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BUD - Create, Play & Hangout

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User Reviews for BUD - Create, Play & Hangout

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I really enjoy playing this game, I have met some players I have wanted to become friends with, but sadly I could not because there was no feature to friend them in an experience. I really hope this gets added. I have made a game titles “Apartment Room 374” i am pretty sure, while I was testing my game. I added props in some places, but when I tested it, it nocliped me out of the map. Hoping you could fix this, I did not find a solution for this, I am grateful that you have made this App. The worst this I don’t like about this game is how safe the chat is, I tried saying “class” and it said it was against your rules, I tried to type letters like “k” or “o” but it still said it was against your rules, really annoys me to have this issue. If you want to know my user, it is “limanent” you can check my game there, it’s optional. Hopefully you see this report because I promised someone I would write this review. Good day and goodbye.

@Blockate, Jan 04, 2022
I love bud!

For anyone who wants to play a multiplayer game that allows you to meet friends, build houses and props, make clothing, and play many games for example, bakeries, obbys, challenges, cafes, clothing stores, malls, and more you should download Bud! There’s plenty of role-play servers too. Have fun playing with friends that you meet online or you can play with friends you already know in real life. You can make props which I find super easy to make and fun to use and “sell” The reason why I put quotations is because all of the props, houses, and clothing are free or you have to follow the creator of the item(s). That is a very big thing I love about bud, it’s free to download, free to play, free to create and make! It is super easy to make followers if you make good props or clothing, just set all your items to followers only and before you know it people will be buying your items and following you! It’s also a lot of fun to try and build items from tutorials. I don’t think I missed anything but my user is lxvender_alina if you want to friend me! Byee and please download Bud!

@[email protected], Jun 13, 2022
Not great 😕

I saw an add for this on tik tok so I tried it out and it was fun at first but it’s really difficult to use. It glitches a lot, it takes forever to zoom in and out when building, when looking in your inventory the stuff takes forever to load, and after like 5 minutes the thing just crashes and puts me back to my home screen. Then when I try to go back the stuff I added didn’t save so I have to redo do half the builds. The characters move so slow and you can’t move or change the spawning areas they just multiply. When being in other creations it glitches so much after a while. The characters are cute and so are the builds but honestly this game needs alot of work, especially considering it’s basically Roblox and animal crossing put together. I gave this a three because despite all of this it’s kindoff addictive and is fun once you move past all the bad stuff.

♡︎𝙰𝚕𝚢𝚜𝚜𝚊♡︎, Feb 19, 2022
Good, but still needs a lot of work

This game is pretty fun, but is clearly in beta and has a lot of kinks to work out. For one, servers. Oftentimes I will end up in a server where nobody speaks english and I can’t communicate with people. Two, creating and viewing your creations. I created an outfit and I can’t even see it / figure out how to see it. Their is a lack of emotes for certain objects, and the controls themselves are not very good. Most of the time, games with joystick controls allow for small mistakes and just move the joystick to where your thumb is. Not Bud. Another thing with that is no real way to control walking or running, and instead if you are walking for a while it turns into running. This is very inconvenient. The layout of the app itself is confusing and hard to navigate, with complex ways to do simple tasks. Going back to custom outfits, the only option is creating a long sleeve and pants, despite the original customization menu having dresses and robes. That is hopefully something being added. The game has some pros, but this review is long enough. It has potential, but it isn’t quite there yet.

Chikamine, Apr 06, 2022
This is a great game for creative people!

I love the concept of the game. You can make your own worlds, 3D design your own props, and visit your friends worlds as well. Of Course there are more updates to come, I would suggest maybe fixing the feed? The BUD official account is the only account that posts, which i find unbelievable because there are definitely people who play the game, I have posted as well but it seems like maybe people's posts are hidden or something..? I also am wondering how you can use your own props? They aren't in my library, maybe having a button for "Your Props" would be helpful, but even so, the props I have made and published I can't find or use. Another Suggestion would be to have a "sit" interaction you can place on props while in world edit, so you can sit in chairs beds and benches. Anyway! I like the game, can't wait for it to grow more so more people creat more worlds and we can make more friends, I'm Flipflopfizzle so check out my first experience I made lol ❤️

FlipFlopFizzy, Jan 04, 2022
The app is overall cute, and so are the creator creations!

App suggestions that I think would make the app more entertaining and fun! - adding in servers for players to join in the worlds, + bigger servers- knowing whenever the people you friended are online & offline - being able to join your friends whenever they are online!- adding mini games into the app, like murder mystery, color party, or quiz games! - adding in starter maps- adding more customization in the avatar settings! (Hair, colors, more clothing, more accessories, etc!) - let players be able to automatically sit in chairs and be able to eat foods while in the worlds. - more emotes (like different types of dances for example) - adding a proper chat box for players, (so if they missed a message while chatting with someone they can go to the chat and look back on it.)*cause while now, while chatting with players in worlds, the text disappears after a few seconds*Overall, I really do love your app, it’s like a mix of roblox and animal crossing, some may say this app is a rip off of both of those popular games, but this app is very nice, and most of the people that play on the app are so chill! Such a nice community! I hope to see this app grow more in the future!! - Sleepy

It is All ok, Jan 04, 2022
Cute game!!

This game is really cute, but I have some suggestions for the game to be more enjoyable. -For the characters that people make, if its like supposed to chase after the player they should be able to let that happen. (And to let them go wherever on the map and not just one spot) -If the game wants the player to collect things, i think there should be a backpack type of thing for the player to access the things, and to let them use it. Like if its a survival game, i think it should have health and energy bars and maybe a run option. So if they get food for example, they can use it for their health and energy to go up so they dont die.-I think the avatar section should add a little more diversity, like freckles and vitiligo. - I feel like the player shpuld be able to zoom in on their character in any game, unless the game creator says otherwise. The angles aswell.-I personally also think that if the game is like mysterious or something, the game creator should be aloud to let each player have like a different light on them. (If the scene is dark)Thank you for reading!-jazzysteddy on Bud

JAZZYWAZZYYT, Mar 06, 2022
amazing game but some problems

so I think bud is a really fun and cute game but I have made lots of progress on it and my parents were using my phone for a bit and I had forgotten to turn my bud notifications off and the notifications keep coming so they deleted it, I downloaded it again but there was no login option. I was really upset about it and I might’ve thought of quitting, if you do consider thinking about making a login button, I would honestly be so happy. another problem is that when I’m in build mode, sometimes it glitches me out, then when I come back, I had lost some progress, this can be a problem to fix too but other then that your game is super fun and addicting! ill be looking forward to future updates and Ty for making this app a thing ❤️

kitkat.8, Dec 25, 2021

I find the game kinda fun, it’s nice to create stuff ya know? And I love how cute the characters are. But, I do have some problems. With the gameplay I definitely cannot find any sensitivity for moving the screen in settings so it’s super slow when moving your screen, even when building, ect. And when you build the arrows to move and stuff get in the way and you can’t see where your moving stuff half the time. Aswell as there is so undo button if you make a mistake, so if you delete the wrong thing it’s gone forever. It would definitely be better if these were fixed. Thank you! I do think this game has potential!


So I thought the idea of the game was really cute and the different worlds you could try out were a lot of fun. I had a really good experience and loved this game for a couple weeks until I decided to create my own experience. I had gotten pretty far and was really excited with how it was turning out, however, it started to exit me out of the app after a few seconds of editing without saving my progress. I currently cannot make any progress on the experience I was trying to create without it being deleted because of this glitch. I thought it was about storage but after freeing storage this glitch kept happening. Although I can enjoy other experiences, I don’t think it will be long before I delete the app due to the fact I can’t create.

nora_p22, Dec 27, 2021


BUD - Come and join the fun! BUD is the best virtual platform to create and experience 3D interactive content with friends. Invite friends to create, play, hangout and explore 3D experiences built by our community.

Use your imagination to create something cool to share with the community. - Customized your avatar to express yourself. - Build interactive 3D experiences using our easy-to-use 3D creation tools. - Explore lots of 3D experiences created by our global community. - Follow top creators in our community and never miss a beat. If you have any questions, you can reach us at [email protected]

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