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Superfy - Ask anything!

  • Social Networking
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Superfy - Ask anything!

  • Social Networking
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Superfy Technologies Ltd.
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User Reviews for Superfy - Ask anything!

This needs more reviews

You can ask anything you want and if you’re bored, random strangers will be there. I make a ton of friends my age and it’s 13+! i also see a lot of people that go through the same thing i do, and most people on there are really welcoming when you’re new to the app! Yes, there will be some people who aren’t your personality and who will make you uncomfortable but the app lets you report and block them. After you do that, you get a message later on saying if they banned that person/ give them a warning. Overall, the app is amazing and you don’t even have to ask questions, you can just tell a story and people will respond! :)

Autumn Kuznar, Feb 14, 2022
Decent app. Needs some fixing asap!

The names. I changed mine once. It says I reached the change limit. Either add more times to change it, or fix the glitch, because my friend said it happened to her too. This makes me quite mad, since my last name is on this app. Weird, and old, men try to get personal with me. It makes me feel like one day, one of them will take it too far and try to find where I am / where I live exactly. Please fix this immediately. It is a good app. Some people are fun to talk to. They are nice, understanding, and listen very well. Just the older men creep me out. So also maybe put like a small filter on the chats, to where it doesn’t send/or put a red flag beside it, just in case someone sends something creepy and weird. Please fix the names though. It is my main concern. Also, every time I go out of the app for longer than 30 minutes, it logs me out and switches my name to my old Apple ID name, which is Brook Fraley.

Brook_Nicole422, Apr 03, 2023
Very Useful!!!

I love this app so much! I even had some long conversations with many interesting people! If you need some advice from anybody. And I mean ANYBODY.. get this app and start seeking for answers! There may be some trollers on this app but you can just simply block them. Overall this app is amazing and I highly recommend this to everybody. Another thing I love about this app is that it’s completely free!!!!👌 Thank you for making this wonderful app. Have a great day! ❤️

Cool App BD, Oct 15, 2021
What an incredible concept!

Dude this app is going to go BIG! You literally can ask anything you want and you start getting answers in the form of an iPhone text message thread. I mean it’s really cool! I can just see it now, there’s going to be millionsssss of people using this app and valuable information will be shared in seconds all across the world. And with such an informal interface-ah man I’m excited at the potential. I highly suggest you guys invest in this app now. Don’t make the “Bitcoin Mistake” (had you bought one bitcoin in 2008, you’d now be sitting in roughly $17,000). So download the app and start asking! I wish I could be involved in the company in some way shape or form. I buy into this completely.

datnikkamatthew, Oct 02, 2019

This app is a great idea, however, I can understand why one would be hesitant to continue using it.First and foremost, I would suggest having a separate login/signup button. One, which would allow a user to do so without their Facebook account.I would also strongly advise adding more gender options so everyone can express themselves appropriately.In addition, what happens when your query has been responded to? - Nothing, you keep receiving new responses, because you are unable to remove or disable the query you have submitted. Again, I understand that this may benefit some users who are there to meet people and just chat, however, I would assume that sometimes, one would just want an answer.I hope this was helpful.All the best,Miha

depressedRaven, Aug 15, 2020
Best app ever 💁‍♂️

I’ve been on this app for over 2 hours just asking questions and answering,at first I thought I was just going to ditch this app like all the other ones I see on tik tok, but I ended up on the app for an hour, some of the questions are hilarious and make me laugh 😂,I love the fact that instead of getting advice from a bot, we get advice from actual people,I love this app and I think it deserves more better rating 😤❤️

i dont like it a single bit, Mar 26, 2022
It’s just blah

The concept is good too bad it didn’t pan out the way they advertise it. This app advertises itself as a fun “ ask questions, get answers, start conversations and make new friends!” However in all actuality if you enjoy a never ending flood of the same 3 questions over and over with a low Chance of response even if you do answer any of those questions this app is for you. It’s just an endless stream of “what should I watch on Netflix?” “Please give me coins”, “what are the coins for?” This last question being asked every other minute because the app has a coin award system but fails to say anything about it in its users guide, or when you get started so you inevitably have to ask about it. As it turns out the coins do nothing but are for something that the company plans to incorporate at a later vague time in the future and that’s all anyone knows but instead of stating that they just have users ask about it over and over. You cannot block users so you don’t see John Doe ask “what should I watch on Netflix?” every few minutes over and over. Again I think the app has a good concept just poorly executed.

Jane Pace, Apr 12, 2021
Great concept, much to improve

I’m coming from way back. I’m a former yahoo answers and thumb user. Have tried other Q and A platforms too. What makes these platforms great, and what is missing here, is community and structure. I should be able to add people who I believe have good insights as friends, I should be able to select what categories I want to answer questions in, maybe also as a bonus, should be able to attach pictures to my questions. These are the type of things that grow the community and have people stay. Not just a few random questions and answers. Anyway, rooting for this app.

jeanorgene, Aug 16, 2020
I like it a lot but

It’s super entertaining and I’m terrible at making my own decisions so it really comes in handy. However, sometimes younger kids will just reply to regular everyday questions in the most obnoxious/rude ways like “nobody asked” or something that doesn’t even make sense like “wee woo fjidndjcns” I just think it’d be cool if you could prove your age w ID and then only get questions/answers from older people bc the kids are having a blast trolling their little heads off lol just a thought no real complaints

jfnfjffj, May 21, 2022
It’s ok.

I really like the app it was really nice but I got reported for no reason bc I could have been “underage” when I am 12 so I’m allowed to have this all and now I can’t even use the app and I do have parental controls so I literally can’t download something without it sending a message to my mom and asking her if I can download the app and when it asks her this ofc it’s a message to her phone so she can see what I’m trying to download so if it says 17 or something I can’t download it bc she won’t let me and she will decline it so I have no way of downloading it without her permission and I have a really hard time making decisions on my own so the app was working and helping me till I got reported for no reason so honestly y’all need to do better 🤦‍♀️

jordynluve, Jun 28, 2022


Get answers and tips from REAL PEOPLE in seconds! Superfy lets you talk with people and get the advice you need. You can ask anything, answer others, and help them too.

Just ask any question, and Superfy will instantly find people that can answer. It's just like chatting on iMessage, but instead of asking people you know if they might have an answer, you can get to anyone who knows the answer. How does it work? 1. Ask any question or search anything 2. Superfy sends it to the most relevant people 3. Get answers in instant messages from real people! 4. Chat to find out more and talk about your interests. You can use Superfy to ask and answer questions on literally ANYTHING. Superfy will help you satisfy your curiosity and also let you help others. You will also meet new people from around the world. It's awesome! Trending questions: *Best thing to watch on Netflix right now? *Which college or university should I go to? *How do I stop dying in Fortnite? 
 *Which broadway show should I see? *What's the best Italian restaurant in NYC?
 *Will there be another MCU Avengers movie?? *Going to SXSW this year - any tips? Get tips from real people about real experiences.
 Chat with people who know what they are talking about! 
 It's great if you are a curious person that has a lot of questions, and also if you are an expert in many fields and want to share your knowledge and help others. ------------------- Answers to get answers from people - these are great tools, but it's nothing like getting a response in a live chat from a real person! Superfy is really awesome. Our users love the app because they get to help others, get answers, chat about fields of interest, and also get to meet new people from around the world and even make new friends. Superfy is not an online group - you get your answer in a one on one chat with a real person in real-time. We love our community; feedback is welcome at [email protected] See you on Superfy!

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