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User Reviews for Personal Sticker Maker

loveee this app, BUT!!

DEVS, PLEASE find a way to allow us to edit the order of the stickers...two updates ago, i thought that's what you were finally giving us, but going into the app, i found NO POSSIBLE WAY to do this still. for example, i would like to be able to put Bigmoji 3 at the very top and put Kaomoji 1 towards the bottom with the other Kaomojis, etc.also, the other stickers that came with the app, if you accidentally deleted them by swiping to the left, is there a way to bring them back or do i have to delete the app and reinstall? at least give us access to what came with the app by default, please.. will change to 5 stars immediately once issues are improved or fixed. thank you!

.: chibisuke :., Apr 02, 2019
Sticker maker

I downloaded this to create stickers for my social media pages. Very easy to use, but not much of a selection in their app, so I have to get images from outside sources in order to achieve what I wanted. When I saved the sticker, the image was completely blurry, even the font was. Safe to say I will be deleting this app even though I paid $5.00 for fonts I will never be using again...

1616oly, Jul 30, 2019

THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST APP I'VE EVER DOWNLOADED!!!! I'm BESIDE MYSELF WITH EXCITEMENT!!! Finally found an app where I can cross things out and make my own comments with beautiful fonts!!!!! I'm sooo happy I downloaded this, its worth every penny trust me!!! I'll always support an app that gives me what I want flawlessly, why not?!! The creators are amazing and I highly recommend this app to everyone who loves the ability to create!!!!

Del 😁, Feb 09, 2017
Wish list

I like everything about this apps. Just wish to be able to preview the result before we’re done. 👍

DinoMrt, Mar 06, 2020
#Love this game

Okay so I got this game because it looked liget and it was so this is what is going on so when you make a sticker an add comes up but if you get out and go to messages it will still be saved so it doesn’t matter when an add comes up still love this game!!!!

dissipionted girl., May 28, 2020
Really ❤️ the option to change colors

I was looking for an app that would allow me to highlight certain words in iMessage and came across this app. Thought I'd give it a try and REALLY glad I did. The price to unlock everything is quite steep but serves the purpose. Just wish there was more content for the price I paid. I like how you can make the icon you pick, virtually, any color. There are so many to choose from!! Please keep updating the app with new content, developers, especially since the in app purchases are pricey. Overall I would give it 5 ⭐️

ErBear01, Feb 02, 2017

I LOVE THIS APP! This will be great for people who LOVE to make their own things, like me! The ability to make stickers is great and has helped me communicate with my friends and family in a fun way! This can also help you with making OG stickers. (EDITED) It’s simple and great.So do I recommend??YES!!!!

The Office people, Aug 09, 2020
This is a great app

This is a great app I really like it a lot if you like making stickers this is your one!!! If you are creative then you will want to get this game. You don’t need to pay or anything, this is the best game yet I got this year!!!

TheHotOne!, Dec 17, 2019
How do i share?

I made the stickers and the overall app works great but sometimes it wont load when im trying to use it. Also, it has a share button but when i send the sticker pack to someone who also has the app, they can nvr get it unless i airdrop it to them which is rlly inconvenient for me as a have a cousin who i wanted to share it to who lives in another state. Plz do something about this

ube potato, Mar 25, 2019
Great but.....

I love the app. But I still have a problem. I opened messages and tapped on the icon, but it kept loading for 8 minutes and32 seconds. I love how creative you went, and it's partly the message app's fault too, but I can't load it. I hope this helps improve it!❤️

Unicorn#pony, Nov 13, 2021


Create unlimited sticker packs for iMessage and WhatsApp with Personal Sticker Maker. The app also come with 1000+ Free Stickers!You can use the stickers in AR world via our AR Share feature. Just put your unique stickers in real world and take a photo to share with your friends.This is the first app that you can create your own stickers and use it directly in iMessage, WhatsApp and AR.Need to explain something, create some annotation stickers and use it to explain what you want to say in AR.

In iMessage, create your own grammar correction stickers. Annotate, edit and comment on anything in any languages with your own created stickers. Get a "WOW" reaction from your friends with your unique designed stickers. You can also use the grammar correction stickers in AR and correct grammar mistakes on real paper. Let become the top grammar snob with your great grammar correction stickers. Features:1. Add text on images to create your unique stickers. 70 cool fonts and different colors.2. Import images and crop it into different sticker shapes.3. Apply different image filters.4. Draw on the images to create stickers. You can easily create handwriting text stickers. You can create empty sticker and just draw on it to draw your own stickers.5. Use our background eraser tool to remove background of the image.6. All stickers can be used in our iMessage app.7. Stick your stickers in AR and take a funny photo.8. You can add stickers on sticker, resize them and combine them into a new sticker. 9. 200+ markers, highlighter, arrows and doodles sticker elements to create grammar correction stickers, annotation stickers and many other cute stickers.10. Export the whole sticker pack as a single file and share it to others for importing.Sticker packs created can be used in WhatsApp and iMessage directly. You can also using the share option of our app to copy the stickers and paste it in other messaging apps.Start build your sticker packs now!Bundle with 1000+ free stickers:. Cute Big Emoji stickers. (Large Emoticon Stickers). Emoji in stamp style.. Funny and humorous Goldmoji Meme Stickers. (Funny Poo Sticker). Kawaii Retro Emoji (Kaomoji) Stickers - Shrug Emoji Sticker ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Stamp the food! Rate and review the food photos you send with the rubber stamp style stickers.Enjoy our great stickers collection even you do not plan to create your own stickers.Remarks:Some Emoji art provided by http://emojione.com

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