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User Reviews for Air Remote Mobile

Out of Box Failure- Detection problem from app on iphone

App is installed on iphone 8+ and air case connected to Nikon d750. Tapping on app returns detection failure message. Tapping on app return case detection failure message. Disappointed. Note: Charged Case Air overnight but light show yellow/orange and not green when on camera.

Alabdra📸, Jul 12, 2020

While changing the shutter speed or iso the histogram never updates. Only way to see if I have the correct setting for me is to go into library and view photo and try again. I have new software. If I’m doing something incorrectly let me know please! I’m using Nikon d 810. What’s the use tethering if I don’t see live update?if there is a fix I will update my review.

Auerdoan, Apr 11, 2021
New app is excellent

I downloaded the new app and I am extremely happy with it. It has the ease of use and functionality I need and it works very smoothly

Bismoney, Dec 28, 2019
Needs an update.

Updated my Apple OS and now can’t get the air remote to work

Canonvic, Sep 19, 2020
Can’t find camera over and over

This thing is great when it works, but when you need it with a client if fails and fails a lot. Not reliable. It is downright embarrassing to use this.

cliffclof, Mar 03, 2021
Not Working on iPhone 14!!

Just purchased this little device to work with my 1DX Markll and iPhone 14. Unfortunately no matter what I do it cannot find the device on the app. It works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S20+ so I know I’m setting it up correctly. Only the 20+ is a company phone so I need it on my iPhone.

Jdom58, Mar 30, 2023
Doesn’t work on iPhones

Does not connect at all on iPhone... any of my iPhones. Would sometimes work on my iPad, but no luck on phone. Very disappointed.

kaelstai, Mar 28, 2021
Reading developer responses helped

I was struggling to get the software to do what I wanted - show fully downloaded images on my iPad for preview rather than relying on the tiny display on the back of my camera. I was shooting in RAW with my Nikon d850 and images were never downloaded. After reading developer comments, I’m now shooting RAW + jpg basic with “Save Images” and “Ignore Raw” settings in the app. Takes about 5 seconds for image to load which is probably about all the wireless tech will allow. I’m not sure how large the jpg file is but it’s a 45 megapixel sensor... obviously can’t wait for the image on every shot, but let’s me check image quality and lighting before the shoot really begins. I’m using this in the field where bringing a computer just is too bulky

LMC12345***, Jan 24, 2020
Does not connect Sony A7III

I recently purchased the Air Direct and have not been able to connect my camera to neither the Mobile application or the MAC software. When opening the App it never finds the camera and cannot use the Air Direct (I have tried in my IPhone XR Version 13.3, IPad Pro 13.3 and Mac Book Pro.... I have a SonyA7III... I have also tried to contact you through costumer support with no response, and through Instagram... please provide a solution.

Raul Farfan, Jan 26, 2020
Wth ?

This app did not work as it claimed it would or i am unsure about it being able to control and pair any remote wireless camera any help or suggestions??

techNO impaired old lady, Apr 18, 2020


The Air Remote Mobile Tethering App, from Tether Tools, has compatibility with Canon and Nikon cameras and is a free companion software for the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System and the Case Air Wireless Tethering System. This software will only work in conjunction with Tether Tools wireless hardware devices. To verify camera compatibility or to purchase a wireless tethering system, visit www.tethertools.com/wireless.

Air Remote is a powerful and versatile camera control system providing seamless wireless communications. Transfer RAW or JPEG images from most Nikon and Canon cameras to iOS devices. Internet access is not needed, so shooting in remote locations is simple. Control many of the camera functions and settings from your iOS device including live view, creative modes, auto-focus, aperture, shutter, ISO and more. Also, Air Remote adds features which may not be available in-camera like focus-peaking and touch focus. Instantly review full resolution images as they are being shot or review images directly from the camera’s media card. Review images on larger and remote screens for composition, lighting and focus. Advanced Air Remote features include time lapse, focus stacking, bracketing, video and more. Send images to the cloud for seamless backup or instantly share on online all within the Air Remote App. For additional information please visit our FAQ page: https://www.tethertools.com/faq

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