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Retouch Me: Body & Face Editor

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Retouch Me: Body & Face Editor

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User Reviews for Retouch Me: Body & Face Editor

Gotten better, since my last use. Thanks

Thank you. I have use this service 3 times the first time I was very disappointed. I sent a photo of my 85 yr. old grandmother I paid a good amount for lots of points to make her look amazing for a set of cards and coasters as a gift. I was disappointed sent an email and some suggestions on how you could improve body parts and making the changes more. Noticeable. they refunded me and I tried a second time. She was acceptably good looking I went forward. Since then, I see you have made some improvements just sent a pic of my sporting a Maleficent T-shirt I was sent free by Walmart to test as a product tester. I’m a bit unhappy with the way I look so I wanted to fix some problem areas. On my body before I post my picture publicly on the official Walmart review page. Thanks I think I look about 20lbs lighter and more sharply. In this t shirt thank you again

abbella.di, Mar 16, 2018
Awesome Designer 👨‍🎨

I was skeptical about this app at first but once I tried it I fell in love ♥️ it is definitely an amazing feature to have especially for photos that just need a slight touchup or blemish removal👌🏽. I think it’s neat how it allows you to practically transform your entire picture with the options of adding multiple features to your photos although I only use for the facial flaws suchas a blurry eye 👁 or scars of any kind etc. it gives your face a clear & brightened look in minutes. I rate 5⭐️‘s & recommend this app to anyone that loves flawless photos. It even works on kids (which is awesome)👏🏽👏🏽… I haven’t tried any of the other features that allow you to alter your body figure, makeup, hair etc. but I’m sure they are on point as well. The only thing I dislike (well not necessarily dislike) but disappoints me a tiny bit is the fact that we pay a subscription fee that only provides a certain amount of stars ⭐️ which can be easily used up within in a day or few 🤷🏻‍♀️meanwhile still charged a monthly fee. I think retouching should be unlimited once you subscribed to pay monthly vs being limited to a certain amount of stars especially when each feature can cost 10-40 stars per feature, otherwise it’s great so far 👍🏽 you also have the option to choose “redo” if the photo isn’t done to your liking which is pretty cool 😎 I say give this app a shot I’m sure you will be pleased!

Alirah Sanchez, Apr 15, 2022
Don’t waste your money!! SCAM!

Do not waste your time or money on this app! Trust me, you’d be better using a free app and edit it yourself. I paid for THREE of my family members to get the sun edited out of their faces in a picture. After the first go, they only edited my husband and he had lines all over his face. I clicked for a redo and told them about the lines and that they forgot to edit the Sun from my sons that I also PAID for and they fixed the lines and only halfway fixed one of my sons I again sent a correction and still Sun was in my youngest sons fave. I was going to submit again, but it said they would CHARGE me. They literally a SCAM people by doing a terrible job so you have to keep resubmitting it so they can charge you more. I ended up just editing it myself using PicsArt. I heard back from “customer service” today, which is just as much of a joke as their designers, that responded basically it’s fine what they do. I told them I wanted a refund, they tried “editing” the last son finally but I told them don’t bother because I already edited it and ordered my Christmas cards.

amyoldsoul, Oct 30, 2022
You are NOT going to get the same quality as their example photos

I have used the app for probably 20-30 photos, but has maybe yielded 10 usable photos, don’t ask me why I continued to use it so many more times?!!You are absolutely not getting the same quality photoshop as their promotional before and after photos. It seems like they employ anyone who has Gimp photoshop but only knows how to use the warp and blur tools. I know it looks cool that they can change your hair color or give you whiter teeth...you’re going to look like a cartoon! I could give you better results with a box of crayons...don’t waste your money!In keeping with false advertising, the amount of time it takes to complete a photo is astronomical. They claim it typically takes 5-15 min per photo and sometimes a little longer at peak times. Let me tell you, all 24hrs must be peak times cause it takes on average 7-8hrs!!! That is being generous, I’ve had multiple occasions where it would take more than a day. On numerous occasions I voted down for the photo, and only had them correct it twice, and it was still bad. Just be prepared to pour that money down the sink when you’re not pleased with the results. I guess they earned the one star because it is relatively cheap

applejax86, Apr 21, 2019
Great job restoring an older picture from the 80’s that had been through a house fire

The artist did a great job restoring an older picture from the 80’s that had been through a house fire. I took on the task of restoring mine and my brother and sisters baby pictures for Father’s Day as a gift to go on an old reclaimed sign i made my dad. I had gotten the picture pretty far but was just stuck and felt like I was swimming in a sea of tutorials trying to repair the picture. Finally I remembered this app and thought what the heck let me see what they can do. To my surprise they have actually added some new restoration features. They are a bit costly compared to the others but I’m satisfied with the work and I now have a picture to give my dad so I’m excited and I would do it again. LOL actually there’s 2 baby pictures to go so chances are you might see one. However the worst of the 3 looks really good and I’m happy. Thank you!!!

Christyki, Jun 17, 2019
Easy to use with great results!

I had some pictures that had background shadows that I wanted removed. I had tried other apps, but the quality of the work was worse than the shadows. I found the ReTouch Me app skeptical that it would work based on my experience with other apps. I tried it out, and to my surprise it actually did what it said it would do! Every picture I sent for editing came back exactly how I wanted it! If you cannot find what you need in the editing/touch up options, you can seen the picture with instructions. They can personalize it. Every time I use this option the picture was what I wanted. I’m not techy, but I have had no problem using the app. It is as easy as choosing a photo from your phone, selecting the editing options, and sending it. It will tell you how many minutes are left until the picture is ready. When it is ready, click and save it to your camera roll or share it That easy! The credits are very inexpensive and the quality of work is superb and professional! I have used the touched up picture professionally. It’s that good!! I highly recommend ReTouch Me! If I could, I would rate it even higher! Easy to use. Inexpensive. Great results with a quality and professional end product!

D.H.81, May 01, 2019
Wonderful App!!!

I don’t know how to use photoshop so this is an awesome alternative when I need some fast photo retouching. It’s amazing what great results you can get almost instantly for pennies at a time with this app - the designers who have edited my photos have managed to turn countless not so flattering pictures into prints worthy of social media/framing! I did have one occasion where my photo came back with a curved background which clearly showed where edits had been made. However, I think I just got unlucky with an inexperienced editor, and when I rated the final product as below average, I soon received a new and improved version of the photo with the problems fixed for free from the retouch app without even having asked for it! This was the only time my photo edits were unsatisfactory, so overall, very impressive!!!

kimin8ter, Apr 15, 2019
Great app!!!

I am so happy to find such useful app as Retouchme!!! This app does the job perfectly and edits my photos so well and natural! The instructions of using app are clear and I like that I can compare the original and retouched photos. And when you are not satisfied with the results of retouched photo, they always offer to redo it. It's cool isn't it? So Retouchme gives you exactly what you ask for. It can be removing any flaws from the skin, reshaping some part of the body, adding cool tattoos or painting hair with any color. I want to thank for remove object option, as I constantly have to use it for my photos. Using Retouchme you can change the background in your photo and the results don’t compare with any other automatic editors! Sometimes to receive my finished retouched photo takes a few hours, but when I subscribed the speed of processing my orders became very fast and now I takes 5-10 min. It makes me feel more confident in my pictures and now I can’t imagine posting my photos on Instagram without this fantastic application. It is an unique app and one of a kind! I tried many applications, but none even came close to Retouchme in speed, convenience and quality of processing my photos. Nothing can compare to Retouchme! I told all my friends about this app. This is the best thing ever created!!!

LanaZ31, Apr 28, 2019
It’s a great app but not like it used to be

I love this app and it definitely does great with photos but the recent updates are a bit annoying. The for the updates you could edit a photo for 30 credits no matter how many corrections you wanted and your picture was fine but now your credits add up constantly depending on what you want so now you have just been more credits for one photo. Also I feel that the times that it takes for them to get the photos done has increased. When I first started using this app years ago the photos would be done in no more than five minutes but now you can tell you up to two hours and still not have the photo ready. Lastly, I feel like the editors aren’t as quality as they used to be because I have to edit my photos twice before they make them the way I want it. I feel like the quality of this app has went down and maybe this is just because I am a long-time user and have seen this app from the beginning but it is disappointing.

Oh yeah this app works, Mar 15, 2020
Requested Edit NEVER Delivered

I paid “100pts” for an individual retouch, and gave specific instructions on what I wanted to edit. I also reached out to customer support immediately to confirm that they could make the changes in a timely fashion. The editor decided to edit the photo however he wanted, adding in a random object that was not requested. Eve Davis is the Support Manager, who is absolutely rude, and instead of working to keep customers, she ensures you’ll never return. I’ve been using this app for years and have never complained, even when the quality of an edit was bad. This is the breaking point for me though! If I requested an edit and also contacted your support team, and you still have not fixed the issue or sent me a correctly edited photo in 5 DAYS, then I should be privileged to a refund of those points used. However, Eve wanted me to wait indefinitely for the team to get around to addressing me. EVE DAVIS IS HORRIBLE AT CUSTOMER SERVICE, AS YOU CAN SEE FROM OTHER REVIEWS, SO DONT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME COMMUNICATING WITH HER! I do not recommend! There’s so many great editing businesses out there who will actually appreciate your years of loyalty and will remedy a situation that they failed in.

TaeCM, Mar 23, 2022


Professional photo retouching in just one click! With a powerful photo editor and slimming app RetouchMe, you can reshape your body, correct facial features, apply cosmetic makeup, and remove any unwanted objects from your image. Smoothen your skin and fix your selfies with our professional editing app.

It helps to reshape your body, making it more toned, moreover, RetouchMe will make your legs slim with just one click. Join a community of over 30 million satisfied users and experience the magic of RetouchMe today! You don't need to edit photos by yourself. Just choose one of over 200 services and professional designers will process images for you. Try RetouchMe to enhance your beauty and bring it to the next level. FUNCTIONS: • Get a slim and beautiful figure. • Correct facial features, try new makeup, hairstyle, or beard. • Change the shape of your body, abs, and cleavage. • Decorate your selfies with artistic tattoos and additional accessories. • Remove objects from backgrounds, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, brighten skin, and apply various makeup filters. • Try restoration and coloring of photos, retouching of pets, and a wide range of other services. • Share your photos and videos on social networks without watermarks. IDEAL APP FOR BODY AND MUSCLES: • Slim and toned body. • Long and beautiful legs. • Effective breast enlargement, biceps strengthening, flat stomach, and slim waist. • Buttock augmentation, elimination of cellulite and fat folds. • Six-pack abs and beautiful muscles. • Change the look of your thighs and effortlessly plump your lips. Level up your content on Instagram using a professional body-tuning application. PERFECT FACE APP: • More toned and smoother face. • Face retouching, a service for removing blemishes and pimples. • Red-eye corrector. • Correction of wrinkles and moles. • Various nose improvements. • Numerous facial asymmetry corrections. • Double chin removal. • Make your eyes and lips bright and shiny. • Selfie editor for the perfect look. BEAUTIFUL MAKEUP EDITOR: • Stunning eyelash makeup option. • Trendy lipstick template app for perfect lip augmentation. • Eye shadow to make your eyes stand out. • Change the color of your eyes. • Eyebrow editor. • Emphasize your facial features with the help of our convenient and easy-to-use service. DISCOVER ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOURSELF: • Hair change: new colors, fashionable hairstyles, hiding bald patches, increasing volume. • Improve your appearance with piercings. • Perfectly retouched photos of pets. • Edit your clothes and remove stains from them. • Easily remove glare from photos. Get the perfect photo in our selfie editor, which will become the key to popularity on social networks! Download RetouchMe and experience all the benefits of our excellent photo editor. Restore a picture distorted by the camera and bring back its former beauty! Retouch Me Subscriptions: Basic Retouching – Monthly is a subscription that provides 500 credits at the price of $9.99 and is updated monthly. Standart Retouching – Monthly is a subscription that provides 1100 credits at the price of $19.99 and is updated monthly. Optimal Retouching – Monthly is a subscription that provides 1700 credits at the price of $29.99 and is updated monthly. Premium Retouching – Monthly is a subscription that provides 3000 credits at the price of $49.99 and is updated monthly. Payments are charged to the user’s Apple ID account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless the user cancels at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The account is charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Terms of use: https://retouchme.com/termsofuse/ Privacy Policy: https://retouchme.com/privacypolicy/ Download RetouchMe today!

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