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Flirty Emoji Pro

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User Reviews for Flirty Emoji Pro

Adult emoji app

I like the app. Asking for a review so frequently sore of makes it appear as though I still have ads although I had upgraded. I know reviews are important but perhaps another non-interrupting way especially since I paid for no ads so as to not be interrupted every minute.

Chandra Y, Aug 19, 2017
Good, but....

A good app with nice vibrant emoji‘s but there aren’t that many of them and They could add a great deal more. But the ones They do have a very vibrant, creative and very good.... Betty are the same ones you see other places but they’re bigger in this app and more vibrant/stand out.My only reason for three stars is that some of the categories don’t have that many emoji‘s. If they were to really increase their selection, it would be one the best emoji apps out there.

don gresh, Mar 05, 2021

I bought the free version of this app originally and i like it to begin with. When i got the bottom of the page, it asked me if i wanted more emojis and if i did i would need to get the full upgrade. Well i did and it was a waste of money. Theres even LESS emojis and they keep asking me to review the app. I look in the reviews section before i started to write this and a lot of people are saying the same thing. I also noticed how all of the positive reviews are at the top and i had to scroll down a bit to see all the negative ones. This experience is going to make me carefully look at as many reviews as it takes to make up my mind and i suggest anyone else looking at these to do the same with any other app that costs money. As for this one DO NOT BUY IT.

Jbotx524, Jul 23, 2017
I like the emojis but....

...after I purchased Flirty Emoji for the option to use it from with iMessage, I’ve found that you can only use ONE set within iMessage and I believe it’s only SOME of the Love Emojis. You still have to exit iMessage, go to Flirty Emoji and send individual emojis to contacts only AFTER looking the contact(s) up! I should be able to use ALL the emojis from with iMessage if I have the PAID VERSION. Am I correct?

Lil_Mil10, Aug 25, 2018
Fun but....

New to ap. But right off the bat I tried to send an emoji, chose the person to sent it to m, then decided to select another image and when I hit cancel, before sending, to back out of the message, it froze up. I have tried it 3 times now and it freezes every time. PLEASE FIX. I have an iPhone 11 Pro.

Meowkty, Jun 08, 2020
Works well for me

The basic review is that it works for me. It’s novel, and many of the people I share these with are impressed. Not very many have seen anything like these. I hope the creators of the app continue to expand the number of emojis, which will make it all the more effective, useful, and more valuable. Thanks for making it.

Reason's Friend, Dec 24, 2019
Forced Rate Even Though I paid.

Doesn't buying the app pretty much say that? Please stop trying to collect votes. Reviewing is fine but the "star rate " needs to go. You should never aim to make mad, those who buy your app. Remember, the ratings control that not you. By mad, I mean that there is absolutely no reason for you to ask me to rate your app EVERY time I choose one of your awesome emojis. I paid three dollars and that says enough. Rate how many times someone BUYS your app and we will all know if it is worth the reviews left. I don't care to go thru the hassle of reviewing. There are a lot of people out there with same view. So, whoever is responsible please find another way to help apps make money other than forced reviews. They already get paid. Enough is enough. And, you also need a way to process refunds easier. Or is the 3 dollars here and the one dollar there a way to get us because it is known most loose lots of money because of the hassle. Come on Apple. When I get done saving these images that I bought your app is deleted.

rock enale, Aug 23, 2017
Good app

I agree with the other reviews about having to consider reviewing the app. every time I open it. That is annoying. With that said my initial impression is good. I hope they keep updating and adding additional apps. If they do I might up my review to a 5

rrums, Jul 04, 2019
Pushy about getting review

It's asking for a review right away and every time you use the emojis. I have no clue yet how much I like it. Yeah. It seems to have what it offers but I can't tell anyone as soon as I get a bunch of new emojis if they are the ones I'm going to use. Ease up on trying to get a rate because it won't be a good rate if this is how you do business

uniball38, May 11, 2017
Bullied into review

I upgraded to the pro so I didn't have to deal with abs and immediately it wants me to review the app. I wanted to use it more before reviewing but every time I try to use an emoji off of the app it asked me to review the app again. Every Time! I'm reviewing it with the hope that it stops asking me review. I feel bullied into the review since I've only had the app a few minutes it's difficult to give a true review.

V1keeper, Nov 16, 2016


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