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Bills Monitor Pro

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User Reviews for Bills Monitor Pro

Great Bill Reminder App What I’ve been looking for!

This app replaced an app I had been using for several years where the developer decided to stop updating their app. I wanted something simply to put all my bills in by name, the amount and the due date. Most of the other apps wanted to go into money management etc. I didn’t need all that. Now this app does do more than just remind you of bill due dates. It is more sophisticated than that it’s just that I don’t use all the other functions. I do love that it show you a weeks worth of Bill totals for the week and month for those who want it for budgeting purposes. I highly recommend this app.

1harveyluvr, Mar 25, 2019
Best Bill App EVER!

I have been looking for an app that does exactly this. I am able to modify bills the way I want. Best of all I don’t have to link it to my bank account. I don’t need it linked, just want an app to remind me when bills are due and can keep track of payments so I can look back at my expenses. Wish they would put a savings type button on the app so I can track my 401K contributions and growth. I found a way to put it in as a bill but it would be nice to be able to have another way to track my investments/savings. I know I would have to put the info in it every two weeks but I do that already now. Just a suggestion. Overall pay the developer the money for the paid version. Worth more but I’m glad they are making it affordable for everyone. Big thanks for creating this awesome financial tool!

Billweb143, Jan 27, 2018
Bill Monitor Pro

Love it!!! Exactly the type of bill pay app I was looking for. It took me several disappointing trial downloads to arrive at this one. It’s so user friendly—it allows you to customize more than most apps of this sort. Should you not pay the total amount due, it automatically gives you the remaining balance due for that month. Because of COV 19, this feature is really helpful. I didn’t hesitate to upgrade to the paid version after two hours of trying out the app. I was very surprised and elated at the amount—times are really hard right now. Thank you.

Blurry Eyed, May 19, 2020
Good but has some flaws.

I've been using this app for a couple years now. It works OK, but needs a couple of functionality updates to be a 5 star app. First, it seems to need to be opened first before it will update the app badge icon number. I could work off of a paper calendar if I was going to look at it everyday to see what was due, an app should update notifications without my interaction. Another glaring flaw that would be an easy fix: the reminder goes off ONCE. I have a to-do list type app that allows you to set how often the alarm reminder will go off until you either complete the task or turn off the reminder. This app desperately needs an ongoing reminder of an unpaid bill beyond just the app badge. Years ago, this would have been acceptable. Today, as apps have all progressed, this is unacceptable.

crx81, Jun 23, 2020
I’m NEVER late

I used to have a paper bill book with a calendar. If I didn’t check it for a while I was sometimes late in getting a bill paid. But I had to have this physical binder in front of me. Not easy, but it worked ...most of the time. I looked for an app for a year. Finally found this one and it’s been a game changer. I have NEVER been late to pay any bills. I mark it as paid and can keep track of what my previous payments. It helps me budget so I can see pay days and pay bills in advance. So much I can say we are a month in front of our bills! And it’s so easy AND FREE!!!

EleeRN, Dec 24, 2020
It’s ok

I like the app and despite my 2 star review, I’ll continue to use it. I’ll change the star rating if changes are made1. I occasionally pay bills ahead of time. Because of that, I have to search for my bill on upcoming bills which is fine. Even if I pay it, it shows up in my bills again when it’s within the pre-set notification window. So, I have to close the bill again.2. This one bugs me the most but it may not for you. The app does NOT automatically add the bills coming due on to your icon badge. It’s the little red number that indicates your bills coming due. You have to open the app for the badge to update. So unless you check the app all of the time, the warning is useless. I want the app to be able to refresh itself in the background.

JamieOno, May 22, 2019
This App Saved Me From Financial Ruin

During this past year my wife and I have gone through so much. From having a baby and her getting sick through the pregnancy to complications after complications afterward, this app has allowed me to control the one thing I could in my life the financials. And with my wife out of work I needed to know where every last drop of my money was going and on what day every month. This app gave me such a peace of mind In a very stressful time in my life. No other fancy app gave me the features I needed like this app. It gave me everything I needed to set myself up for success in a time where everything was going wrong. And although it might not look the most modern, trust me it by far surpasses any other app in simplicity and functionality.

JNNick, Aug 28, 2019
Timely Payer

I love this app! The only reason it is not a 5, is because I would like the day of the week displayed when choosing a date and I'd like to be able to add a photo snapshot of my online payments. Great features like reports on demand, charts to give me a financial picture of where my money is going, & adds the total amount of bills for that month. This app is a financial eye opener & helps me stay on budget, pay timely & manage money. The app keeps me on top of my bills. I know exactly how many days until the bill is due and can gauge that based on the date of my next paycheck, which is why I would like to see that day of the week feature added to the due dates, so I know what day is best to schedule my payment deadline to be timely but overall this is a great app.

Moe The Messenger, Nov 23, 2018
Solid app. Works well

My use case. Small property management firm. Manage 200 apartment units. Bookkeeper keeps records for tax purposes. Needed simple Bill tracking app based on a calendar approach. Purpose was quick method of tracking cashflow against bills by week, month, and quarter. Tested at least 6 competitor apps. All have quirks and none fit my exact use case including Bills Monitor. Confident my use case is outside the Bills Monitor developers original design parameters. But after some trial and error. Have it working well for my application. 5 stars for the following reasons: Robust app for price, Enough modification ability within app to fit a wide variety of applications, While no automatic sync across devices. The backup and restore feature allows me to transfer data and it has never failed or corrupted data, Developers have maintained app when Apple does software updates. Never experienced an app failure or data loss.

Oldman from the 60s, Nov 16, 2021

I love having Bills Monitor right at my fingertips to manage and maintain my finances. I downloaded Bills Monitor 2 years ago and decided it was time to be more responsible with my finances. What a difference! I was so shocked at how many expenses and how much stuff I was paying for - no wonder why my checking account was always getting overdrawn? Today, 2 years and 3 months later it’s been life-Changing to learn how to monitor Bills and expenses. I even add my allowance as a bill. No expense goes out without it being put into my bills monitor, which is where I work my budget from. Amazing self-discipline tool! I am Blessed by the life-Changing direction this tool sent my financial direction!

Pamy421, Jun 12, 2019


If you are looking for a smart, full-featured and easy to use App to manage your bills, Bills Monitor is the one. Use this app to ensure that never late to pay bills. Bills Monitor - Bill Manager & Reminder is designed to manage all kinds of your bills.

Log your bills in this app, you can track or check them from time to time visually and conveniently, also it will remind you to pay your bill after setting its reminding days. Bills Monitor will help to make your schedule easier and every bill in control. The design and UI face is clear and tidy, which makes you manage the bills very easy and comfortable. Features: ⁃ Calendar view of bills. ⁃ Indentify the state of bills by individual icon on them. ⁃ Add bills with their categories, amount, due date, pay account, recurring or not, recurring end date if available, paid amount, and note. ⁃ Remind when bill due date approaches or bills are over-due. ⁃ Mark payment to bills in full or in part. ⁃ Add recurring bills with frequency and end date conveniently. ⁃ Show number of unpaid overdue bills on icon. ⁃ Twenty system own categories and you can customize your own. ⁃ Report function to show categories (allocation) of bills by pie chart. ⁃ Customize period to email bills to your Financial Consultant or others in format of CSV, HTML or PDF. ⁃ Search your bills by key words of name, note, category, and account. ⁃ Passcode function to protect your info. ⁃ Supports Touch ID as passcode. ⁃ Add account’s name, phone No., website, and note. ⁃ History to show all your bills. ⁃ Supports Wifi backup and restore. ⁃ Supports iCloud backup and restore. ⁃ Supports Dropbox backup and restore. ⁃ Supports Apple Watch version. ⁃ Supports Today Widget. ⁃ Supports 3D Touch function. If you have any question or suggestion, please send email to [email protected].

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