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Pixomatic - AI Photo BG Eraser

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Pixomatic - AI Photo BG Eraser

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User Reviews for Pixomatic - AI Photo BG Eraser

I love this app but...

This app is a great alternative to photoshop for those of us that can not afford it. However, even though I pay 3.99 a month, it is no longer letting me use the premium tools. It pops up with a page telling me to get a subscription even though mine is still active. I don’t know if this is just a bug or if they really are asking for more money, but it needs to be solved quickly before I give my business to another app.

Alicebrown1865, Jun 01, 2020

My free version disappeared and now it’s $30/yr. not even a one time fee. Just yanked your free app and tells you you have to upgrade to premium monthly if you want to use the app. I never had premium. To be honest the app isn’t that great. It was nice for a free non premium but to pay for that low end photo editor and and make it a monthly fee? Haha don’t waste your time and money. They will just increase your subscription premium within 3 months. There much better photo editors for subscription at that price

BMF ICEMAN, Dec 04, 2020
PLEASE make a square tool option!

How come there is no square shape tool option? I absolutely love this app and have had it for a few years. I use it all the time for so many things. But this irks me to no end! Pixomatic does realize not everything in life is round and has round edges right? It would be soooo much easier and less time consuming if we had a square option. It would be less frustrating as well. We only have a round eraser, the drawing brushes are round, we also have a round clone tool, even the heal tool is round. This is my only gripe with Pixomatic. Otherwise it's one of the best art app out there. Add the square option and it'll be hands down the BEST art app in the history of the art app universe!

DANIEDxNYHC, Aug 30, 2022
I want to love this

This seems like the beginning of a powerful editor, but it’s just not ready for daily use yet. To be fair, I’m coming from Photoshop and looking for the mobile equivalent, but this tool seems to be more about composing two images together than actual editing. Tool grouping is also confusing for a power user...for example why is there an Eraser under cut and another Eraser under Refine? Why isn’t there just a general purpose Eraser that works on both with the option to dial down the strength and turn on feathering? Tools are grouped by function; since I know which tool I want, this task based interface feels clunky. Also...why is there a shadow button at the root level? Are people really adding that many shadows that this option couldn’t be hidden in favor of other tools? Layers seem to be a selling point for this app, but I’m used to seeing eye icons next to my layers to show/hide, not tapping randomly on the background. I guess my biggest problem with this software is that they’ve avoided common design paradigms of design software (like the tool pane and instead arranging tools by tasks), and it makes my workflow slower than finding the nearest computer and firing up Photoshop.

elimoon8, Jul 14, 2018

So when you first start editing they imply that the cut feature is free but it isn’t which is very scummy for them to do. But I really don’t exactly care but just put a symbol that says pro or something so I would know I mean they did it with some other features. So why not allow me to apply it but not allowing me to finish editing the photo so I can be able to test it with the other effects speaking of which. I don’t know if I’m missing something but I believe that the shadow effect cannot be used properly without the cut effect.

Kryls, Dec 02, 2020

I wanted to just try this app out, and only allows u to try it after locking ur payment info to use the after a week to be automatically charged the monthly fee. I tried it out, it’s ok but doesn’t offer me more than other app that I have for FREE. So, I want to cancel this subscription, as it’s been under a wk of my trial period, but there is NO WHERE TO CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION?? I would appreciate admin to CANCEL my subscription ASAP! And not keep me hostage to your app. Thank you. ☹️ And, can’t even send support an email to dispute this. Doesn’t allow to send messages?!! I have tried to cancel this subscription and cannot find anywhere on your app to cancel. I tried the app and offers me no benefits to warrant a subscription fee. It is less than my 1 wk trial and request to cancel ASAP! If a charge has been made, I will dispute this with my bank.Thank you.

LoLove199999, Jul 28, 2020
This is a scam.

I’m not sure if my original 1 star review is still here, but this is a joke! I wrote my review about how impossible this was to cancel after emailing their support multiple times and getting no help but an automated response that gave me instructions that don’t work. I got a developer response to that review that told me how to contact support. Again. Which I did. Again. And have had no responses. There is no way for me to contact them so I’m trying again to leave a review that may get a real response. This is foolish. I am being charged for something that doesn’t allow me to cancel, and they are publicly IGNORING all these reviews that day the same thing. Developer, please respond with something better this time. Everyone who is leaving this same review is tired of being ripped off.

Mostlyadad, Sep 08, 2023
Don’t do it

I’m a teacher and I’ve been teaching hybrid this year. Because it’s all virtual I needed some PNG files so my kids could use math manipulatives so I used the website to create PNG files but you need to get the subscription. I decided to do the free trial and planned to cancel because I’m a teacher and can’t afford subscriptions. I went to cancel my free trial and it’s impossible. I did it on the website and there is no where to cancel on the website. I downloaded the app and it says I have no subscription. I sent an email to contact someone and they said they are developers and can not cancel any subscription that I have to do it but there literally is no where to cancel the free trial. These people are just stealing money by making it impossible to cancel the free trial. So just don’t do it!

Mzgrinch, Apr 11, 2021

If you’re trying to use this app because of its free trial features, DONT! Once you decide you’re done with the app, they make it next to impossible to cancel your subscription, leaving you with a monthly bill of 8 dollars that is unauthorized! I’ve gone through the app, app store and even the website to make sure it’s not error on my end but each one said im not subcribed , yet i woke up to an authorized charge to my account . FIX THIS! and i want my money back . On top of that, they keep responding with go into your apple id , did that! the subscription isn’t there for me to cancel which so many other people have been saying ! it’s a SCAM.

ohxitsoyohovohc, Apr 03, 2022
Rip off Don’t use!!!

I have tried numerous times to cancel this free trial. I always get response that I have no subscription yet for the past 5 months I have been charged 7.99. Even today I have a pending debt charge for this app. I want a complete refund and for my information to be taken off your billing. Feels like your app is scamming people out of money.I did the trail only used app once then followed instructions to cancel. I didn't notice I had been charged until April. Tried reaching out to support then. No response.Saw I was charged yet again. Went back through steps to cancel yet says I don't have a subscription. Today I saw another debit from you again. I want a response says I don't have any subscriptions or purchases but yet I keep getting debited.

Pachatty, Jul 15, 2023


Want professional-grade photo editing at your fingertips? There’s no training needed! Pixomatic will help you elevate your images and create captivating compositions with a full range of photo-editing features.

Explore endless options through available tools like: background and objects removal, clipping out shapes, сropping, text, filters, photo merging, adding logos or watermarks, and more. You’ll be able to remix and reimagine your pics like the professionals with our digital photo editing app. Explore endless options through available tools like: - REMOVE BACKGROUND - Clip out objects of any shape – no matter the complexity. Try the revolutionary Magic Cut tool. It identifies objects in your photos and automatically separates them from their backgrounds. Curly hair? No problem! - ERASE OBJECTS - Say goodbye to photo distractions! Use the Heal Tool to remove unwanted objects from photo backgrounds–even photobombers! Customize stock images with instant watermark removal, or use the magic object eraser for instant, AI-powered object selection and removal. - BLUR BACKGROUND - Wish you could shift the perspective of your photos? Create focused image effects for your pics with our Blur Background tool, or get creative with blur effects using our manual blur wand on faces and other photo objects. - FILTERS AND EFFECTS - Set the mood! Have different looks for different social networks? Choose from 100+ filters and 300+ effects for the look and feel you want. - CUSTOMIZABLE TEMPLATES - Make the most of customizable photo templates available in 1000s of themes. Whether you want to create an artsy collage, a new profile pic, or hilarious meme, you can choose from tons of different photo templates for any occasion. Simply add your photo to a selected template, and save! - PHOTO BLENDER - Want the best parts of multiple photos? Merge them! Using multiple layers, you can play with colors, textures, and opacity. The simplest edits can change the style or shift the mood. The only rule here is to have fun and enjoy the creative process. - FACE TUNE - Show your best face: Smooth skin, white teeth, and no red eyes. Selfies and portraits will show the real you – only slightly improved. - TEXT - Classic or modern? Your choice! Choose from a vast collection of fonts for all occasions to convey the message you desire. - ADJUST TOOL - A perfectionist’s paradise: Add finishing touches manually to get the exact contrast, exposure, shades, and color depth that you want. - VARIETY OF FORMATS - Work with both JPEG and PNG formats. Mix them if necessary to create custom works of photo art. - SHARING TO INSTA, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC.- Share directly to your favorite social media platforms. Your following will no-doubt notice your cool, modern content – whether it’s for personal or professional purposes. Be on trend. Be different. And always be creative. Become a Premium member to unlock all of the features. Our standard Subscription Plans are: * 1-month Subscription * 1-year Subscription with a 7-day Trial * Subscription payments will be charged to your App Store account at confirmation of your purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew and you will be charged unless auto-renew is turned off or unless you cancel at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription or trial period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. The cost of renewal depends on the Subscription Plan you choose. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase or by contacting Customer Support. Сonceptiv Apps, LLC is a part of the Apalon family of brands. See more at Apalon.com. EULA - https://conceptivapps.com/eula.html California Privacy Notice: https://conceptivapps.com/privacy_policy.html#h Privacy Policy - https://conceptivapps.com/privacy_policy.html AdChoices - https://conceptivapps.com/privacy_policy.html

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