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User Reviews for MIOPS MOBILE

Can’t update firmware

I have an iPhone. Tried many times to update firmware. It gets to screen that says updating firmware and 0%. It stays stuck at 0%. I contacted MIOPS and their answer was to try another phone. Not happy.

AnneKinGC, Jun 07, 2023
MiopsMobile or Miops smart app?

Ok have a miops Smart plus device.....with firmware 1.9.4. Which mobile app from apple App Store should I be using? There are 2, MiopsMobile and miops smart. Looks like the miops smart hasn’t been revised for quite sometime....it does connect with my iPhone ....and seems to function....but cannot upgrade firmware. The Miops mobile while appears to connect via Bluetooth (says connected in settings), but doesn’t do anything in the app, just round bullseye with all the products scrolling through. Will this app work with my smart plus.....says it’s supposed to but it doesn’t. What gives? Why is this so hard......

Bad Craigslist, Oct 23, 2021
Went from bad to worse

I’m so tired of trying to work with apps that are buggy and just plain do not work and of a company that has excellent customer support but doesn’t understand what the customer is trying to explain! Now this latest bug fix (July 2020) just has a spinning target that cannot be used! It just spins and spins! Fix the bugs and don’t worry so much about the graphics. Please!

FixYourProduct!, Aug 04, 2020
Cables are very important

Between ordering the flex and receiving I got a new camera. I tried many cables trying to connect to the camera. Miops expedited a cable from Turkey and that was the key to get this to work. I ordered several cables and had some USB-C none of which worked. Staff is very attentive to issues. They will solve your problems. I have had no time to use flex since receiving cable but at least camera and flex talk to each other. ArtN

Isbjorne, Dec 08, 2021
Far too many bugs, stay away

Reviewing again after many more test runs. It simply will not work longer than 1-2 hours. I can’t even report a bug in the app because that feature is also broken. It’s like a buggy app version of the movie Inception.

Jimmydooo, Nov 01, 2022
Flex is garbage

Don’t waist your time or money for Sony a7iii just sends error reports and we’ll that’s it. I have tried several times over the past many months hoping all the updates would solve the fact it just does not work, to bad.

jkunrest, Jun 07, 2022
No longer works

After updating to this App and doing the firmware upgrade the software gets stuck in a mode such as lighting and you can’t make any changes. The Smart+ also no longer works reliably in lighting mode even when set up manually without using the phone. This has ruined one of the most useful photography devices I’ve ever owned, and I certainly will not be considering their newest offerings.

MarkM2010, Jun 15, 2021
Same experience 3 weeks later

Same experience—3 weeks later; stuck in “lightning” and won’ t connect to iPhone8 via blue tooth consistently. Also will not allow re-registration or people reset—indicates “invalid email”; although previous screen says “ email already registered, enter another email”. Frustrating. Regret downloading mobile app as recommended

rbc 5, Jul 24, 2021
Doesn’t work

This app does not work on my iPhone XR at all. It will not detect the Miops device.The older version of the program worked fine

rcksdty, Dec 29, 2020
Constant delays

I am constantly getting “send log“ errors. I’m connected to my FLEX but then it also wants me to be connected to the Internet to send these error logs.Sometimes the app doesn’t go into countdown mode so you can see the exposures as they are taken and how much time is left.If I switch to a different app like email, text, or take a phone call I have to reconnect the app to my FLEX.For a while the app would constantly ask me to update the version. Nearly every time I used the app there was a new version available. Fortunately that has subsided and is not constantly asking me to automatically update every single time I use the app.Overall I like the idea but there is a battery in the camera, there is a battery in the FLEX, and there’s a battery in the device that runs the app. With so many batteries you can count on at least one of them going dead during a shoot. I take photos of residential real estate using the HDR setting and that’s all I do. Having these errors, updates, and needing to reconnect causes a photo shoot of a four bedroom house to take as long as two to three hours.

savagepete, Aug 10, 2022


The MIOPS MOBILE application utilizes the smartphone's capabilities to offer creative modes like Vibration, Sound, Motion and Distance or even various Timelapse modes to trigger your camera. It also provides basic shutter release modes like Press&Hold, Press&Lock, Timed Release, Self Timer and HDR. The most extra ordinary feature is what we call "Scenario" mode which combines any of the available trigger options to create magic.

Moreover, you can schedule your desired mode or sequence to fire at any time while you step back and enjoy your life. You can take photos with your DSLR or mirrorless camera using various modes within the MIOPS MOBILE smartphone app. Its refined user interface is easy to use and readily adjustable to fit your needs. Just select the desired mode and leave the control to your smartphone. It will fire your camera while you relax. • Cable Release • Press&Hold • Press&Lock • Timed Release • Self Timer • Timed Release&Self Timer • Basic Timelapse • Long Exposure Timelapse • Bulb Ramping Timelapse • Road Lapse • HDR Timelapse • HDR Mode • Sound Mode • Vibration Mode • Motion Mode • Scenario (Includes Scheduling)

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