it.. horrible mistake. I loved this game and gave it 5 stars. After a while I got bored of it and deleted it. I was bored so I got it back. The first think I noticed is you put a border at the walls. I didn’t mind that because I could see how that could make the game easier.. but it was still annoying. Not to mention how you need to pay MONEY for items. It used to be you could collect apples to buy items. “packs” and “apple carts”???? Seriously???? This game was better before. I just wish you didn’t make people have to PAY for their apples.. seriously. I thought this game was better than this 😐

a very happy reviewer, May 01, 2021
Great Updates!🍓

This game is so much fun! The neighbor looks like a farmer, just a bit, and the tasks that you have to complete are a little challenging. But this game is for little kids though, so I’m glad there’s no bad parts in it. The updates are great! But I miss the music when I first got it. When I updated it, the music changed, and when it had another update, then it was nighttime. But it had the same music as the first update. Thanks for your hard work, and I hope that another great update can come out soon!

BenJamin Alsop, May 10, 2020
Loved It even when it first debutted!!!!

First off, this game was an absolute puzzler and fun game! It’s perfectly balanced with very good physics and AI, but also a GUARD?! Now i first got this when it came out. Yeah a few updates that’s for sure, but this is the BEST UPDATE YET. The Overall world is perfect and vibrant. Perfect for chases with the neighbor! I’d love it if you added a few more neighbors but they only get angry like the main neighbor if you try throwing things at them like the guard to leave a little more personality to the town. Also i need to know what’s in the basement. There’s gotta be more to this. Keep the app going! Love it

daisysesi, Mar 11, 2019
A m a z i n g

The graphics are really good you guys keep up with the good work. When I broke my leg this was the first game I installed the music is amazing 😻 I love this game so much the basement redesign looks so much cooler then it was before, when I was five I did not like the game because I was a little rager but now it’s amazing 🤩 the chase song is amazing i I did it on piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, and more this game is absolutely amazing distracting the neighbor is cool because I have some time to get something’s. You guys inspire me. And what’s the real neighbor’S name?. When you get caught it’s very unexpected I laugh because it takes me by surprise that’s why I recommend it to friends and we did a basement challenge to see who can reach the basement first on insane mode or was it hardcore mode I forgot it’s fun! I play with ads because I like to rethink my game plan every thing is amazing I can’t explain ok I sm going to play more dark riddle and see what the neighbor is is hiding cheers mate!!! 😁😁😉 p. S don’t listen to the haters I think it’s mighty fine sir or ma’am I really don’t now bye!!! Pp.s when I say cheers mate I am from the u.k.( :

do youu now da way, Jan 19, 2023
I will give this a three star

The reason why I will give this game a three star is because of the cop always seems to be like a neighbor but he’s not and he ends up killing you I would also like there not to be a fence because grabbing a box is just to much to do just to get thoughts fence I would also like to add is that you can’t seem to open up the front door 🚪 without finding a key 🔑 and that is a little to much cause after all you have to start somewhere when you get inside the neighbors house but other then that the game is great 👍🏾 and I like playing it those are just somethings that I would like you to fix and thank you for hearing me out

Duane Be Lit, Feb 03, 2019
Love it

So at the beginning I was like nah then I was wow I love it and I got to the end so cool you got to battle space ships like I died so much but at the end it was amazing and said it will continue yes love the game I got a suggestion so continue the game and then when you do more of the game you should show the girl that was in the capsil and make her the neibors daughter who makes her be the boy’s boyfriend and at the same time spies on him and also please bring back at the beginning where you have to go to the back and look into a window for him to see you well that’s all god bless who read this!!!🌸🌸❤️‍🩹

Gfgdhtgdftyydghhgf, Jul 28, 2023
It became fun and now it became Ohio stuff

Since I played this game back in 2020 The game was fun and all but when I saw the really old version 2019 what controllers and back in that version was really cool better but the ones here now in the Pleasant really trash please bring the old controllers back the old eyeball controller like the really really old one because I really miss the classic I saw the classic game but it was the same as the really really old one version so please make the really really really old version game please update dark riddle classic I hope you respond

hi my neme is damian, Mar 25, 2023
Loved this game!

I’m going to be honest, I was not expecting much of this game. My initial thoughts were that it would be a crappy knock off of Hello Neighbor. I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun it was! In the first level, I was a bit confused because in order to sneak into the room with monitors, you had to either short circuit the lock with the shocker or use the silver key card. One time, I shot the neighbor and he dropped the key card. All the other times he did not. However, I loved the lay out of the house and how there were several other enemies. The basement was very cool, and easy for me because the neighbor was having a hard time getting past the boxes to get through the door! The alien level was great- however, I was curious about the girl in the other capsule thing. When I interacted with it, it told me it was locked, and I could not find a key or switch to open it and see if she could be an ally or something. Overall, I throughly enjoyed this game and greatly appreciate the thought put into the app and that it is free :)

irvdi eoc, Mar 11, 2021
I love it

I love the game I was not expecting much of the game 3 acts like wow I thought it would be like 1 or 2 acts 3 just amazed me act 1 was fun at first I keep trying to get the shovel from Peter I keep frustrated because he would not do anything but few days after I figured out where the seed was I defrosted it gave it to Peter unlock the basement. It was just huge and I was so small I thought the basement would be a little smaller I got lost sometimes a few weeks later I got out of the basement. Then I like how many acts are there it took me 6 weeks to find all the little batteries things before I got in the ship I started looking around for some key for the little girl in the pod thing but never found one so then I got the electric gun and shot the pod to see if it would open like the door that took me to the Camera room but it did not work so then I blasted if I kept wondering about the girl I hope in the next act I be able to save her but other than that I love the game.

jai jai1215, Aug 27, 2022
Nice long hard game in a very challenge

This game is actually giving honest opinion it really hard very long but it's actually really good for an old game. I still play this when I was younger actually the classic but this is a really kind a good game and this reminds me of actually hello neighbor, the things how they're set and how they designed and I really hope they make my part because this is a really good game and I can't believe I came back to this game after so many years because I played this one classic was out and this game was actually really fun even though it's not high value it's really good and I love it. I can't wait to play part two and part three.

Jdicjcjdndndnncncn, Aug 26, 2023


Neighbors can sometimes create problems more serious than noise at the wrong time of the day. In this game you have to face an unusual neighbor, whose home is full of chilling secrets. Get into his house unnoticed, bypassing all the traps and video cameras, and get to the truth that can shock you!

The main character in this interactive thriller is yourself, thanks to a realistic camera from the first person perspective. Moving to a new home, you discover some oddities in the behavior of your unsociable neighbor from the house across the street. He never leaves his home, from which strange and unsettling sounds can be heard, like cries. And one dark night a neighbor drags out of his house a bag with something that resembles a human body. It becomes clear that something suspicious is going on. You can not stay away - you need to get into the neighbor's house and find out what's happening inside! However, this will not be so easy to do! Each corner of his yard is adorned with a movable video camera, and all doors and windows are securely locked. And the neighbor himself is a rather dangerous person who will stop at nothing, just to hide all his dark deeds. If he discovers you, you are unlikely to be able to leave his house alive! Stay unnoticed, use your own ingenuity and uncover a terrible secret! Features: Advanced camera system from the first person perspective, allowing you to move around freely and look without any delay! Finding and using useful items. Find a flashlight, pimples, keys, gas cans and much more - all this will come in handy in the neighbor's house! Constantly watch your back - the neighbor can lie in wait for you anywhere! In a critical situation, you can try to escape and take shelter in your own home - the horrendous neighbor will not be able to get through to catch you! Your goal is the basement of the neighbor’s house. The key to unraveling all the terrible secrets is somewhere there! A stunning soundtrack, the sinister melodies - all of it perfectly convey the atmosphere of a mystical thriller! Will you be able to get to the bottom of the truth, or will you become another victim of an ominous neighbor?

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