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Body Editor Booth Thin & Slim

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User Reviews for Body Editor Booth Thin & Slim


They won't let u save the photo unless u buy premium they try to take ur money, if u screenshot they know, and they make u feel bad, "we r a family business" my buttttt what if I'm poor and can't pay, but no ur a family business u need the money more, and if u screenshot three time they put a line on ur screen so u can't screenshot ur photo like what... and they don't take the line away until u BUT PREMIUM BUY PREMIUM 🙄

Bdhsiwjsnoqppcncjwhwja shah, Aug 04, 2017
Must buy monthly service to use!

First off you need to pay fees or subscribe monthly to get good Edit tools, which I get. However I wish it disclosed that using it is basically only a trial. It’s a joke!!!!!!!! Once you edit a photo, the “free version” allows you to save the photo but only in a “low quality” form (it says “upgrade for highly quality”!) and it is ridiculous. The low quality turn your original extra night quality into blurry garbage. Can Carley make out what the image is? So the in the free low quality they take the time to make your image useless basically to FORCE YOU TO BUY smh...

DianaFieldsss, May 09, 2021
It's not really the best but it's ok if you want to pay

Me personally I don't like how you have to pay when it's supposed to be "free" but anyway let's talk about how it can tell you took a screenshot like I'm sorry but I find that kinda weird but continuing on not only is it body shaming more or less but like when you screenshot it’s like OH I SEE WHAT U DID THERE 🥹 and if you continue it goes on to say it’s a family owned business and all that and if you do it again it puts lines over every photo I wouldn’t suggest it but you do you me personally I find it kinda creepy it can tell you screenshoted it

Emma362010, Jan 14, 2023
Not as easy as it makes you think

The app has limits on how many edits you can do per photo. So as you learn to use you exhaust your number of edits. Rules of game aren’t explicit. You find out as you go. On the other hand the undo button is not per move but per save. If you move something wrong in the middle of your progress you have to start over, and each save is what counts as editing move. Too complicated in my opinion. And doing arms is a challenge as well as not messing up the background.

Fashion deal hunter, May 30, 2022
No idea how people find this helpful

I edit photos in actual computer software, but while messing around on iPad, decided to check out an app for body modifying. People saying it’s great, others saying it’s crap.I’m here to say, it’s crap. The editing is nothing that I can see would be helpful to someone wanting inspo for their weight loss. That’s what I wanted to check it out. It only made my body deformed. It didn’t bend the background to do it, just squeezed (compressed) my body to a smaller version of fat. I messed with all the functions, mind you it’s 3 choices and two sliders each. It took me 1 min to see what garbage this app is. The heavy load of positive must be fake.

Golight Girl, Dec 27, 2017
After you get the hang of it this app is astounding

I love it. use it for humor/distortion, touching up my profile pics, and convincing people to meet me for a date who otherwise wouldn't be interested. Hardy har seriously the developers make periodic improvements and enhancements, but they stay within the bounds of features I find most useful. it's not like Adobe photoshop with all the seemingly random special effects capabilities. And the focus is on editing human figures as the title implies, but you can use it for removing telephone lines from a house shot as effectively as for fanny resizing.Note I've been using it over a year now, I just created a new Apple ID because I love disorganization and buying iTunes music twice. I'm the beginning I found it a little difficult, it was necessary to get a feel for it before realizing it's full potential. It can get slightly buggy if your fingers are too fast, but you can fix without losing work by simply backing out most recent edits one at a time. also every so often it forgets I have a premium membership. But again it's a harmless quirk that resolves itself by closing and reopening the app. so I'm going with the fiver star rating.

grabars, Feb 27, 2020
I have complaints

This app is really cool but it would be 10x better if it would allow me to get better camera quality without paying because that is freaking ridiculous. I have to pay for a non blurry photo?? That’s a load of crap

jsjdbdjdn, Dec 12, 2018
User Friendly and Amazing Results.

This app is pretty cool to use. It easily makes a subtle or dramatic change to your overall photo without making it look blurry unlike similar apps I have played with. Since I have never used photoshop I was quite jazzed at seeing the finished photo. Highly recommend this app.

luvisallweNeed, Nov 02, 2018
Low quality image

So after you spend all that time editing your photo, it offers to save your image as low quality or to upgrade for a high quality. The low quality image is literally just a bunch of giant pixels to the point you can’t even make out features on a face. Don’t bother unless you plan on spending $6.99 for the upgrade. I wasn’t expecting super high quality for free, but seriously what’s the point if you can’t even tell who’s face it is? It’s really that bad. I’m not exaggerating.

mxkxmedill, Dec 26, 2017

To the people who made this app:Why on earth are you trying to brand non-body positivity? How do you think making an app that edits women’s bodies is okay? This is so disgusting and unnatural, and I think it’s ridiculous that you try to make us feel bad with, “We’re a family run business” after taking a screenshot. Honestly. A family run business? Are you kidding me? Do you tell your kids that it’s okay to edit their bodies to look better for other people? This is sexist and so, so, sad. You are encouraging people to hate their own bodies. Idc if I sound like a crazy feminist or something but I’m only saying the truth...also, the name “SkinnyFat” definitely does not help your case. Please make useful apps that don’t make people feel bad about themselves. Start acting like a family business.

NiCkAmE iS nIcKnAmE13, May 08, 2020


Edit your photos and make your body skinny or fat. You can tweak multiple parts of your body on the same photo until you are satisfied. Sometime its quite fun to make your friends fat or skinny and share it around. ------------------------------- TOP FREE BODY EDITOR BOOTH FEATURES : ● Make your waist thinner ● Adjust your thighs ● Tone your arms and remove flab ● Make yourself taller by having longer legs ● Tighten and resize your buttocks ● Auto face detection tools for a face lift ● Modify eyes, nose, mouth, chin & face seamlessly ● Retouch your skin to be flawless ● Blemish removal tool to remove acne and spots ● Remove Background with single touch ● Tons of custom filters ● Add frames to your photos ● Photo transformation tool ● Text & Sticker overlay tools ● Advanced photo blurring tools ● 3 different body adjustment tools to use ● Tones of pre-loaded celebrity photos to play with ● Tones of pre-loaded model photos ● Compare old and new feature ● Share with your friends & family ● Make multiple adjustments per photo ------------------------------- PREMIUM FEATURES Upgrade to premium for even more great features to modify your photos : - Unlimited Edits Per Photo - High Quality Photos Enabled - Full access to all pre-loaded celebrity photos - Full access to all pre-loaded model photos - Remove all Watermarks & Ad Free Experience * Choose the length of subscription: 1 Month / 3 Months / 1 Year. * Choose from different subscription options. * Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription.

You can cancel your subscription in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial period. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. * Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. * You can cancel a free trial or subscription anytime by cancelling your subscription through your iTunes account settings. This must be done 24 hours before the end of a free trial or subscription period to avoid being charged. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service. Please read our Privacy Policy here http://www.revosoft.com.au/uploads/8/2/0/2/82026220/revosoftprivacypolicyoct2019.pdf Please read Terms of Use here http://www.revosoft.com.au/uploads/8/2/0/2/82026220/terms_of_use.pdf

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