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Blossom - Plant Care Guide

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Blossom - Plant Care Guide

  • Education
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User Reviews for Blossom - Plant Care Guide

Great app small bug

I like this app a lot and I don’t know if this is on me but here’s what happened.I got an iPad for Christmas and had experience with blossom so I got it on my iPad. I did not have an account at this time. I added all my plants and stuff but when I tried to add care reminders it wanted me to go into settings but it wasn’t an option. I think initially I said no to notifications so I was not able to turn on notifications in settings, it wasn’t even an option. Eventually I got it again on my phone, and notifications worked on my phone. I made an account so my plants wouldn’t disappear and so I could log in on my phone. I deleted the app on my iPad and re-downloaded it on my iPad. Good news is notifications work but nothing saved on my account when I logged back into my account on my iPad! I had a garden and everything but when I logged in it was like I just joined. A bit confused on what the point of making an account is if it doesn’t save anything. Could just be something on my end though, I still love the app!

annonomys 🦜, Feb 28, 2022
Saved our Cactus

I am by no means a plant expert. Hence why I downloaded this app. I have used previous apps to identify plants and species of animals, but this one exceeds my expectations. We have a cactus in our yard, and recently it began to develop weird “white things” all over it. No one in my family knew what it was, however when we saw an advertisement for this app, we figured we would give it a go and see for ourselves. In less than a minute we had everything set up, and was able to snap a picture (or 3) and the app instantly identified that this was in fact a parasite. We never would have thought this. We used the recommended solution the app provided us with, and all the webbing from the parasite was removed and underneath were all these really annoying parasites that laid eggs. Within no time we were able to kill them and save the cactus. Additionally, this app runs very smoothly, and there have been no bugs I found. Would definitely recommend this to anyone at any skill level!

Duuckson, Apr 24, 2022
I absolutely love this app!

I am obsessed with this app and rave about it to everyone. It is so useful and has helped me really get to know my plants better. I feel like I can take much better care of them because of all the information that Blossom provides!The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there have been several times where the app either does not have the plant I am looking for. I have submitted one of them to the app for review so their plant library can expand but haven’t heard back yet. It has only been a few days, so I am excited to see it appear on the app. In addition to this, I have found that the app combines species together. For example, under “calathea spp” it has zebra plant, peacock plant, and rattlesnake plant, whose botanical names are calathea zebrina, calathea makoyana, and calathea lancifolia, respectively.Overall, I think this app is 100% worth the subscription, but I hope that the plant library increases and becomes more organized.

hovercraft22, Feb 17, 2021
Still needs some updates but really like it so far

I really like how this app is looking so far! I love the reminders and the ability to take cute notes and even photos of my plants. Obviously there is a lot of plants out there so there is still much work to be done in updating the database but there are many common plants available. It would be cool if we could send in plant photos with their common and botanical names to be reviewed for the possibility to be added to the database or to update photos of an already existing one as some of the photos don’t seem to match too well. Especially for the plants that have multiple cultivars. I think it would also be nice if we could move the plant tabs in our “garden” to organize them or put them in outside and inside sections. Dear developers, thank you for your hard work. As I continue to use the app is there a place for me to submit feedback?

Ivy_snapdragon, Jan 31, 2021
Had to be the number one plant app!!

OMG,I just got this app and it’s sooo cute and the best. It has everything you can think of and more. One nice thing is Blossom does have a subscription plan but you don’t have to pay to access everything like most apps. Without a subscription you'll just get a daily imitated plant identification and maybe limited plant diagnoses I think. Everything else you still get. When I came across this app I did see another app that was practically rated the same as this app but the only thing you get is watering reminders I think. Everything else you really want the app for you have to pay for. I hate having to have subscriptions or paying for apps to work, but don’t mind once in awhile paying for an app depending on what it might be. But this app is so awesome, cute, well made and full of info and everything you can think of so I might actually pay for their subscription.So if your looking for a great app for plants and more this is the app to get. I definitely recommend it.

JGSTiggers, Apr 28, 2022
Great and easy to use app with lots of potential

I love this app so far. The reminders that can be set for watering, repotting, etc are so useful to a new plant dad like myself. The information on the pants is great for care and understanding more and I it’s great that it even tells you how much light is required.4 stars because I believe there are 2 or 3 features that should be worked in to make this app even more robust. 1) Plant disease identification and treatment tips. As a new owner I still don’t know a lot by memory or what to search for so this feature would be great. 2) I’m realizing that adding multiples of the same plant, even if it’s just different subspecies, isn’t really feasible. Unless I haven’t figured it out, functionality for easy set up of multiple reminders for different plants would be amazing. 3) Is it possible to build in a function that uses our phones to measure light in FCs/foot candles? I have a meter myself but that function within this app would be amazing and I didn’t see any apps in the store that did that reliably when I searched.Great job, keep it up! Looking forward to continued use and future updates.

jlsanford88, May 24, 2021
Limited plants

This is a good app for identifying and keeping track of some plants, but if you have a lot of different varieties, you’ll be disappointed - look for something else. For example, there are many specific varieties in categories such as clematis and ferns, but they all aren’t cared for in the same way. The worst part is that you cannot ADD anything they don’t have! I didn’t find this out until I had quite a few plants already added or I would have abandoned the app. You can send a photo of your plant not in the system, but they don’t add it right away.I also find it cumbersome that you can’t sort the list of your plants by name which means if you have a long list, you might have to scroll down and down and down. I bought he year’s subscription, but I regret it. And I regret that the instructions for setting it up are so confusing that I added my plants on my iPhone, but the way I did it, the way other apps work, I can’t access them on my iPad! It may have been my fault so this is jut a warning that if you want to share the info, be careful how you set it up. Finally, there’s no way to export the data so I can’t to a standard format such as Excel to be able to sort it or input it into other software.

LC Moore, Oct 06, 2021
Wow, really?

Very disappointed with how many times this app confuses the most distinctive plants for other things. I took a picture of a Sangrillo (Pterocarpus officinalis) to see it’s English name, and it told me this Costa Rican tree with MASSIVE buttress roots was an oak tree? Absolutely unacceptable. I gave it a pass mostly because it’s, you know, a massive tree that I can’t possibly fit in one picture. Strike one, though. Recently moved and bought a little fern to keep me company. Unfortunately, I’m not too keen on fern species, so I whipped out this app and gave it another go. This fern is a small, stout plant with many, very detailed individual leaves. Blossom had the great idea of telling me it was a BOSTON FERN?? Come on! Was it even trying? I wasn’t sure what it was, but it absolutely wasn’t a Boston fern! Such a different fern, no way you could ever confuse that! Second strike. Third strike blew around when I went to the grocery store and browsed their potted plants, and just for the laughs of how wonderfully accurate this app has been, pulled out my phone and scanned each one. Let me just say, the results were in line with my previous interactions with this app. Buy this app if you want some AI to throw random plant names at you, regardless of what you show it. If you’re looking to actually ID some plants, avoid Blossom at all costs. Also, it shoves a subscription ad down your throat with every button you push. I couldn’t imagine paying for a plant name generator.

Madelyn the EPIC, Sep 11, 2021
It’s great! But some minor glitches

When you open the search bar to type in the plant from your garden, the keyboard pops up and back down impeding me from being able to type letters into the search bar. This glitches only happens on the MyPlants tab when trying to search for my plants. I have over 50 different kinds of plants and having to scroll down and looking for my plant is more tedious than typing in the name that I already know. Also, in some parts of the app it freezes and there’s no X button to excite the screen, needing me to have to foreclose the app. On other screens the scroll down on a page is frozen and it doesn’t recognize any touch to change tab or to scroll down to continue reading information. The keyboard popping up and down is more consistent and annoying. Other than all those glitches that support has failed to acknowledge, I love the app and the layout of information. I love how easy it is to navigate and find the information as well as the variety of plants recorded in their database. Some plants I haven’t been able to find, but that’s mostly aquarium plants and some fruits and vegetables.

Meimeiitattoo, May 20, 2023
Helpful and motivating but could use some updates

I just downloaded and subscribed to this app for 50% off. I really like that I can add the plants that I have to the “My Garden” section. I wish there were more plants to choose from to add to the “My Garden” section (I couldn’t find some simple basic plants in the list) or a place we could add our own plants for those not listed. For example, I have Roma tomatoes and it is not available in the “My Garden” section when I want to add it to my collection and I can’t manually add it either. I do like the feature of this app in which each plant I do add gives a lot of description on how to water, info on pests, soil, sun, and much more. I really like that you can set your own reminders of when to water each plant (it gives suggestions) and it breaks the schedule down by day for which plant needs to be watered when. In the informational article section, there is no search tab, which I was very surprised with. I hope there will be some updates in the future to this app and I look forward to using the helpful info I do find in the articles by just scrolling. I’m excited to learn from the information provided about each plant in the “My Garden” section in the app and the watering schedule and reminders.

Musicmaker4321, Mar 12, 2021


Want to become a better plant parent? Meet Blossom – the app that guides you through plant parenthood. With Blossom, you can confidently grow and care for your plants with the support and inspiration you need.

FEATURES PLANT CARE INFO Get your plant care questions answered! Learn more about your plants and find detailed plant care information on watering, propagating, pruning, fertilizing, and more. CARE REMINDERS Forget to water your plants on time? Not anymore! Get notified when it’s time to water, fertilize or repot your plant. Or get automatic reminders, based on each specific plant’s needs, light conditions, and the time of year. ACCURATE PLANT IDENTIFICATION Identify more than 30,000 plants, flowers, succulents, and trees by taking a snap or uploading a photo from your gallery! Upload several images for better, more accurate identification. PLANT DISEASE ID Snap a photo to determine a diagnosis and Blossom will tell you how to care for it. You’ll be given detailed info on the disease, what caused it, how to treat it, and how to prevent it. VIRTUAL CARE ASSISTANT Consult with our chatbot, the Blossom Assistant, to identify your plant's problems and get your green buddies thriving again. WATER CALCULATOR Get customized watering recommendations, based on your plant type and the size of a pot. SHOP PLANTS AND CARE TOOLS Find our recommendations for new plant care tools your plant baby may need. Add them to your Amazon cart with one click. GUIDES FOR GROWING EDIBLE PLANTS Grow organic edible plants with Blossom! Plan your seeding season with a personalized planting calendar, and get additional care reminders for your edible plants. BOTANIST HOTLINE Send a message to get extensive plant care & treatment advice from our botany experts. CUSTOMIZABLE WEATHER ALERTS Receive alerts about upcoming weather changes and learn how to care for your plants in specific weather conditions. GREEN BLOG Dive into the world of plants and discover tons of plant care insights, tips, videos, and articles! NOTES Journal the life of your plants – monitor their growth and development, celebrate the first blooms, describe your plant care routine, or attach photos to see how your plant has changed. ADVANCED SEARCH Looking for a new plant to grow? Find a perfect green friend based on your criteria: light requirements, care difficulty level, plant type, pet safety, and more. PERSONAL PLANT COLLECTIONS Keep track of your green friends in one place! Group plants by room types and add the plants you are planning to grow to your personal “Wishlist.” Premium features: Unlimited plant identification Unlimited disease identification Unlimited water calculations Unlimited reminders Unlimited consultations with botanists * Subscription payments will be charged to your App Store account at confirmation of your purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew and you will be charged unless auto-renew is turned off or unless you cancel at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription or trial period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. The cost of renewal depends on the Subscription Plan you choose. * Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase or by contacting Customer Support. Our standard Subscription Plans are: * 1-month Subscription * 1-year Subscription For complete access to all Blossom features, you will need to allow access to the following: *Camera – to identify plants; *Gallery – to upload images for plant recognition; *Notifications – to get plant care reminders; *Location – to receive weather alerts. Conceptiv Apps, LLC is a part of the Apalon family of brands. See more at Apalon.com Privacy Policy: https://conceptivapps.com/privacy_policy.html California Privacy Notice: https://conceptivapps.com/privacy_policy.html#h Terms: https://conceptivapps.com/terms.html

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