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Wang XiaoYi
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User Reviews for VolcanoEbook-Novel,Story&Read

Stealing Other Author’s Works

This app has been stealing works from other platforms such as Wattpad and they are publishing hard working authors books without their permission. This is absolutely disgusting. Especially because this app is profiting off of these books. While I scrolled through the app, I was in shock at how many books I recognized from my favorite authors on Wattpad. This app needs to be taken down. Now!

afnan faiza, Mar 12, 2021
Pirating App

I’m an author, and one of my readers found an add for this app on Facebook showcasing my book Once Rejected, Twice Desired. The only issue is, this book was written EXCLUSIVELY for Dreame, a other reading app. Whoever operates Volcano STOLE my story from another app and is now charging people to read it. Charging for something they did not create! I’ve reached out to them but been ignored, so we’re now moving on to legal avenues. I wouldn’t recommend giving them any money, because if all goes according to plan, they’ll be shut down soon.

Ambernique, Sep 28, 2020

I would have given this a 5 STARS, but since it’s not giving out the right vouchers points even from CHECKING IN, that I called that cheating me out of my daily vouchers points on all the points that I’m supposed to be receiving. On watching the videos ads don’t giveaways it’s daily vouchers points too that it gave 0 points everyday, that nothing seems to work. It’s sure have lots of books choices to read, but their asking amount of vouchers for each chapters seem 4 or 5X compared to others books apps in the market.

Chelsie#2597, Oct 08, 2021
Plagiarizing Books!!!

This app has stolen books from authors that took the time to create something of THEIR OWN. This app takes books from wattpad and many other reading sites and charges them for something that’s IS NOT theirs! It is not at all fair that a hardworking author’s own work should be stolen and basically sold without their permission. I am so incredibly sorry to the authors that this has happened to and I really encourage that you email them and DEMAND that they take it down as it is your work and this app and it’s creators should not be profiting off of it! Horrible app.

Choo Choo Im a train, Mar 17, 2021
Stolen books

I find it very disheartening that such a great app that I’ve used for a while has authors who’ve plagiarized. The book I’m specifically talking about is called ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ .The author who wrote said book on a different platform brought this to my attention and to say the least I’m shocked and mostly disappointed that this plagiarized book hasn’t been taken down....

D759638, Mar 12, 2021
Everything disappeared

I was loving the book I was reading. I had bought coins so I could read it and everything disappeared. I no longer have my coins and it wound let me finish the book. I tried to contact but it wouldn’t let me send anything. It’s annoying to spend money on an app then get screwed out of the $10 you spent to get coins. I really hope this gets fixed

Lilredneckjuliet, Sep 14, 2020
Vouchers Uncollectible

Twice I have read the required length of time to collect the 60 vouchers and the 100 vouchers. They do not highlight for redemption immediately like the others and when they do highlight they will not download no matter how many times the collect button is pressed. Eventually they simply reset to zero. I have submitted a feedback form each time and so far, no response.

Please Correct This Soon, Sep 20, 2020

many books that were originally on wattpad have been taken WITHOUT the original authors APPROVAL and have been published on this app!! nobody can reach out to the platform and get their books off the site!! i DO NOT recommend this app! it’s disgusting the fact that some people are taking other peoples ORIGINAL work and displaying it under their own name while only changing the COVER PHOTO!! like cmon right your own original books!! if you wanna see what books have been taken from wattpad then look at some of the cover, as some of them display the medal on the cover photo that says the book won a watty award in whatever year!! DO NO DOWNLOAD THIS APP AND DO NOT SUPPORT SOMEONE WHO IS TAKEN OTHER PEOPLES WORK, people who have worked really hard to write them!! WRITE YOUR OWN FLIPPING CONTENT!! 🤬

shelby.mikaela, Mar 13, 2021

I really liked the books but for whatever reason all of the sudden every time I tried to open any book the app would go to a black screen then shut down. It’s just not worth the frustration to try and use an app that is going to not let me read so I have deleted it.

Sherrilt514, Aug 24, 2020
Three points ‍   ‍‍  

I can only give you three points, I like your book, but I don’t want to wait for the update​ ‍​  

Sowell Damico, Jun 06, 2021


VolcanoEbook is a perfect novel reading app, from which you can enjoy the fast reading experience. It contains martial arts novels, fantasy, urban romance, through the air, love stories, science fiction, and so on. You can say goodbye to the ads accompanying the reading process!

Main features: Huge amounts of novels :Whether it's niche, popular, or simple,all the books you want are available. Featured recommendation:We select featured recommendations,which update daily and recommend weekly. Clear classification:A wide variety of books are classified clearly, and you can easily find the books you want to read Ultimate experience :Perfect switching of various themes, with night mode, simulated page turning and other page turning effects. 【Consecutive Monthly Subscription】 1.Service subscribed: Consecutive monthly subscription($19.99) 2.Subscription cycle: 1 month 3.Price: 10000 Coins for $19.99/month 4.Payment: after confirmation, it will be charged to your iTunes accoutn 5.To unsubscribe, do as follow on your iOS "settigns"->enter“iTunes Store and App Store”->“Apple ID”->“view Apple ID”->“subscription”in the account setting page,find NovelBee to unsubscribe service. Please cancel it at least 24 hours to the end of the present subscription cycle, otherwise it will renew. Service Agreement:https://bee.volcanoebook.com/webApp/aboutMe/Ios/termsOfUse.html Privacy Agreement:https://bee.volcanoebook.com/webApp/aboutMe/Ios/privacyPolicy.html

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