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Marco Ricca
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User Reviews for Device Monitor²

What more do you need?

There will always be technical stuff that could be missing in order to monitor the current status of your device. But for some who just want the simple stuff this app is not only free but you can use widgets with this app which is a personal plus. Could this app be better? Yes, as can anything because if it’s perfect then it can’t be improved anymore for better customer satisfaction therefore being at a standstill. Still a good app for beginners.

ADropletHereAndThere, Jul 31, 2023
Apparently a bug now fixed

Changed my review developer accidentally made free up ram feature paid fixed in new update its still free

Ahmad14397, Jan 22, 2022
A monitor App that EVERYONE should use

Finally an app that covers exactly what I was looking for without complicating anything. I am technically fluent but not a Pro and this app can be utilized by all. Easy to understand and track with several features. I appreciate that so much. I love the info provided for things such as what the acid test feature is. I enjoy the simple layout and reasonable price for all features. Several valuable tools are all in one app instead of scattered throughout individual ones. By far the best app I have found to monitor the performance and connections that is actually supported, up to date, plus without ANY data tracking. Give these devs $2 to support them back:) We all should be monitoring our devices! Btw I don’t often leave reviews like this but I applaud the Devs and thank you. I am curious about the capabilities of the NFC feature. I keep seeing this pop up on $ app connection at a place that has nothing to buy. There’s not an option settings to turn it off and I’m not comfortable with openly broadcasting the connection.

bGlea127, Oct 24, 2022
This app is amazing! BUT I have ONE REQUEST

My favorite thing about this app is the clear ram memory function. This app does the best job of clearing ram compared all the other alternatives out there on the App Store for iOS operating system. However, my biggest pet peeve with this clear RAM memory function is the checkmark screen---it shows how many megabytes of RAM it cleared after the clear memory function has been used. My problem is that I like to spam the clear memory function so I can reuse it to clear the most memory possible to make my phone extremely quick. However, with the checkmark screen taking so long to disappear after each time I use the clear memory function, It takes too long to actually clear all the memory I can clear on my phoneRequest: can you shorten the checkmark screen to nearly nothing so that I can spam the clear memory function more often? that would be an amazing fix imho! I will change this to 5 stars when you fix this THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION DEVELOPER TEAM!!!

Chad Cooke 340785, Oct 04, 2022
Amazing but one small mistake

This app is amazing but when you view your phone temperature and its hot (high) it says hight. This is a typo noticed by me.

EveryComputer, Dec 05, 2021
Love the functions, needs background app usage fix

It could be iOS 16 on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, or the app, I’m not sure. But I had 14+ hours of background activity and it has used 18% of my overall battery life. I’m hoping this is an iOS issue and not an app one. We’ll find out when 16.1 releases. There are memory leaks in the current betas so maybe that’s the issue. I had this before updating to a beta though, so idk. Amazing app overall though! Adding a star back once this is sorted

HunterS116, Oct 16, 2022

I love this but can anyone explain it to me please

I am the only boss, Apr 10, 2021
I recommend this app

I have spent hundred of hours browsing every possible feature app and utility available to iOS users. And this one stands out in my top 5. A few more shortcuts and it would be a apex tier app.

Ign~ seeker77584, Mar 21, 2022
Just a couple more things

I would really like it if the app immedietly tells me when the iphone temperature is at moderate, high, or critical. Not just after 5 minutes AFTER it happens.And is there a way to tell what the current cpu frequency is for the device? Maybe perhaps add it, and to the today widget?Also, we should be able to tell the today widget WHAT to show on it.

iphone10x user, Aug 06, 2022
Actually useful app

I’ve downloaded lots of these types of Hino hardware diagnostics iPhone type on apps but this is the only one that I found that actually is not only useful but actually helps in terms of cleaning up your room and explaining stuff and etc. so I give the developers five stars and I hope they continue to update their app and make it even better

Luca_123, Oct 28, 2021


Device Monitor² is a unique app of its kind, optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac (with M1 processor and later), which allows you to have at a glance all the information on the device currently in use in a simple and fast way. You'll be able to better understand which sensors apps have access to, so you can protect your privacy. Here are the main features that will prompt you to choose Device Monitor²: • display of data in a simple and easy to understand form; • information on the DEVICE; • information on SENSORS; • information on RAM; • information on STORAGE; • information about the CPU; • information on the NETWORK; • information on the BATTERY; • information on the DISPLAY; • information on the CAMERA; • widget for the Lock Screen (requires iOS 16), for the Home Screen (iOS 14) and for the Notification Center (iOS 13), with the possibility of customizing the interface; • hide the panels that don't interest you or rearrange them as you like.

In addition, thanks to in-app purchases you can have many other features available: • PRO Kit: - unlock all features available with other in-app purchases (present and future); - copy&paste of the data displayed in the app; • Test Kit: - complete check-up of many sensors of your device, including: → GPS; → COMPASS; → ALTIMETER; → ACCELEROMETER; → MAGNETOMETER; → GYRO; → BAROMETER; → DEVICE MOTION; → MOTION COPROCESSOR; → PEDOMETER; → BLUETOOTH; → IBEACON; → MICROPHONE; → PROXIMITY SENSOR; → NFC; → TOUCH ID/FACE ID; → VIBRATION and HAPTIC FEEDBACK; → PING; → ACID3; → SPEED TEST; → NETWORK DEVICE SCANNER; → MULTITOUCH; → BRIGHTNESS; → SCREEN COLOR; → CAMERA; → FLASH; • Report Kit: - export of the data displayed inside the app in a convenient PDF document; • Notification Kit: - receive a notification every time the RAM memory is too full (parameter configurable from the app settings); - receive a notification whenever the device temperature is too high (parameter configurable from the app settings); • Ads Kit: - no more advertising within the app. We also want to tell you that the app does not collect any personal data, but not even non-personal data. Because? Simple, because we don't care! Oh and let's not forget that the app is FREE.

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