Icon Big Emoji Keyboard - Stickers for Messages, Texting & Facebook

Big Emoji Keyboard - Stickers for Messages, Texting & Facebook

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Big Emoji Keyboard - Stickers for Messages, Texting & Facebook

  • Utilities
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User Reviews for Big Emoji Keyboard - Stickers for Messages, Texting & Facebook

Big Emojis

I like this app ... but I don't like the fact that you have to pay extra for other emojis. I realize nothing is for free these days, but pay for emojis? Although, if you pay, I believe it says you get over 965 more of them! Thing is, I don't think I could even use that many in a lifetime!!! Also, maybe I'm not seeing correctly, but it doesn't state if it's a one-time charge or per month. Other than that, it's ok ...

Alliecakes123, May 03, 2017
This is the BEST EMOJIS EVER!!!

This is the BEST Emoji App I have ever seen and I have been using it for a while! I just hope more emojis are added soon, like the cute girl emojis and more colors and fonts. Other than that I have no issues at all, get this app!!!! It's so fun and super cute. Best Way to send texts, Facebook posts, snapchat, emails, and cute images to just save in your phone for later too! Thank you SO MUCH BIG EMOJI TEAM! ~Candice~

Candy11186, Sep 18, 2016
Nice work!!

I just got the app but so far I like it especially where you can use your own photos and create your own, just don’t like the part where you have to pay for all the best ones especially with the economy from the Covid impact has done to families, I understand you need to make money but I feel the price is to high for emoji’s and would like to get more free spins , would have rated it a 5 star if price was lower and got more free spins but all in all Nice work!!

Dhixs66, Dec 17, 2021
One of the few

This is one of the few apps that is what it says. It took a bit to learn and get used to using it. Not apps fault - im older and doing the copy/paste took me a minute to learn. once i did i love it. the emogis are cute and i have found all the ones ive wanted. I have used in messenging facebook comments and facebook messenger.

geniechamplain, Sep 03, 2016
Big Emoji report

I love this app cause if you take a picture of something or someone or your self you can like do a back round words anything. and if you tap on more and tap on slot machine you tap spin and which ever first one you land on you get that one but if you don’t want that emoji it gives you a choice so this app is AMAZING!

hhhhhjjhugdt, Apr 29, 2018
Not just 1 price u pay & get all emoji-stickers

This app is limited on the free emoji-stickers, but u get spins & receive a free new emoji character, but u never know when it is. The only part that I don’t like is u gotta spend $12 or more to get more emojis. I’ve spent 99 cents on an emoji app which includes hundreds of characters & love it, but to spend more on each category on this app is pretty ridiculous. Each category like: holidays, sports, words, love, animals, & etc is it’s own price. So if u bought all of them, it’s would b an astronomical amount on just emoji stickers which is stupid.

Hongkongfui12, Nov 20, 2018
Auden’s review on Big Emoji

I love this app it’s so inspiring now I can make actual emojis on just an app! I thought it would be only pictures of a million emojis but I gave it a try and it changed my app life so I made about like fifty thousand emojis and I just had to give five stars and write this review. I hope this inspires people to download Big Emoji today.

Inletbarbabe, Jan 08, 2021
Super App

Love this app it's so easy to use it has the keyboard so you can do everything in one place without going back and fourth. I would like more to choose from. 2nd. ReviewBeen using the app for over a month and still love it. Can't wait til I get notified that I have a free spin to see what cute little emoji I win. Please add more.3rd. Review Still using and waiting for my free spins which I never know when. Just learned how to put my own photos in of my dogs or other things. It's great!!!!! Please add more Emoji make it worth the cost your charging for the each set.

Jackie3265, Feb 15, 2017
Fun emojis....but

The free spins are sort of fun, to see if you won one. If you did, an offer to keep it pops up. I’ve just received a very masculine one & not interested in it. Would like to be able to trade it for something more feminine, but that isn’t an option. The app has lots of fun options to change the appearance of the Big Emoji Keyboards. Would recommend!!

Susiq75, May 04, 2019
Nice app!

I really like the app, although it’s a bit pricey for each sticker package. The free spins every so often do help, but they aren’t the stickers that you want. The one nice thing is that the stickers can be customized! I think what would make the app better, is when it’s time for a free spin, instead give the user a choice to either get a free spin, or to choose a new free slot to make your own emoji from your photos ... and then possibly also have a monthly bonus spin to win one of the many packs that cost money. For instance, like playing slots at a casino where not all three match. Leaving it up to “lady luck” where if all three slots match, there’s your winning bonus spin & then of course, you then pick the sticker pack that you want. It’d make it a much more interesting app!!! Oh! I’ve just thought of another item to offer. Have a semi-monthly spin with four slots need to match across the board. Since that would increase the odds of having all four match, give back a greater reward! Like get one free sticker pack & then in addition, offer the user a “buy one get one free” sticker pack. I doubt that there would be any complaints! Please let us all know what the developers think about this. It’s just an idea and any other thoughts, in addition to mine from other users, would be great to hear!!! Thanks everyone!!! 🙏🏽🌿🌼🍃😁🌱🌺🌿🍄🎋

Taatmsl, May 17, 2022


- BIG emoji stickers for your texts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Kick, Snapchat, and a ton of other messaging apps. - MAKE YOUR OWN EMOJI STICKERS from your photos! - 100 free new emojis including: love emoji, kiss emoji, flirt emoji, middle finger emoji, thumbs up emoji, ok emoji, taco emoji, beer emoji, drunk emoji. - Change colors, backgrounds and fonts! - Optional Big Emoji keyboard and use stickers right from the Messages app! - Win extra emoji in the emoji slot machine, including:, wedding emoji, food emoji, dog emoji, cat emoji, pets emoji, animal emoji, religion emoji, christian, bible, & religion emoji, sports emoji, chibi, baby emoji, mom emoji, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas emoji, Send them for free over iMessage, other popular messaging apps, or as a text (MMS). Check if your phone company charges more for MMS compared to a normal text. About 'Full Access' ---------------------- To use the Big Emoji keyboard, it requires that the keyboard's “Full Access” setting be ON.

Some of our users are concerned about what this means. It turns out, this is the only way iOS allows for images to be pasted from our keyboard into an iMessage or another app. Furthermore, this “full access” setting only gives us access to the Big Emoji keyboard. We have no access to what you type in any other keyboard on your iPhone/iPad, and we never track any of the words or numbers you type.

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