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User Reviews for Evil Nun 2 Origins

Awesome game

I am a huge fan of evil nun. When i found out that there was a second one I was very exited. The second evil nun definitely isn’t a disappointment, but it could be better. I really like how this game is executed. It is down really well. I really enjoy solving the puzzles and piecing together the lore. The cutscenes are creepy and awesome. There are some things I don’t really like though. Darker mode barley makes it darker. Also I really liked the coin system from the first game. I get that this is a different game but maybe consider adding something similar the the coin system. One more thing is that it can be unfair sometimes. I know it’s supposed to be a challenge, but I find myself just sitting in vents waiting for gummy to go away. Maybe make him move around a bit more so he doesn’t stay in one room for to long. Other then that it’s an amazing game. Keep up the hard work.

&/@):, Feb 14, 2021

Hi, it's Autumn again, Evil Nun 2 is pretty good, I like how they got an actual kid to do the voice of the player, his name is Elliot Bratton. I also love Tamara Ryan as the voice of Evil Nun, which in this game, her name is revealed to be Sister Madeline, well, it is actually revealed in Ice Scream 3. And want to get Tamara to be a voice actor for my Mr. Crazy Shrimp cartoon that I'll make when I'm older, she'll be a guest voice for an episode. Also, poor Madeline for losing her daughter Elisa, I all of a sudden like the name Elisa, it's Lisa, but with an E before it. Maybe someday, the Keplerians company could make another Evil Nun game, and have Elisa's spirit come back, and maybe give Elisa a voice, perhaps, I... could be the voice of Elisa? Goodness, I just really want be a voice for all my favorite games and animations. Now then, very great game! All just so amazing! Goodnight. 🌙

Auddie07, Sep 02, 2021
A true best horror title 2

Alr where do i start again? Yeah well, ITS SO MUCH BETTER, OH MAN YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SCARED I AM PLAYING THIS. OH MAN, Bro her chickens scare the living crap out of me, When gummy catches me im always scared that Madilene will catch me. Without stuff like The explosive dipper and doll from the last game, Man i stuggle even Unlocking the attic without being scared Crapless. So yeah, Oh and the backstory of the lore? Man what an awsome touch. Gosh keplerians i remember when your game used to be called THE NUN and there was no backstory. Not to mention it was the Doll puzzle without the doll. I sure wish i couldve played it. But i got to play the rest of your masterpieces. I HAVE A WHOLE CATEGORY DEVOTED TO YOUR GAMES!! But yeah once again Un magnicifico juego en general!

Cloud3s, Apr 09, 2023
The ads on ghost mode

okay so the game is good but the ads like in ghost mode a ad will be done right but right after like 10 seconds later boom another ad😤 it makes me mad cause I will exit the ad then 10 seconds later a ad will start in 5 seconds since your using ghost mode and why can’t you make it so you don’t get ad during ghost mode ghost mode is suppose to make so you can look around and find we’re items are at when You play without ghost mode You know where stuff is at and if you keep ads in ghost mode then you should at least make it so it’s like you get them every 3 minutes

hipersyth, Dec 18, 2020
First review great app! :)

The app is pretty good it has good movement when you move your screen I have just one problem sometimes my screen glitches and it moves it like backwards or if I’m facing backwards it will go forward but I should expect this because this game is new and it will get some updates but! Great games! :D Also when I was playing I feel out the map lol Idk why it did it but since this game is new I’ll let slide :)

Hyunnindorkie, Dec 06, 2020
Help me so I can play

I tried to play but when I start it takes me to my home screen I’m using a iPad so it should not do that I can play it on my moms phone and it works I play it on my nanas phone it works I don’t see why it won’t work for Me tried to get an update on my iPad then I tried to get an update on evil nun 2 that’s weird it said it had an update on December 7 but it didn’t I tried to get it on December 4 but it said that it was preorder so I took it off of my pre ordere and then I download it but when I played it it took me to my home screen

mc046, Dec 20, 2020
This game is great!

Hello KEPLARIANS I have been looking forward to you games for a long time also I am one of your fans cause I watch a lot of people make videos and stuff and this game is great but I found I tiny problem sometimes if you are stuck behinds doors you glitch through the wall but there is no other problems and this game is very fun also the origin story is pretty awesome and there are multiple ending that makes it more cool. Also I have an idea why don’t you make a cool secret ending where you have to get certain items or do certain things but anyway I hope many people enjoy this game it’s great and bye and I’ll report any problems in the future so thank you KEPLARIAN’S for making this awesome game! Bye!!

one fish boy, Dec 06, 2020

This game is the past of the original game the evil nun I have all the games by this developer and this game is also getting a big update on February 12th we’re we get to discover how the nun became ugly and evil the devs worked really hard n this game and I love itThere is no lag at all and the quality is really good also go check out the other games by the developers as one of there series’s is the ice scream series and the and we learn in ice scream 3 the the evil nun is the ice cream mans mom the evil nun’s real name is S.MAKA Sister Madeline. Overall this is a really good game and I recommend you get the original to as it is very very scary.

Pacoswabby, Feb 10, 2021
Awesome 😎 game

So I played this game and it is so easy the first try you need to find the key to get OUT!!! second try you kill the nun and the chickens and the third try you need to get out make to chickens normal make the nun make rod born calling the god or fire god and I think you restart and the forth to first and start over I don’t know because I did not do all of that I did not get the mask on evil nun 1 I’m a noob ok I beat ice scream 1 and 2 but not 3 and I’m going to play mr meat on easy mode one day or today. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

parrrs, May 21, 2021

HiI’ve waited a long time for this game to come out and when I play the game it crashes and takes me to the home screen. I waited for the next updates but it still didn’t work. I know I’m not the only one who is having the same problems as me. I’m concerned if my device is broken or if it’s the game itself. Please fix this all of your other games work for me except this one.

Random person ee, Jan 10, 2021


The “Evil Nun” is back, but this time get ready for a different level of horror in the Nun games school! We know you are a big fan of horror games 3D, haunted house games, adventure escape games and all types of horror games, but what you have been really waiting for is to play again the Nun game. From all the scary stories you have heard and all of the terror games you have played, this scary granny's one is by far the worst, and we know you love it!

That's why we are bringing her back in one of the best scary escape games we have ever made! Here, you will face dangers with the same level of threat as a serial killer, like Mr. Meat, or even the scary ice cream man from Ice Scream, Rod. Say "Hello neighbor!" again to one of your most beloved horror characters. From all the free scary games, the “Evil Nun 2” is the one that will give you the most nightmares, more than any horror stories. If you want horror games for kids, this is definitely not your game, because our game will surely jumpscare you while feeling the anxiety of a horror escape room. The “Evil Nun part number 2” will be for sure an amazing terror experience, but it will also offer you to know about the dark past of Sister Madeline the scary granny that stars our creepy games saga. Be ready to survive the different thriller scary stories you will be trapped in while trying to beat the Nun game. As in all of our scary escape games, you will have to use all things in your hands to escape, not like in scary games for kids: -Be careful not to make any noise! Like in Ice Scream, Madeline and her monsters will hear you for sure. -Explore all secret places in the nun horror game school, much bigger and with more rooms than you think. -Hide like your favourite horror stories characters, it's the key to survival! -Make sure you craft weapons to fight back in a nun horror game shooting, this is one of the worst evil games you will play! -Monsters will make the school almost a haunted house, so run whenever you see one of them. Remember this an adventure escape! -Solve all the puzzles that you won't find in other creepy games. But more important than anything, enjoy your adventure escape! “Evil Nun part number 2” is made by horror games for free lovers, just like you. We are in love with our games and we really enjoy giving players awesome experiences that can be shared with everybody. Make sure you download this free horror game and enjoy it as much as we do! And don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments!

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