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User Reviews for ColorSnap® Visualizer

Easy to use

I have been a residential painter for 30 years. This technology has been essential for my business in guiding the customer to choose the best color for their project. I have suggested this app to my customers after some basic instructions on how to navigate through the functions. I have used the RGB function to compare the customer color choices to each other for warmth and neutrality. The Share palette is perfect for collaborating between individuals and groups. I still carry a color sample book to consultations, but it is mostly to verify that the color choices are accurately represented by the electronic devices screen being used that day.

Addie'sDaddy, Nov 30, 2020
Least worst paint chip app

I decided to go with SW paint because of the quality of the paint itself, and the app is better than others but still not great. I know any kind of color preview or matching is going to be a rough estimate at best, so I get paint chips as a baseline then use this app to see what’s close to that but with more blue undertones, for example. The palette function is very buggy, half the time it doesn’t save. I wish I could move around colors and see different things next to each other so that I can get a sense of what trim colors would work. I also wish I could just see a full screen swatch without half the screen taken up by their preview of what it would look like in a room. Minus one star for not supporting the HGTV color line from Lowe’s, which is the only place you can even hope to get a sample pot these days.

app_tinted_glasses, Sep 07, 2021
Pretty terrible so far

I have only just got this app, but I’m already ultra annoyed with it. Every time I try to add a picture for color match or even to paint a room it “freezes”. Not in the sense that it stops working at all; I can select photos, go from album to album, but it will not proceed past that. I cannot cancel the action or select that I’m done. So I have to force close the app to try again with something different. I tried the virtual reality instead, but I think the room I’m looking at is too small and it will not recognize the wall. And if it does it makes everything the color I’m looking at, including my painting, etc. That’s not very helpful. And it doesn’t save my color choices in the VR mode. Anytime I move away from it I have to re-select everything I picked. Maybe I need to create an account? Haven’t gotten that far. The app prompted me to review, so I did. I hope it gets better

Bre Holmdie, Apr 03, 2022
Much Needed App

I love the versatility of this app. You can paint walls from a picture, paint from the camera screen, take a picture to match colors, etc.Having said that, the app needs a lot of fine tuning, from color accuracy to defining color boundaries, to the ability to paint different walls different colors with ease.For example, well-bred brown is a gorgeous rich brown between milk chocolate to a dark chocolate. We have it in our home now.I tried applying it via images using the app to a couple of walls in a home I’m decorating now. This well-bred brown showed up as a very light grey, almost white, to a medium gray, depending on the wall. So between the inaccuracy of the color plus the differing colors, I’d suggest not relying on your mock up without rolling an actual sample color on your wall before deciding. Hopefully these and other issues will be resolved soon because the tool itself is very ingenious.

CoachKersey, Feb 02, 2021
Needs Improvement

Sometimes I like this app, but it is often frustrating for me. Here are a few things that I wish could be fixed:1) The eraser tool often doesn’t erase where I am selecting, or it erases more than I have selected. It is never accurate.2) You can’t choose more than one color at a time. I wanted to see how a room would look with white trim and a particular paint color, but there is no way to do this. Whatever color you select, will paint the entire area. 3) The color I select very often doesn’t match the swatch. I was trying to paint a room with comfort gray, and it ended up looking white. So I don’t feel like I have been able to accurately see what the color will look like. 4) I really wish there was a way to select an area that you don’t want the paint to appear. Every single time I try to paint a wall, it paints the ceiling that color too. And, as stated above, using the eraser tool doesn’t always work.

court0109, Apr 19, 2021
I love this app

I adore this app. I am very deliberate about apps on my phone. I am so minimal with them. I am moving to Asheville with my family and I am in charge of the color so I am looking for perfect paints. I went to Sherwin Williams today and found the color chips that I liked; I had already downloaded this app. I am blown away with the way that this works. It is so amazing. It gives you such a good idea of the way the colors will look in the rooms. Between going into the store and using this app, I have VERY EASILY, VERY ENJOYABLY found colors that I adore for our rooms in our new home. This is exactly the way I envisioned apps-- practical, useful, easy-to-use, leading-edge, enjoyable and fun. This has been a pleasure to use and has helped me so much in my move. I love this app and it's a value to this store, ensuring just another reason for customers to use SW paint. Thank you!!!

Emily Nolin, Jul 29, 2017
Useless for paint matching

I am a property manager and oversee renovations of apartment units. I bought the datacolor ColorReader EZ in order to match existing paint colors when we need to touch up the paint. We use Kelly-Moore and Benjamin-Moore paints exclusively. To test it out, I scanned a spot of a wall that had been freshly painted with Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee. I was so disappointed that the device came up with five different readings of the same area of the wall under the same lighting conditions, none of which were even white much less the Swiss Coffee! This reader works somewhat if you’re looking for a paint color that works with an object, but NOT for the purpose of matching wall paint. I found out that my bedsheet color matched with Sherwin-Williams Butterscotch, which is useless info for me, but at least I know it works for *something*! Glad I can write off the cost as a business expense and that there’s no charge for using the app.

Pluviophile13, Aug 10, 2021
Handy, but the live painting feature needs work

I bought a house in 2019 and have used this app frequently when trying to pick paint colors. It’s been a big help to have color options available at my fingertips. However I do wish the live painting feature worked a little better. It often tells me it can’t detect a surface and that it needs more light. And then if it does detect the surface, it sometimes applies the paint color irregularly. I found that the web tool works better than the app when trying to create a mock-up with different paint colors. Keep in mind that online screen colors aren’t always totally accurate, so you may want to get a sample to test before you commit to buying gallon(s) of paint.

sassy crafter, May 08, 2021
Lear How to Use

This app is great. I was worried it wouldn’t work based on negative reviews. You have to learn how to use it. If you click on paint a scene, you have to choose a color either new or from your saved SW paint perks colors, then it will access your camera. It does at first, take you to a pre loaded scene, but go back to the camera live using the arrow at the top, then touch the screen and it will load it to your own live picture. It just takes a little exploring, but it does work. It may not be flawless but it’s the best I have used to get a color on your own actual wall to see what it will look like. I’m not sure the color it paints is very accurate. I wouldn’t choose a color based on this first. I would choose a color you really like, then put it in this app to get a “general” idea what it will look like. All electronic devices are going to vary in their pixels and look different. The chip is still going to be the most accurate.

scottysteph, Sep 08, 2018
Color my world

I’ve been using this app since Sherwin Williams first came out with it, and so far it’s helped me decide which paints and colors to use, with each and every renovation, painting projects.At times (due to time of day, lighting, and most likely whatever filter I’m using on my phone at the time) the colors can be off a little, or a lot less often, by a lot. However, it’s another way to let me envision colors I’ve chosen, BEFORE I actually decide which paint colors are best, for every project.Paint chips taped to the wall (although helpful) are just too small for me to get a total important impression of what a room is going to turn out like, before I spend too much on the incorrect hues, tones, undertones, etc.I’m VERY thankful to SW for allowing us to download and use this much appreciated tool, for the most perfect painting jobs ever!Also, SW paints are my favorite, due to their amazing coverage, and the butter like spreadability of their paints. Only problem is... I love to paint, and because of this, it’s difficult for me to keep my walls, and other painted surfaces the same colors for very long. Good thing SW also offers us such amazing discount offers throughout the year.Thank you Sherwin Williams! 👍❤️

Whimsical-wonder, Jan 04, 2021


Instantly "try on" any Sherwin-Williams color on your own walls, in real time. With ColorSnap Visualizer's new Paint a Scene feature, you can use augmented reality or a photo of your space, tapping the wall to change its color instantly. Of course, you can still capture color inspiration on the go, match a photo and use Rotate to Locate to easily find any color inside our stores.

Get ready to make faster, more confident color decisions with ColorSnap—only from Sherwin-Williams.

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