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MyGnar, Inc.
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User Reviews for GNARBOX App

Competently implemented utility

This is a companion app to the Gnarbox storage device, so it’s of little interest to users who don’t have a Gnarbox, but is indispensable for users who do.The developers have done a good job, though. The app is straightforward to use, and the UI is clear and attractive. It does what it needs to do, and I haven’t encountered any errors or problems. Initial setup — connecting to the Gnarbox via the built-in network or a home network — can be a little fiddly, but once that’s out of the way, everything else works pretty much as you’d expect.

angusmci, Sep 17, 2019
Love presets and preview!

I love this app. The ability to define presets for my different cameras (and friend’s cameras) makes backing up photos and videos during multi day adventures a breeze. In addition, the ability to generate the video file previews in bulk allows for much quicker scrubbing In LumaFusion. Highly recommend.

Denver Joey K, Sep 10, 2019

This is a brand new product for me and it’s got some great potential for organizing and backing up files. This product would definitely get 5 stars from me if or when I can store my files directly to my NAS ( just like drop box system( synology uses an app called drive that seems similar to Dropbox)).

DuBDzO, Aug 14, 2019
Great thus far

Being able to backup sd cards quickly, accurately and easily on site is great in itself, but the Safekeep app also lets you do really crucial tasks like rename files, customize folder structure and even transcode media before even plugging into a computer which means I can start processing immediately before even driving home from the shoot — just saves a lot of time in post and peace of mind before I leave location

FilmSchoolFlunky, Oct 02, 2019
On the Road Backups made Simple

Works with the newly released GnarBox 2.0. V2.4 fixes compatibility with iOS 13. This app and device make it extremely easy to backup and review images from your iPad on the road in Field mode or while at home in Home mode. You are download your files from the GnarBox 2.0 to two separate locations at the same time. You can setup presets to store your files into a folder structure that fits your unique workflow. It is nice that you can modify both the SSIS of the GnarBox as well as the password to ensure the privacy of your data.

GaryD60, Sep 24, 2019
Has Promise to be a powerful backup solution

The app is still in its early stages, but it already has the capability to reliably backup multiple SD cards from any camera. The process for setting up automatic backups is fairly simple and straightforward, although a few options need better explanation. I’d like to ability to set up deduplication of photos if, say, I changed the rating of a photo using the Selects app. I don’t want to have a second copy imported from the card the next time I back up. Overall, if you value having a backup in the field, especially if you have a camera with a single SD card slot, the Gnarbox 2.0 is an ideal tool.

Jordan Cowan, Aug 31, 2019
Best product in class

It makes me feel sad to see this company run out of business. It’s the best portable backup solution out there and this last software release it’s a proof of it. The new backup presets make it possible to use it in productions where you have more than a camera (camera A, camera B, etc), helps you classify your pictures based on the camera model which is a HUGE timesaver when working on weddings and it allows you to upload your files to the cloud overnight. Like I said, best product in class!

Michael Smith Eilson, Feb 03, 2022
Quality first version

Just got my Gnarbox 2 a couple weeks ago. This application is key to getting the pictures off my SD cards and backed up while on the go. Then back up from the Gnarbox to my PC when back home. Looking forward to improvements in the app as the iterate on it.

MikeScott8, Sep 16, 2019
One of a Kind Field Workflow

This turns the Gnarbox into an exceptional device for any photo or video professional. I love the ability to begin a transcode into proxy files and all the ability to customize and rename my files before sitting down at a computer.

mygosh_josh, Sep 17, 2019
Where has the company gone?

There is no website, what happened to the developer. The product looks sooo awesome but now it seems you are defunct? Could you point me to your website? So hoping I’m wrong.

PilotArcher, Mar 30, 2022


*This app requires GNARBOX 2.0 SSD hardware.* GNARBOX is an incredible field backup experience for photo and video professionals – with desktop-class file/folder organization and sleek tools to manage your files on and across storage devices while you're in the field. • Backups with xxHash64 or MD5 Checksum Verification: Secure your files to and from memory cards, storage drives, or your GNARBOX internal SSD with an easy-to-use interface. Checksum verifications that give you the assurance of successful file transfers. • Organize Files and Folders: Organize and rename your files and folders for streamlined navigation. • ProRes Video Support: For videographers who need to preview their footage GNARBOX supports ProRes and other codecs typically used in video production to review their footage before leaving the set. • Backup Presets: Set up shortcut folder structures to automatically organize your files when you back up. Use pre-written names, sub-directories, dynamic dates, and even sort your files by file extension. • Task Management: You'll always know the status of transfers and tasks – just tap the Tasks indicator to explore and manage the queue. • Cloud Upload Manager: Upload files and folders to Dropbox or Frame.io when you reach WiFi. • Plus many more features to save you time and increase the reliability of your workflow. —— *What is GNARBOX?* GNARBOX 2.0 SSD is a rugged backup device for pro content creators who need the most reliable way to back up their files in the field.

Unlike other storage solutions, its compact design and powerful on-board backup features make it effortless to manage files without a laptop. With up to 1TB internal SSD, SD slot, two USB-C ports, and a mobile application interface to complete essential workflow steps before arriving to the studio, GNARBOX will save you time and make you a more reliable creator.

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