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Flirty Emoji Adult Stickers

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Flirty Emoji Adult Stickers

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广生 莫
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User Reviews for Flirty Emoji Adult Stickers

Tease2Plz. Would be my title

I just recommend anyone in a relationship to have this opportunity to help people with life and get people to flirt with them and use them to send to girls especially if boys men would flirt like that because that’s extremely important for them and then it is for us to I’m sure this app is going to be fun for sure good night 🌙 people and good day to some lol🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹D.Kruse*************

d.k78, Nov 16, 2019
Blind Chicks View

Thanks for making a fully functional feature NOT accessible for the blind! It’s one thing to deal with Technology not being Advance enough to fully accommodate the blind but when the Technology is there & not utilized by the developer, well its not only discrimination but it also shows your character as a human! Mind as well own a fully stocked kitchen & tell an armless customer you can’t make him a sandwich!The layout is great & ease of maneuvering but that’s all you have! No emoji’s could be located anywhere & when clicking around blindly it’s advertisement to buy whatever!So again, thanks for building an app that clearly is devoted to the sighted & awesome work in segregating the blind Community even more than we already are!

DixieWytch, Aug 13, 2019
Love the old one better

It use to be a really good app with some very creative & naughty emojis, lol so I had NO problem paying for the upgraded version which I was really happy with, at 1st. Now, with both the paid version and the free one, most of the emojis aren't practical to use to flirt with & very little are naughty anymore. Plus, now the free version is better than the paid version, but it still lacks variety & usefulness. They need to make more of a variety of flirty and naughty emojis (like they used to have), and make them more practical for what the app is supposed to be for, to flirt.

Godistyn, Nov 18, 2023
Flirty emojis

These emojis are awesome. That say just what i want to say when no words are required. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Oh and I want to thank you for giving people like me (who have a tight budget) the opportunity to experience the magic you create with the free part of the app. It would be nice if they a were all free, but then how would you get paid right

greeedy1234, Dec 29, 2020
More stickers

I love you I love having fun with my friends incorporating them into messages although using the app you can use great variety of different emoji‘s but the stickers are very limited I wish they would incorporate the rest of the emojis into the stickers that and the fact that I think I paid about three times to upgrade this one and another one that ended up being just like it what’s up with that anyway still great

Jaminmadman_kiss, Apr 04, 2019
Not much

Granted, some of the emojis are fairly unique, but only to a certain point. There aren't nearly enough of them, AT ALL, nor are they remotely even close to being unique enough to warrant anyone having to pay for any of them. The select few that are "free", in my own honest opinion, aren't even worth the efforts of downloading the app and going through the start up permissions and the not so random "random pop-up adds" just to see which ones are free.

LeoKinfNidas81, Nov 17, 2022
Annoying adds with free app, annoying "rate it" requests once paid

The adds were annoying and I figured I'd spend some iTunes gift card money that had been sitting in my account for a few years to be rid of them. So I was happy to be rid of the adds, then the "rate it" requests started. Already rated this POS app once, now leaving another one with one less star since the requests didn't stop. Paying for the app doesn't give the buyer that many more emojis, so that is a bummer, and the barrage of requests for a rating combine for a single star.

Muphasta, Jun 18, 2017
Emojis gone Crazy!!

There are so many different designs, I have downloaded so many different designs and I’ve never been fully satisfied with the message I was trying to convey. This collection goes through an unlimited amount of designs to choose from. They all are just plain ‘AWESOME!!’

nani0143, Jun 04, 2021
Flirtatious & naughty but not Nasty & Rachet

Flirty emojis are so cute, and the stickers are nice too. You can send a emoji to a friend if you know that they are having a bad day, I’m sure these emojis will have them laughing, or on the other hand if you have been arguing with your partner these emojis will have you two laughing and hopefully what ever the argument was about will be all forgotten. Innocent flirt with a little naughty in it, but not Rated X Nasty and Ratchet! Check out the app I know you will agree!

sexysixxs, Oct 12, 2021
Wish they were more naughty

Wish they were more adult. I don’t know what is available in the paid version. I am having fun with some of them though. I do wish that there was a way to add them to my other emojis so that I don’t have to go out of messaging to get them. Would like to include them in my text, not send as a picture.

sheba69, Jul 23, 2020


Are you in a relationship or flirting with a special someone? With this app, your messages will never be boring again! This is the largest and best collection of Flirty Emojis & Stickers for texting.

We provide 800+ flirty emojis sorted by 6 galleries and can be easily browsed. Love, Naughty, Flirty, Dirty Emojis, Lover Stickers and Text Stickers. You can copy & share these emojis to friends via Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, WeChat, etc. You won't believe how powerful this emoji app is until you download and use it! Enjoy it!

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